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There is a huge number of candidates aspiring to crack a competitive exam each year. The majority of the candidates aspire to enter the banking industry among others who also might be interested in the Insurance sector. The number of applicants keeps increasing with each passing year as these government jobs offer security, comfort, and a promising career as well. There are several exams happening every year for Bank PO & Bank Clerk such as RBI Grade B, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, and SBI Clerk. For someone who wishes to work in the rural banks, IBPS RRB PO & IBPS RRB Clerk are two good options. Apart from these common exams, there are other important exams as well. For example, for those who wish to work in the direction of rural development, there are exams such as NABARD Grade A & NABARD Grade B. Besides this, there are several other exams for the insurance sector & other private banks as well. There is no end to the number of opportunities that one can receive in the banking & insurance sector.

To be able to crack an exam amidst such heavy competition is another task. All the banking exams being in online mode, the task becomes a bit more challenging. To nail the bank exams in online mode, you will need a lot of practice. To make your online practice a smooth process, ixamBee is providing free mock test for bank exams . Practicing an online mock test gives you a good idea of the paper pattern and thus improves your level of accuracy and speed. At ixamBee, you can choose from a variety of online test series for a number of bank, insurance & other state-level exams and have an edge over your competitors.

ixamBee wants to ensure that each and every student gets the best possible platform to study and prepare irrespective of their economic status in life. Students desirous of a great career in the banking industry and government job want to make a mark in their preparation as the competition is at an all-time high, these days. Our free practice tests will give each aspirant a chance to a great career and can elevate their future to the next level.

Educational experts have designed the free mock tests using the latest technological techniques so that the concepts are tested in the real-time environment. Banking specialists have also made the free test series for banking exams and the online test series for SSC exams with the basic premise of crystal clear fundamentals and elaborate video classes, which help to reinforce the learnings in the most definite way. Through free online mock tests, ixamBee aims to make a better India with learned and responsible citizens.

Free Mock Tests

ixamBee's Mock Test Series Key Features

Practicing online mock test series is the key to cracking any online competitive exam. ixamBee offers a number of mock tests for almost all the major banking exams along with other government exams as well. How can these mock tests be of use to you? Read the following points:

  • At ixamBee you will find online mock tests for all the bank exams.
  • You can stay relaxed while attempting mock tests at ixamBee as you don’t have to spend a single penny on them. You can access this useful resource free of cost.
  • You can ‘reattempt’ a test as many times as you like and correct your errors to perfection.
  • Attempting online mock tests for bank, ssc and other exams at ixamBee means you can actually take advantage of many useful features, one of which is ‘raising an issue’. You can easily report an issue if you face any difficulty or have any kind of doubts while attempting a particular question.
  • All the mock tests at ixamBee have been prepared thoroughly with the idea of providing quality test series to all the aspiring students so that they can achieve their desired goal with ease.

List of Exam Categories for Online Mock Test Series

When you will visit ixamBee in order to attempt an online mock test you will have to go through the top menu available on the website from where you can find and click on the ‘Free Mock Test’ tab. There you will find a drop down menu where the complete list of exams will show from where you can find and select the appropriate test. The list of exam categories available at ixamBee is as follows:

  • Bank PO
  • RBI
  • SEBI
  • Other Regulatory Bodies
  • Bank Clerk
  • Bank SO
  • Railways
  • Teaching
  • State Level Exams
  • Insurance
  • Defence & Police
  • MBA
  • FCI
  • SSC
  • Others

How to Access Online Mock Test at ixamBee?

To make use of this extremely useful resource of online mock tests at ixamBee, you just need to follow some simple steps as follows:

  • If you are a new user, you simply need to register on ixamBee’s website
  • If you are an old user you have to just sign in / log in on ixamBee’s website.
  • You have to go to the top menu and click on the ‘Free Mock Test’ tab.
  • A drop down menu will appear and you need to select the appropriate category such as Bank PO/Bank Clerk/Bank SO/SSC etc.
  • Click on the required test (E.g. IBPS PO Prelims/SBI PO Prelims/ SBI PO Mains).
  • The free mock test page will open and all the tests will appear.
  • Click on ‘Attempt Test’ and start attempting the test.

Benefits of attempting free online test series

  • While you attempt a free online test series for any exam, you get to know about all the details with respect to the exam pattern, marking scheme, syllabus, time limit etc. if you are a first timer.
  • By attempting online mock tests regularly, you can easily get familiar with the exam format and get comfortable with the whole scheme of the online examination.
  • If any particular exam will have sectional timings, you will need a lot of practice to overcome this obstacle and attempt a decent number of questions to score well.
  • Practice free online test series regularly at ixamBee and improve your speed of attempting test questions and thus improve your score.
  • Regular practice of online mock tests will strengthen your hold over all the sections of any particular exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

A:ixamBee provides 1200+ free test series for over 100 exams which you can practice at your ease.
A: Yes, all online test series provided by ixamBee are according to latest exam pattern.
A: Not all, however most of the Online Mock Tests are available in English and Hindi Language.
A: Yes, you will get performance analysis for every online mock test series you attempt at ixambee.
A: Yes, Detailed explanations along with all relevant information are provided wherever required.
A: ixamBee’s free mock tests are the best way to prepare for any competitive Exam. ixamBee’s free mock tests are based on the expected exam pattern, including the new pattern questions. Each question is followed by detailed answer explanation to provide complete information on attempting similar questions. The performance analysis at the end of the test provides an idea of your progress.
A: We wouldn’t say it will be sufficient; however they will surely help you in exam preparation. Regularly attempting practice papers, analyzing performance and working on your weak topics will surely help in improving your score in the exam.
A: Yes, at ixamBee you will get all the mock test series for all exams totally free of cost.
A: Mock tests form an integral part of exam preparation. You should always start your preparation by first attempting an online mock test so that you can judge the current status of your preparedness. You will know how much you actually need to study further. Once you have planned your preparation, don’t ignore the importance of practicing mock tests throughout your preparation journey. Online mock test series is a great way to check your performance.
A: If you attempt an online free mock test at ixamBee, you will have the facility to ‘reattempt’ a test as many times as you like.
A: Yes, of course! Once you attempt an online mock test at ixamBee and submit it, you will get your detailed performance analysis where you can check your sectional score as well as the total score. You can also see your overall rank among all others.
A: You can access the analysis report of the attempted online test as soon as you submit the test. Your complete performance analysis will appear on the screen. You can revisit this page anytime if you wish to go through the mock test performance.

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