RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Guidance Course 2024

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    Course highlights

    1 (One on one Mock Interview) with the experts
    Discussion of preparation strategy and doubt clarification
    Detailed Feedback & Suggestions
    Expert Panel
    Interview Simulation with experts
    Query Resolution

    • One on one Mock Interview with expert panel
    • Detailed feedback
    • Personalized tips and suggestions
    • Other general tips and guidance
    • Tips on how to answer tricky questions smartly
    • Discussion of preparation strategy and doubt clarification



    RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Guidance Course

    Congratulations on successfully navigating through the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Phase 2 exam, marking a significant milestone in your journey.

    As you reach the concluding phase of the personal interview, this pivotal stage holds the key to your ultimate selection as a Manager (Grade B- DEPR/DSIM) in RBI. Having progressed to the interview stage in the RBI Grade B DEPR and RBI Grade B DSIM recruitment process, you're undoubtedly eager to seize the opportunity to secure a managerial position at RBI. Remember, putting in dedicated effort now is always preferable to restarting the journey from the beginning!

    As you advance towards the last challenge in the RBI Grade B (DEPR/DSIM) exam - the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview, ixamBee is proud to guide you and pleased to introduce the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Guidance Course, a comprehensive tool meticulously crafted to strengthen your readiness.

    This course, crafted under the expert supervision of our esteemed panel, featuring ex-RBI (DEPR, CGM, AGM), NABARD, SEBI, NHB, SIBDI, and BANK PO professionals, ensures you receive expert guidance. Tailored to address the specific challenges of the interview round, the course equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently navigate through the intricacies of the interview process. By enrolling in this program, you not only gain valuable insights but also increase your chances of achieving success in the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview.

    RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview course consists of

    • 1 (One on one Mock Interview) with the experts such as Ex-RBI Officers, Ex-NABARD officer; Ex-NHB officers
    • Detailed feedback on the performance in the Mock Interview
    • Suggestions for preparing for the real interview
    • Discussion of preparation strategy and doubt clarification.

    How One on One Mock Interviews are conducted?

    • Our One-on-One Mock Interviews are conducted in a professional and formal virtual setting, simulating the actual interview experience.
    • Your mock interview will be conducted by a panel of seasoned experts, each of whom brings extensive experience from prestigious organizations such as RBI, NABARD, NHB, and former Bank POs.
    • During the mock interview, you can expect a wide range of questions covering technical knowledge, behavioural traits, and personal aspects, providing a well-rounded assessment of your readiness for the real interview.
    • Following the interview, you will receive a comprehensive feedback session during the same interaction. Our experts will provide detailed insights and valuable suggestions for improvement, ensuring that you have a clear roadmap for enhancing your interview performance.

    How to Enrol in RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Course?

    • If you are an existing user or have been a student of ixamBee ever, you may send an email to rbi_interview@ixambee.com mentioning the course in which you were enrolled and the year of enrollment. Please send an email using the same email id that is registered with ixamBee so that we can cross-check the records on our end.
    • Our team will check the details and send you an email seeking documents such as the Application form submitted to RBI, Scorecard of Phase 1 (current status), Hallticket for Phase 2 and your Biodata/CV, etc. if enrolling before Phase 2 result and the Application form submitted to RBI or DAF submitted to RBI, the Scorecard of Phase 2 and Biodata/CV. Upon receipt of the mentioned documents, we will activate the course for you for free. This step ensures a seamless enrollment process and grants access to the course to only those users who have cleared the required stages.
    • Thus, all the users who have been associated with ixamBee can take advantage of the comprehensive study resources and guidance offered in the RBI DEPR/DSIM Interview Course to enhance their preparation for the interview process. In case you have any clarifications to seek or are stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to call us on 9205524028.
    • In case you are a new user, you may either send an email to rbi_interview@ixambee.com with the subject title: "Docs for RBI DEPR/DSIM Interview Course." followed by enrolling in the course by payment of the requisite amount or you may do so after payment of the course fee. Please note that receipt of documents is mandatory for scheduling mock interviews for the users.

    Documents Required at the Time of Enrollment

    Students are required to submit:

    • An application form
    • CV / Biodata
    • Phase 1 scorecard
    • Phase 2 admit card

    For those enrolling after Phase 2 results, please submit:

    • the Application form submitted to RBI
    • the Scorecard of Phase 1
    • Biodata/CV
    • Documentary Proof of having cleared Phase 2

    These documents are essential for verification purposes to ensure that all candidates are genuine users. By adhering to these instructions, we aim to provide the best support and assistance to all deserving candidates in their RBI interview preparation.

    Needless to say again, in case you have any clarifications to seek or are stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to call us on 9205524028.

    Why should you enroll for ixamBee RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Course

    • Preparation Strategies
    • Technical & Behavioural Skills
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Relevant interview topics
    • Tricks to tackle tricky questions
    • One-on-one Mock Interview will prepare you to face the interview with confidence. One on one Mock Interview will consist of
      • Interview Simulation with experts
      • Detailed Feedback & Suggestions
      • Discussion on strengths and weaknesses
      • Query Resolution

    Please note: ixamBee will have the right to record the mock interview or part of it for promotional purposes. Want to see yourself as an RBI Grade B (DEPR/DSIM) Officer, then enroll for ixamBee’s INTERVIEW Guidance Course for RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM selection.

    Rbi Grade B Depr Dsim Interview Course Faculty and Course Coordinator

    Pardeep Maria, ex CGM (DSIM) & Advisor RBI. Before RBI, he worked as Assistant and Deputy Director in the Indian Statistical Service. He holds M. Stat. degree from Indian Statistical Institute and has a PG Diploma in Statistical Quality Control & Operational Research. He is a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking (CAIIB).

    Tushar is an ESI and a GA Expert. He has over a decade of experience including corporate and teaching experience. He is an expert in Economics and Current Affairs for competitive exams. He holds a BBA with specialization in Finance. He has done a certificate course in NSE Certified Capital Market Professional from St.Xavier Kolkata.

    ​Ex. Manager​ ​RBI, is an Engineer​ ​-​ MBA turned Banker​ ​-​ ​​ Central Banker turned Edupreneur working in ​the ​Digital Education Domain since 2010. ​He has cleared exams like CAT, IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC, NET-JRF. ​Is an expert in various subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Educational Psychology, EdTech, Career Counseling, etc.

    Rashmi Prasad is ex-GM SBI with 37 years of service. She has over 20 years of experience in the recruitment of probationary officers, specialists, company secretary, doctors for Bank’s panel, Relationship managers, Wealth Managers as well as promotion interviews for senior management.

    Dr. Sanjeev Sharma Ex CGM RBI, ​​Ex Ex. Dir.NHB (on deputation from RBI), ​Ex Resident Director Kisetsu Saison. He holds a PhD in English from IIT Kanpur. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English from Hindu College, D​U, and B.A. (Hons) English

    ​Ex AGM RBI, ​​Ex SVP Yes Bank, with 13 years of senior-level experience in the banking​ &​ finance sector. He joined ​as RBI Grade B Officer in 2004 (​AIR 5), in 2008 ​got promoted to ​AGM (Grade C), one of the first three in his batch ​to get promoted. He ​holds a PhD ​(Development Communication​)​ and ​is an ​MBA ​(​ISB Hyderabad​​.​

    Ex-Manager Care Ratings, a management professional with over a decade of experience in risk analysis, credit management, investment banking, and equity research. She is an MBA (Finance) from BIMTECH, Noida, and B.Com (Hons) from Hansraj College, Delhi University.

    Ms. Arunima is an Ex- Grade B SIDBI Officer and an Ex- Bank PO. Since 2010, she has been teaching for competitive exams and has successfully coached more than thousands of students. She is a Bachelor in Arts (Hons.)- English. She is an expert faculty for English Language, English Writing, Reasoning and also preparation guidance.

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    Rbi Grade B Depr Dsim Interview Course FAQs

    Visit ixamBee official website, and under the online course section head, click for the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Guidance course. Register yourself and pay the amount. In case of any assistance, reach us at 9205524028 or send an email to hello@ixamBee.com.
    ixamBee is committed to delivering a user-friendly online platform where you can access the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM mock interview course. Our utmost priority is to offer you an authentic and precise interview simulation experience. This course gives you the unique opportunity to engage with industry professionals who will skillfully guide you through the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM interview process, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared and confident. Embrace this opportunity to sharpen your interview skills and increase your chances of success with the RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Guidance.
    For the interview coaching session, all you need is an electronic device like a mobile phone, laptop, or computer, along with a stable internet connection. This will enable you to participate in the session seamlessly, using the convenience of online communication from the comfort of your chosen location.
    No. It is not possible. Payments can only be made online. We do not have any system in place for any type of offline payment.
    That's not a problem, don't worry about it. The RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Guidance Online Course is a one-stop solution for all your preparation needs. The course has been designed in a way that will assess your preparation from all sides. Getting ready for an RBI Grade B (DEPR/DSIM) interview has never been easier with this online course.
    The RBI Grade B DEPR/DSIM Interview Guidance Course from ixamBee provides you the flexibility to learn according to your schedule. Video lessons and study materials are conveniently accessible whenever it's convenient for you. Once they're uploaded to the ixamBee website, these valuable resources remain available for unlimited viewing. This enables you to review, revisit, and solidify your comprehension as often as you'd like.