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UKPSC AAO Online Course 

Discover your full potential and excel in the UKPSC AAO exam through our meticulously crafted online course, led by seasoned experts. This comprehensive program is tailor-made to steer you towards a brighter and more prosperous future, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Are you prepared to embark on a transformative learning journey?

Introducing the UKPSC AAO Online Course by ixamBee – a comprehensive online learning program that covers the entirety of the UKPSC AAO exam syllabus. Our team of ixamBee experts has conducted extensive research and analysis to curate this course, providing you with the essential guidance and study materials necessary for UKPSC AAO exam preparation, all conveniently accessible in one place. This UKPSC AAO Online Course has been meticulously designed to empower you to conquer the competitive realm of the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) exams. Our flexible course structure caters to a diverse range of learners, whether you're a recent graduate or a busy working professional. We leave no stone unturned in preparing you for success.With expert educators at the helm, rest assured that you'll be equipped with precisely what you need to ace the exams. However, our approach goes beyond mere study.

We recognize the pivotal role of practice in exam preparation. That's why our course includes an abundance of practice questions and mock tests. These resources are designed to enhance your speed and accuracy, ensuring you're fully prepared to tackle the UKPSC AAO exam with confidence. Should you encounter any doubts or queries along the way, our dedicated teachers are readily available to assist you. Through rigorous live classes and an extensive collection of practice tests, we leave no topic unexplored. With these invaluable resources and the unwavering support of our faculty, what more could you possibly need to emerge victorious in this competitive endeavor? It's time to seize this remarkable opportunity and set your sights on success with ixamBee's UKPSC AAO Online Course.

UKPSC AAO Online Course 2023 consists of

  • 60+ Video Lessons covering the entire syllabus of UKPSC AAO
  • 60+ Study Notes in PDF format wherever required
  • 20+ Chapter Tests to help you test knowledge on the chapter topics
  • 10+Full-Length Mock Tests to make you get the real exam feel
  • 1500+ Total practice questions with proper explanations in the form of Chapter tests, Concept Check Questions and Mock Tests to make you practice exhaustively.
  • The Course will cover summaries of important documents such as Kurukshetra, Yojana, Ministry of Agriculture annual report, Ministry of Rural Annual report
  • Apart from the study content; Guidance, Tips and Preparation Strategy from Subject Experts at each stage of preparation is also provided.
  • Access to all Video Lessons, tests, and other study material will be provided until selection.

Why choose the UKPSC AAO Online Course 2023

  • When considering preparations for the UKPSC AAO exam, the choice of an appropriate online course can greatly influence your performance. Here are compelling reasons that distinguish the UKPSC AAO Online Course offered by ixamBee as exceptional: 
  • The UKPSC AAO Online Course by ixamBee is the top choice for aspirants due to its comprehensive syllabus coverage. Featuring 60+ video lessons, downloadable PDF study notes, chapter assessments, and full-length mock tests, this course ensures thorough exam readiness. It leaves no topic untouched, providing students with a clear grasp of the entire syllabus, thereby increasing their chances of achieving high scores. 
  • An outstanding advantage of the UKPSC AAO Online Course is its abundance of practice and assessment opportunities. With over 1500 practice questions and detailed explanations, students can engage in exhaustive practice to reinforce their subject understanding. Chapter assessments evaluate knowledge on specific topics, while full-length mock tests simulate a real exam environment. This extensive practice and assessment not only boost confidence but also pinpoint areas for improvement, enabling students to concentrate on their weaknesses and enhance overall performance.
  • By selecting the UKPSC AAO Online Course, students gain access to comprehensive coverage, ample practice and assessment resources, and current knowledge of agricultural developments. ixamBee has designed this course to equip students with the essential tools, materials, and guidance needed to excel in their exams and pursue successful careers in agriculture.
  • Don't delay; enroll now to give yourself the best shot at success in the UKPSC AAO exam. Remember, thorough preparation, dedication, and consistent practice are crucial for excelling in this examination. Best of luck with your exam preparation journey!

How can you enroll for the UKPSC AAO Online Course 2023 on ixamBee?

If you are a registered user of ixamBee,

  • You need to log in to the website & go to the 'Online Course tab' where you can select the UKPSC AAO Online Course under the "Agriculture Exams" section from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the course and you will find complete details of UKPSC AAO Course
  • You can click on the 'Buy Now' tab and follow further steps to make the payment for UKPSC AAO Course
  •  In case of any clarification/assistance, feel free to request a callback or send an email to

Faculty and Course Coordinator

An Ex AFO (Agri Field Officer), Union Bank of India, He has completed M.Sc. Ag. (Genetics & Plant Breeding) & B.Sc. Agriculture (Honours) from GBPUAT, Pantnagar Uttarakhand. He has published Research papers and articles in various leading journals.

Sonal Saklani is M.Sc. Ag. (Agronomy) & B.Sc. Agriculture from GBPUAT, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. She has been awarded Research Assistantship.

Himani Bhandari has done a Master's in Soil Science from G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. She is a B. Sc. in Agriculture ( VCSG UUHF College of Forestry, Ranichauri, Tehri Garhwal). She is a qualified Research Assistantship during the Master's Degree Programme.

Study Materials Information

  1. Agriculture Introduction and details
  2. Basic principles of crop production
  3. Fodder & Forage crops
  4. Farm Irrigation
  5. Soils and details
  6. Plant Nutrition
  7. Pulses
  8. Commercial crops
  9. Agriculture Introduction and details
  10. Basic principles of crop production
  11. Fodder & Forage crops
  12. Farm Irrigation
  13. Soils and details
  14. Plant Nutrition
  15. Pulses
  16. Commercial crops
  1. वर्णविचार
  2. वाक्यविचार
  3. शब्दविचार
  4. शब्द भंडार
  1. Ancient History
  2. Political Science
  3. Indian Geography
  4. Economics
  5. Static GA
  6. Biology
  7. Chemistry
  8. Physics
  9. GA Practice Questions
  10. Current Affairs
  11. Medieval History
  12. Modern History
  13. World Geography
  1. Economic and natural resources
  2. Geography and Demography
  3. History of Uttarakhand
  4. Culture of Uttarakhand
  1. Horticulture and Details
  1. Agriculture Extension
  2. Agri economics
  3. Agri Engineering
  1. AgriPedia- Current Agriculture
  1. Basics of Plant Pathology
  2. Introductory Genetics
  3. Introductory Entomology
  4. Plant Breeding
  5. Biostatistics
  1. Animal Husbandry

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To enroll in our comprehensive Online Course for UKPSC AAO, simply click the provided link. Should you need further guidance or have any queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact our support team at 92055 24028 or send us an email at We are here to ensure your success and make your journey towards acing the UKPSC exam as smooth as possible. Subscribe today and embark on your path to excellence!
Yes, absolutely. You have the flexibility to access any Video Lesson uploaded on the ixamBee Website at your convenience. You can view it anytime and revisit it as many times as needed to reinforce your understanding and grasp the subject matter thoroughly.
Almost all video lessons for fundamental learning are available as soon as you enroll for the course. We regularly keep on adding videos and improving the content therefore further Video Lessons will be made available in a sequential manner to maintain a proper flow and help in the ease of understanding of concepts. New Video Lesson upload will be informed through email.
Yes, any Video Lesson uploaded once can be viewed anytime/ multiple times on ixamBee Website.
In our learning platform, you have the option to download 'Dynamic' study notes for offline access, allowing you to study on the go. However, 'Static' notes are exclusively available for viewing within the platform and cannot be downloaded. This ensures that you have comprehensive resources at your fingertips while maintaining the integrity of our course materials.
Our UKPSC AAO Live Online Classes are conducted via a dedicated platform, such as WizIQ, to provide you with an interactive and engaging learning experience. Prior to each scheduled session, you will receive an email containing a unique link. This link will grant you access to the Live Class, allowing you to join the session seamlessly. This streamlined process ensures that you can participate in the classes hassle-free and make the most of your learning journey.
No specific requirements are necessary for accessing our UKPSC AAO Live classes and Video Lessons. All you need is a stable internet connection. With a dependable internet connection, you can effortlessly participate in live classes and watch video lessons, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience from the comfort of your chosen location.
We encourage all participants to attend UKPSC AAO Live Online Classes. Even if they don’t have any doubt themselves, the discussion that happens over doubts of others’ is also very enriching and helpful in exam preparation. Sometimes very important points are discussed as part of these discussions. However, in case of genuine reasons for not being able to attend a class, we may decide to share the recording of the class, on case to case basis.
The Video Lessons are available for viewing on ixamBee Website/Dashboard. You need to login to> Dashboard> Online Class Material > UKPSC AAO Course> Select the subject and click on the Video Lesson you want to watch from the list.