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CMAT 2022 Mock Test 1

CMAT 2022 Mock Test 1

  • 180 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 400 Marks
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CMAT 2022 Mock Test 2

180 Minutes
100 Questions
400 Marks

Achieve excellence in CMAT exams with our premium mock tests.

CMAT 2022 Mock Test 2

CMAT 2024 Mock Test for Free

Each year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) unveils the CMAT examination, catering to ambitious students aspiring to secure admission into diverse management programs offered by numerous institutions throughout India. Consequently, the CMAT 2024 notification is much awaited. CMAT serves as a gateway to over 1000 esteemed business schools that value its scores, making achieving a high score imperative for securing admission to any premier management colleges in India.

The CMAT exam is of a moderate difficulty level, necessitating dedicated practice and reliance on CMAT mock tests as an essential strategy for mastery. To address this need, ixamBee has developed a comprehensive CMAT online test series, meticulously crafted to align with the latest exam pattern and offering in-depth analysis. Given the existence of negative marking for incorrect answers, improving the skill of avoiding negative marks can be achieved through consistent practice with ixamBee’s CMAT free mock tests.

The General Awareness Section holds significant scoring potential, accounting for 100 marks. To excel in this area, our Beepedia serves as a comprehensive resource, encompassing all the latest news and current affairs essential for success in this subject.

Key Features of CMAT Mock Test 2024

  • Syllabus and Pattern:

The design of our CMAT mock tests meticulously adheres to the updated CMAT exam pattern and syllabus. This ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the exam's format and content, enabling you to prepare effectively. Our team of experts has curated practice tests with relevant topics and concepts tailored to enhance your performance in the CMAT.

  • Performance Analysis:

Within our CMAT test series, comprehensive explanations accompany each question whenever feasible. This aids in grasping the reasoning behind each answer choice, thereby strengthening your conceptual comprehension. Moreover, our mock tests facilitate detailed performance analysis, enabling you to pinpoint areas of improvement, rectify mistakes, and identify both your strengths and weaknesses. This analytical approach empowers you to customize your preparation strategy accordingly.

  • Quality:

With years of experience and proficiency in test creation, the quality of our CMAT mock tests stands as a testament to our expertise. The study materials provided are meticulously chosen to offer the utmost relevance and significance, driven by our thorough analysis and evaluation process.

CMAT Online Test Series | Practice Test 2024

Know your weaker and stronger sections by attempting CMAT practice tests. As there is no sectional timing in the exam, you can focus on the sections you are strong in and work on the questions you are not sure about in the end. Online Mock tests for CMAT will help you have an edge over your peers on the day of the actual exam. Practice CMAT mock tests to put your best foot forward on the day of the exam.

How to attempt the CMAT Mock Test?

To attempt the CMAT free mock test, log in to the ixamBee official website and follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Click on the ‘free mock test’ tab
  • A drop-down menu will be displayed
  • Select & click on the ‘MBA’ exam section
  • Select ‘CMAT’ mock test
  • The CMAT free mock test will appear.

Why choose ixamBee for the CMAT Mock Test Series?

  • Detailed solutions

At ixamBee, we understand the importance of understanding the reasoning and logic behind solutions for tricky questions. That's why our CMAT mock test series provides detailed solutions wherever required. We go further by including shortcut tricks wherever possible, helping you save time and improve your problem-solving abilities.

  • Detailed breakdown of sectional score

To further enhance your understanding, we offer a detailed breakdown of your sectional score in the mock test series. This breakdown allows you to identify the sections where you made mistakes or struggled, helping you pinpoint areas that require more practice and attention. This targeted approach to your preparation can significantly boost your overall performance.

  • Multiple Attempts

ixamBee's free CMAT mock test series offers the benefit of unlimited attempts. This means that if you wish to enhance your performance or review questions answered incorrectly, you can reattempt the mock tests. This feature facilitates learning from mistakes and reinforces your understanding of exam topics.

  • Issue Resolution

During your CMAT mock test sessions, should you encounter any issues or have doubts about specific questions or concepts, ixamBee provides a dedicated tab “Report Issue” for issue resolution. You can report problems or seek clarification, and the faculty promptly responds to address your concerns. This feature ensures you receive the necessary support and guidance during your exam preparation.

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CMAT Mock Test FAQs

Solving CMAT free mock tests will help you to evaluate the best way to write the answers during the exam. You can improve your time management skills and accuracy, and ultimately your overall score by attempting/practicing the online mock tests from ixambee.
Yes, all the CMAT mock tests have been designed keeping in mind the latest CMAT exam pattern and syllabus.
If you lose your internet connection at any time while attempting the CMAT mock test, you will be able to resume the mock test from the point where you left it. The test will get paused automatically. You can resume once your internet connection is stable.
The CMAT online practice test has been designed in such a way that it helps you in getting rid of your exam fear by giving you a real-time feel of the real exam. The difficulty level is a bit high so that you can solve any type of questions asked in the actual exam.
If you are looking for high-quality mock tests that are designed by experts and are based on the latest CMAT exam pattern and syllabus, then you can go for ixamBee’s CMAT online mock tests.
You can attempt the CMAT free mock tests as many times as you want. There is no limit with respect to the number of attempts at ixamBee.

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