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FCI AGM (Technical) 2022 Mock Test 1

FCI AGM (Technical) 2022 Mock Test 1

  • 150 Minutes
  • 180 Questions
  • 180 Marks
FCI AGM (Technical) 2022 Mock Test 2

FCI AGM (Technical) 2022 Mock Test 2

  • 150 Minutes
  • 180 Questions
  • 180 Marks

FCI Assistant General Manager (Technical) Mock Test 2023 FREE, Practice Online Test Series

ixamBee has just unveiled a new initiative aimed at assisting aspiring candidates in their pursuit of success in the upcoming FCI Assistant General Manager (Technical) examination. Joining the ranks of the esteemed FCI organization is a cherished dream for many, making it an opportunity of paramount significance that should not be allowed to slip through one's grasp. To carve your path to success and secure a coveted spot in this competitive examination, it is imperative that you engage in extensive preparation. ixambee recognizes the significance of this journey and, as a valuable resource, is now offering a series of FCI AGM (Technical) Free Mock tests, completely free of charge, to aid you in your pursuit of excellence. These practice tests are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the FCI AGM (Technical) examination.

With ixambee's FCI AGM (Technical) free mock tests at your disposal, you have a valuable tool to improve your skills and gain a competitive edge. Seize this opportunity to boost your preparation, increase your chances of success, and inch closer to realizing your dream of becoming a part of the prestigious Food Corporation of India.

Key Features of FCI AGM (Technical) Free Mock Test 2023

Take a look at the features of the FCI AGM (Technical) practice tests below.

  • Language Options

At ixamBee, we recognize the significance of accommodating candidates' diverse language preferences. Hence, we offer the flexibility to choose between English and Hindi when taking the FCI AGM (Technical) free mock test. By providing this option, our aim is to cater to the linguistic diversity among our candidates and ensure they can take the test in the language that suits them best.

  • Comprehensive Performance Analysis

After completing the mock test, you will receive a detailed performance analysis that breaks down your results by individual sections. This in-depth assessment is designed to assist you in identifying your strengths and areas that may require improvement. By utilizing this analysis, you can tailor your study efforts for the FCI AGM (Technical) exam more effectively, focusing on specific areas that need enhancement. Ultimately, this helps optimize your overall preparation and increases your chances of success.

  • Doubt Clarification

Our platform provides an "issue reports" feature that allows you to clarify any doubts you encounter during the mock test. By reporting these issues, you gain valuable insights into the areas that need your attention and can seek clarification to enhance your understanding. This feature ensures that you can address uncertainties promptly, enabling smoother and more effective preparation.

  • Test Reattempt Opportunity

If you wish to assess your progress and measure how much you've improved in your preparation, you have the option to retake the FCI AGM (Technical) free practice test series. This feature enables you to attempt the same FCI AGM (Technical) mock tests multiple times, serving as a valuable tool for evaluating your growth and refining your skills. It ensures that you can track your advancement and make necessary adjustments to reach your desired level of preparedness.

FCI Assistant General Manager Mock Tests | Practice for Free 2023

The FCI Assistant General Manager (Technical) free online test series is designed to provide you with a competitive advantage. In order to assist you in preparing more strategically and outperforming your competitors, ixambee has introduced a set of Free Online Practice Tests. These tests have been meticulously crafted through an extensive analysis of the most up-to-date exam patterns.

Benefits of attempting FCI AGM (Technical) Mock Test Series

Please go through the following points carefully in order to understand how the FCI AGM (Technical) free mock tests can help you with your preparation.

  • Preparing for Success

Achieving excellence in any examination primarily hinges on dedicated and diligent effort. If your goal is to attain success, it is imperative to engage in consistent and hardworking practice with the free FCI AGM (Technical) mock tests.

  • Replicating the Exam Atmosphere

Participating in FCI AGM (Technical) mock exams presents a valuable opportunity to replicate the actual examination environment. This not only increases your self-assurance but also aids in alleviating any anxiety associated with the exam.

  • Customizing Your Study Approach

By incorporating a routine practice regimen involving FCI AGM (Technical) free mock tests, you acquire the ability to periodically pause and evaluate your progress. Additionally, you can utilize your test results to refine and tailor your study strategy for the upcoming days or weeks, ensuring a more targeted and effective preparation.

  • Multiple Advantages in One

Engaging with FCI AGM (Technical) mock tests offers a wide array of benefits all in a single practice session. For instance, you can tackle a substantial number of questions, enhance your speed, and immerse yourself in an authentic exam scenario, all of which contribute to a more well-rounded and cost-effective preparation process.

How to attempt FCI AGM (Technical) Mock Test?

If you want to take a FCI AGM (Technical) mock test at ixamBee, all you need to do is:

  • Visit our website
  • Register yourself
  • Find the FCI AGM (Technical) mock test from the menu in the “FCI” section.
  • Select the mock test that you would like to begin with.
  • Select your language of preference.
  • And, you are set to begin!

Why choose ixamBee for FCI AGM (Technical) 2023 Free Mock Test series?

Now, it is important for you to understand how ixamBee’s FCI AGM (Technical) mock tests can help you take your preparation to the next level.

  • Expertise by Subject Specialists

Our free FCI AGM (Technical) mock exams are meticulously crafted and supervised by subject matter experts with extensive experience in their respective fields. These experts not only possess a deep understanding of the FCI AGM (Technical) exam requirements but also comprehend the unique needs of aspirants.

  • Cost-free Learning

At ixamBee, we offer you the FCI AGM (Technical) test series completely free of cost. We assure you that there are no hidden fees or any payments required throughout your preparation journey.

  • Immediate Score and Detailed Scorecard

Upon completion of your FCI AGM (Technical) mock exam, you will instantly receive your results and a comprehensive scorecard. Furthermore, we provide an answer key complete with explanations for relevant questions, enabling you to gain a thorough understanding of your performance.

  • Incorporating User Feedback

We highly value the feedback and insights of our users and students. To continually enhance our offerings, we have integrated a "Report Issue" feature within the FCI AGM (Technical) mock test. Please don't hesitate to share your feedback or comments, as your input plays a pivotal role in driving improvements to our products.

  • Convenience-Centric Learning

Our FCI AGM (Technical) mock tests can be taken at your convenience, aligning with your schedule and preferences. This flexibility empowers you to study effectively and efficiently, ensuring that your preparation is tailored to your needs.

Name of TestNo. of QuestionsMarksTime Allotted
Reasoning, Data Analysis, Numerical Ability 45 45 2 hours 30 minutes
General Awareness, Current Affairs 45 45
Management and Ethics 45 45
Agriculture, Agriculture Economy and Computer awareness 45 45
Total 180 180  

FCI Assistant General Manager Exam Pattern Online Test (Technical/Accounts/Law) & Medical Officer

Name of TestNo. of QuestionsMarksTime Allotted
Reasoning, Data Analysis, Numerical Ability 30 15 2 hours 30 minutes
General Awareness, Current Affairs 30 15
Management and Ethics 30 15
Agriculture, Agriculture Economy and Computer awareness 30 15
Relevant technical discipline 60 120
Total 180 180  

FCI Assistant General Manager Exam Dates 2024

FCI Assistant General Manager Important Exam Dates

EventsImportant Dates
Submission of Online Application Form along with fee payment March 01, 2021
Last Date & time for submission of Online Application
and payment of fees
March 31, 2021
Availability of Admit Cards 10 days prior to announced
date of examination
FCI Assistant General Manager (Accounts, LAW, Technical and
Medical Officer) Online Exam Dates
July 17, 2021
FCI Assistant General Manager (General, Admin) Online Exam Dates July 18, 2021
FCI Assistant General Manager Result 2021 (Selected Candidates
for Interview and Document Verification)
July 28, 2021
FCI Assistant General Manager Documentation & Interview 2021 August 16 to September 01, 2021
FCI Assistant General Manager Final Result 2021 October 05, 2021

Number Speaks itself

67 Cr+

Questions Attempted

113 Lac+

Trusted Students

65 Lac+

Mock Test Attempted

10 Cr+


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FCI Assistant Gen. Manager(Technical) Mock Test FAQs

Enhancing your score requires dedicated effort, and ixamBee's FCI Assistant General Manager free mock tests offer an invaluable resource. By consistently practicing with these meticulously crafted tests, you can familiarize yourself with the latest exam pattern and refine your problem-solving skills. To excel, repetition is key; tackling similar questions repeatedly will fortify your grasp of crucial concepts, thereby boosting your chances of success in the FCI Assistant General Manager exam.
ixamBee is an Online Learning platform that aims to make quality education accessible to all aspirants preparing for various competitive exams. Our FCI AGM (Technical) online course is meticulously designed to assist you in formulating effective study strategies and schedules. It not only provides comprehensive coverage of the exam syllabus but also offers insights into the question difficulty levels, ensuring you are well-prepared to excel in your FCI AGM (Technical) exam journey.
Yes, ofcourse! You have the freedom to take the FCI AGM (Technical) mock test as many times as you like, without any extra charges. This option enables you to improve your skills, monitor your advancement, and enhance your confidence while preparing for the exam. It ensures that you are thoroughly prepared for success.
Participating in the FCI AGM (Technical) online free mock tests empowers you to evaluate your performance, conduct in-depth analyses, and pinpoint areas in need of improvement. These practice mock tests for FCI AGM (Technical) play a crucial role in elevating your overall score, while also sharpening your speed and accuracy, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your exam preparation.
Indeed, our FCI AGM (Technical) free mock tests are judiciously crafted to align with the most current FCI AGM (Technical) exam pattern. A team of seasoned experts at ixamBee provide their extensive experience and in-depth analysis of FCI AGM (Technical) previous year papers. These efforts are aimed at providing candidates with the most accurate and beneficial FCI AGM (Technical) free mock tests. Our commitment is to help you excel in your preparation and performance.
No worries. You can have confidence in the reliability of our platform, as technical issues will not interfere with your exam experience. If you encounter an interruption in your internet connection, our system will automatically pause your test. Once your internet connection is restored, you can effortlessly continue your exam, guaranteeing a smooth and worry-free test-taking experience.
ixamBee provides top-level FCI AGM (Technical) mock tests, ensuring that candidates have access to high-quality practice materials. These mock tests are available entirely free of cost, with no associated charges or fees. Furthermore, they are easily accessible at your convenience, enabling you to study at your own pace and from any location. This means you can effectively prepare for the FCI AGM (Technical) exam without being hindered by any limitations.
No. There will be no sectional timings in FCI Assistant General Manager Exam. A composite time of 2 hours and 20 minutes will be provided to solve the paper. Taking the FCI AGM (Technical) mock tests will enable you to improve your speed and problem-solving skills, so that you will be well prepared to complete the exam without worrying about any time constraints.
No. There will be no negative marking in FCI Assistant General Manager Exam.

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