Query Detail : RBI Grade B Phase I

Sir, I have enrolled in one year RBI Grade B Comprehensive Program. I am an engineer and working in a steel plant. My schedules are very hectic. But I have tremendous confidence and interest to enter in economic sector by getting into RBI Grade B. Please guide me about preparation strategy for me, since I have only 2 hours daily to study and 2 hours of travel time in bus + Sunday. looking forward to hear from you. Regards
Harsh Dutta Mishra,   August 8th 2020,  
RBI Grade B Phase I

Hi Harsh, 

you are working so you can give less time but yes 3-4 hours is good enough. 

In trvael time of  2 hrs , you can study GA, Eng, (reading), Finance & Management , ESI etc..all theoritical part.

and  in rest of 2 hrs, study other subjects...

Practice will make you perfect,

Cover all topics, videos, Concept check questions, chapter tests, sector tests and gradually mock tests.

Analyise yourself every time , find your weak and strong areas and work accordingly.

Attend live classem if you are not able to attend then watch recordings in weekends, Keep asking doubts there.

Study Hard & Best of luck!!!