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IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Highlights 2023-24

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) is a cornerstone of India's national security apparatus, with roots dating back to its establishment on December 23, 1887. Originating as a subdivision of the Central Special Branch during the British colonial era, the IB has evolved into one of the country's oldest and most esteemed organizations. With a century-spanning history, it symbolizes the resilience and commitment to safeguarding India's interests. Headquartered in New Delhi, the IB operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs, a pivotal institution in the nation's governance. This strategic placement ensures seamless coordination with various government agencies to uphold security measures. Currently, Tapan Deka is the Director, steering the IB through its crucial responsibilities in protecting India's sovereignty and integrity. The IB's enduring legacy and contemporary leadership reflect its continued dedication to the nation's safety and stability, making it an integral force in the realm of domestic intelligence.

Before starting the IB ACIO application process, let’s look at the highlights of the IB ACIO 2023-24 exam.

IB ACIO Exam Highlights 2023–24

Conducting AuthorityMinistry of Home Affairs (MHA)
Official Website
Name of the Posts Officer Grade II/ Executive
Mode of application Online
Stages of Exam Two Stages-
  • Phase 1- Preliminary Exam
  • Phase 2- Mains Exam
No. of Questions & Time duration
  • Phase 1- 100 marks, 1 hour
  • Phase 2- 50 marks, 1 hour
IB ACIO Recruitment 2023 Notification Release Date November 21, 2023
IB ACIO Online Registration Including Edits Modification of Application November 25, 2023 to December 15, 2023
IB ACIO Online Exam Dates January 17, 18, 2024
Click here to download IB ACIO Online Exam Result PDF
Number of Vacancies: 2023–24 995

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Online Course

In the vast landscape of online information, the pursuit of knowledge can become overwhelming. The sheer volume of data poses challenges in determining where to initiate and conclude research or study. To address this concern and facilitate a streamlined preparation journey for the IB ACIO 2023-24 examination, ixamBee introduces the IB ACIO Online Course—a dependable resource ensuring accurate information acquisition without the worry of overlooking crucial details.

This meticulously structured course is tailored to guide you through the fundamental aspects of the IB ACIO exam. ixamBee’s IB ACIO Online Course presents a systematic and hassle-free approach, encompassing comprehensive study materials and expertly curated resources. It serves as a singular destination, providing clarity and direction in your preparation endeavors. Embrace this resource to navigate the intricacies of IB ACIO exam preparation with confidence, acknowledging a steadfast companion that illuminates the path, empowering you for success in the impending examination.

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Notification 2023-24

Renowned as one of India's most venerable organizations, the IB symbolizes national security and intelligence excellence. The much-anticipated notification for the IB ACIO position has been unveiled, marking the commencement of an important phase for prospective candidates. The IB ACIO 2024 notification serves as a beacon for those aspiring to contribute to the nation's security, outlining a path for eligible individuals to join the ranks of the Intelligence Bureau and play a pivotal role in upholding India's safety and integrity.

From November 25 to December 15, 2023, eligible individuals can apply for the IB ACIO exam 2024, a window that signifies the gateway to joining the esteemed Intelligence Bureau (IB).

Prospective applicants are urged to carefully review the IB ACIO eligibility criteria outlined in the IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive recruitment drive and submit their applications within the specified timeframe. The release of the IB ACIO notification 2024 provides a comprehensive guide to the application process, registration timeline, and other pertinent details, offering aspirants valuable insights to navigate the recruitment journey successfully.

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Vacancy 2023-24

As a matter of great respect and pride, IB jobs are considered one of the most prestigious jobs of all time. The unveiling of the IB ACIO 2024 notification has sparked fervent anticipation among government job seekers, solidifying its position as one of the most eagerly awaited announcements in their pursuit of employment.

The recent announcement from the Intelligence Bureau reveals a total of 995 vacancies for the coveted position of Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-II/Executive. The number of vacancies advertised plays a crucial role as an indicator of the potential difficulty level in the upcoming examination. A larger pool of vacancies generally suggests a moderately challenging or relatively less demanding exam, while a more limited number may indicate a more rigorous selection process. As aspirants prepare for the IB ACIO exam 2023-24, they are met not only with anticipation but also with the understanding that the competition for these esteemed positions will be fierce.

Please refer to the table below for detailed IB ACIO Vacancy 2024 information.

Intelligence Bureau(IB) ACIO-II/ Executive Officer 377 129 222 134 133 995

How to Apply Online for the IB ACIO-II/Executive 2023-24

To apply for the IB ACIO exam 2023-24, visit .in or Ensure that the application is submitted exclusively through the online mode, as applications sent through any other means will not be considered. The online application process provides a convenient and efficient platform for candidates to complete their submissions, streamlining the application procedure and ensuring adherence to the specified guidelines.

IB ACIO-II/Executive Application Fee

Prospective candidates for the IB ACIO recruitment examination should be attentive to the registration fees, as they may vary depending on their respective categories. It is crucial to carefully review the fee structure outlined in the notification to ensure accurate and timely payment during the application process. Being mindful of these details ensures that candidates can fulfill this essential requirement and proceed smoothly with their application, contributing to a seamless and organized recruitment process for the Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-II/Executive position.

CategoryApplication Fee
Male candidates of General/ EWS/ OBC Rs. 550/- (Examination Fee + Recruitment Processing Charges)
Others Rs. 450/- (Recruitment Processing Charges only)

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2023-24

IB ACIO exam will be conducted in three phases. The IB ACIO Recruitment 2023-24 recruited candidates are liable to serve anywhere in India (mentioned in the notification). IB ACIO Selection Process is provided below-

  • Tier 1: Objective Type
  • Tier 2: Descriptive Type
  • Tier 3: Interview

Before starting the IB ACIO 2024 preparation, it is vital for you to be well-versed in the syllabus. The IB ACIO syllabus has Current Affairs, Numerical Aptitude, Reasoning/Logical Ability, English Language, and General Studies as subjects. It is advised to review the complete syllabus before proceeding with the IB ACIO 2024 preparation strategy.

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Exam Dates 2024

The IB ACIO position stands as a highly anticipated opportunity for aspirants seeking to contribute to the prestigious Intelligence Bureau. To apply for the IB ACIO 2023-24 exam, a clear understanding of all IB ACIO exam dates 2023-24 within the recruitment cycle is essential. The recently released IB ACIO 2023-24 notification marks the beginning of a crucial phase, with the online application process commencing on November 25, 2024, and concluding on December 15, 2024. This comprehensive notification outlines key IB ACIO 2023-24 dates, including the Tier 1 examination date, Tier 2 examination date, and the release of the IB ACIO 2023-24 admit card. Aspiring candidates are urged to meticulously review these dates for effective preparation and successful navigation through the IB ACIO recruitment process.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) ACIO Grade-II/Executive Exam Dates 2024

EventsTentative Dates
IB ACIO Recruitment 2023 Notification Release Date November 21, 2023
IB ACIO Online Registration Including Edits Modification of Application November 25, 2023 to December 15, 2023
IB ACIO Online Exam Dates January 17, 18, 2024
Click here to download IB ACIO Online Exam Result PDF

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Salary 2023-24

Securing a position as an IB ACIO is indeed a matter of immense pride and has consistently drawn aspiring individuals. This coveted recruitment holds a special allure for several reasons. Firstly, as a Central Government job, it offers a remarkable level of economic resilience, making it recession-proof and highly secure in nature. Moreover, IB ACIO positions come with generous salaries, ensuring financial stability for officers.

Following the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), the remuneration for ACIO has significantly increased. During the training period, an ACIO can expect an in-hand salary of approximately 63,000, encompassing Basic, Dearness Allowance (DA), and Special Security Allowance (SSA, equivalent to 20% of DA). Additional allowances such as House Rent Allowance (HRA) are included upon completing the training. The gross salary post-training stands at 76,000 for plain postings and 90,000 for challenging assignments, incorporating Hardship Allowance, ration money, and other relevant allowances.

Additionally, the system provides periodic salary increments, further enhancing the overall remuneration package. These factors collectively make the IB ACIO job an attractive career choice, not only for its prestige but also for its dedicated officers' financial security and growth prospects.

Intelligence Bureau(IB) ACIO-II/Executive Officer Level 7 - Rs.44,900-1,42,400 in the pay matrix plus admissible Central Govt. allowances.

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Job Profile

  • Collection of intel at ground level, maintaining liaison with other agencies, performing secret operations if needed, regular office work at times, etc.
  • It is not always a risky job. Less than 50% of people would be posted in highly risky areas.
  • The personal threat is comparatively less compared to the uniformed police forces.
  • Except for a few postings, work-life balance is good, and you can also keep your family with you.
  • You need not worry about the risk factor. Life-threatening risk is minimal and depends on the situations where you are operating.
  • No recommendations/political pressures work in the department.
  • The nature of your work and the Intelligence Bureau's requirements dictate your posting. Your assignment details are kept confidential and undisclosed to the public eye.
  • Postings are assigned randomly, influenced by a combination of luck and the department's specific needs and demands.

Pros of the IB ACIO Job

  • The IB ACIO employment follows a conventional 10-6 schedule, inclusive of a one-hour lunch break.
  • It is a remunerative position, offering a level of compensation that surpasses most roles within the SSC CGL, barring AAO.
  • The role presents varied and engaging tasks, fostering interest and professional development with noteworthy opportunities.
  • The department's name and esteemed reputation contribute to societal prestige, coupled with the inherent satisfaction of serving the nation.
  • It provides a solid foundation for those concurrently preparing for examinations such as UPSC CSE.
  • Study time is attainable, contingent on the specifics of your posting, as previously indicated.
  • Upon completing the initial three-year posting term, individuals have the option to seek reassignment to their home state or neighboring states, subject to prevailing vacancies.

Cons of the IB ACIO Job

  • The IB ACIO position does not entail absolute authority.
  • Responsibilities are discharged discreetly, operating from a position that remains behind the scenes.
  • Individuals seeking recognition and a platform for self-promotion may find this role less suitable.
  • Geographical diversity characterizes postings, resulting in individuals from one region, such as Tamil Nadu, being assigned to locations like Kashmir and counterparts from Rajasthan being stationed in Mizoram, fostering a nationwide scope.

Work-life Balance & Family Life

  • The IB ACIO position offers a commendable work-life balance.
  • The role does not entail the demanding nature often associated with professions in the software industry or other central departments.
  • Work engagement fluctuates based on operational necessities, resulting in instances of continuous activity and occasional periods of lower demand, ranging from 24x7 engagement to extended periods with minimal workload.
  • A significant proportion of postings permit cohabitation with family members, except for initial postings, primarily within the first three years, where individuals may experience challenging assignments contingent upon the state of deployment, such as Jammu and Kashmir or Chhattisgarh.

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Eligibility Criteria 2024

Adhering to the IB ACIO 2024 eligibility criteria is of utmost importance; any deviation may result in regrettable disqualification. Therefore, it is vital to diligently review the comprehensive IB ACIO 2024 eligibility requirements before submitting your application.

Moreover, ensuring compliance with the specified IB ACIO 2024 age limit criteria is equally crucial when completing the IB ACIO 2024 application form. Candidates from reserved categories are eligible for age relaxation benefits as per the Government of India's regulations, as clearly outlined in the IB ACIO 2024 notification. These well-defined criteria are a foundation for ensuring fairness, transparency, and equal opportunities for all potential applicants.

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Educational Qualifications

Before applying for the IB ACIO 2024 exam, please verify that you are a Graduate or equivalent from a recognized university. For more information on the educational criteria for IB ACIO 2024, kindly refer to the table provided below.

Name of the PostEducational Criteria
Intelligence Bureau(IB) ACIO-II/Executive Officer Graduation or equivalent from a recognized university.

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Age Limit Criteria

The Intelligence Bureau has defined a specific IB ACIO age limit. To be eligible for the IB ACIO 2024 exam, your age should fall within the range of 18 to 27 years. For more detailed information regarding the IB ACIO 2024 age criteria, please consult the table provided below.

Name of the PostAge
Intelligence Bureau(IB) ACIO Officer Min- 18 Years / Max- 27 Years

Age Relaxation

The prescribed IB ACIO 2024 age criteria must be adhered to. Nonetheless, certain exemptions apply to individuals belonging to reserved categories. If you qualify for the IB ACIO 2024 age relaxations, it is essential to review all the pertinent information thoroughly. Comprehensive information regarding age relaxations in the IB ACIO 2024 recruitment can be found in the table provided below.

CategoryAge Relaxation
Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe 5 years
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 3 years
Departmental Candidates 40 years(who have rendered 3 years of regular and continuous service)
Widows, divorced women and women judicially separated from their husbands and not remarried
  • General : 35 years
  • SC/ST : 40 years
Meritorious sportspersons specified in Para 1 (a) of DoP&AR O.M. No. 14015/1/76-Estt.(D), dtd 4.8.1980. 5 years

IB ACIO Grade-II/Executive Free Mock Tests

To ace any exam, practicing as much as possible is essential. Attempting mock tests is crucial as this helps in analyzing your preparation level. It also provides a real exam environment that removes any fear of online examinations. Attempt as many mocks as possible to maximize your IB ACIO 2023 exam score.

The good news is we have got you covered on this. ixamBee is providing a free IB ACIO mock test series designed by our experts. The mock tests will be of the latest pattern, and you will get a detailed analysis.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) ACIO Tier 1 - Free Mock Tests

IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 10

IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 10

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks
IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 9

IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 9

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks
IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 8

IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 8

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks
IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 7

IB ACIO 2023 Tier I Mock Test 7

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks

Intelligence Bureau (IB) ACIO Tier 1 - Previous Year Question Paper

IB ACIO Tier I 2017 Previous Year Paper

IB ACIO Tier I 2017 Previous Year Paper

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks
IB ACIO Grade II Previous Year Paper 18 Jan 2024 Shift I

IB ACIO Grade II Previous Year Paper 18 Jan 2024 Shift I

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks
IB ACIO Grade II Previous Year Paper 18 Feb 2021 Shift III

IB ACIO Grade II Previous Year Paper 18 Feb 2021 Shift III

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks
IB ACIO Grade II Previous Year Paper 17 Jan 2024 Shift I

IB ACIO Grade II Previous Year Paper 17 Jan 2024 Shift I

  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Questions
  • 100 Marks


The IB ACIO exam does not impose any sectional cut-off criteria, which means that candidates are not required to achieve a minimum score in individual sections of the exam. Instead, their overall performance is considered for evaluation and selection.
The IB will release the IB ACIO Admit Card 2023 a few days before the exam. The IB ACIO Call Letter will include essential details such as the exam centre, reporting time, roll number, and instructions for the exam day. It is mandatory to carry a copy of a valid identity proof along with the admit card to the exam venue. Please note that hard copies of the admit cards will not be sent to individuals.
Gain familiarity with the question formats prevalent in the IB ACIO exam. Following this, engage in extensive practice by solving numerous questions from past years' papers. Thoroughly analyze these solutions to develop a comprehensive understanding of question patterns and varying difficulty levels, enhancing your exam preparedness.
The IB ACIO 2023 notification was released recently. Candidates who meet the IB ACIO eligibility criteria can complete the online application process from November 25 to December 15, 2023. To ensure a smooth application experience and minimize the risk of encountering last-minute technical difficulties or delays, it is recommended to submit your IB ACIO application well in advance of the deadline instead of procrastinating until the final moments.
The IB ACIO notification 2023 has announced 995 vacancies for Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Grade-II/Executive. These IB ACIO vacancies are categorized into general and reserved sections, ensuring a balanced distribution of opportunities for candidates across different categories. This approach promotes fairness and equal representation in the selection process, providing a level playing field for both general and reserved category candidates.
The IB ACIO exam dates 2023 will be released by the IB ACIO on the official website of IB soon. While the official IB ACIO notification does not specify the exact IB ACIO exam date, the dates will be announced by the Intelligence Bureau and updated on this page accordingly. Please frequently check this space for the latest updates regarding the IB ACIO exam date 2023.
In the aftermath of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), the compensation for ACIO has witnessed a notable increase. Throughout the training phase, ACIOs can anticipate an in-hand salary of approximately 63,000, covering Basic, Dearness Allowance (DA), and Special Security Allowance (SSA, amounting to 20% of DA). After the training period, additional allowances, including House Rent Allowance (HRA), become applicable. The gross salary post-training is 76,000 for routine postings and 90,000 for more challenging assignments, encompassing Hardship Allowance, ration money, and other pertinent allowances.
To be eligible for IB ACIO, candidates must possess a minimum qualification of a 'Graduate Degree' from a recognized University. It is imperative to fulfill these educational requirements. Without meeting the specified graduate degree criteria, candidates will not be considered eligible to apply for the IB ACIO position.
To be eligible for the IB ACIO exam –cy–, candidates must meet the age criteria, which stipulates that the minimum age should be 18 years and the maximum age should not exceed 27 years, as of the cut-off date mentioned in the IB ACIO notification. Adhering to this age criterion is fundamental to maintaining fairness and upholding the principles of equal opportunity during the selection process.
Indeed, candidates belonging to reserved categories are provided age relaxation in the IB ACIO exam. They must present the necessary documents as proof of their category during the verification process when requested by the authorities. This ensures that eligible candidates receive the appropriate benefits and opportunities.
The IB ACIO exam will be conducted in three phases: Tier 1: Objective Type, Tier 2: Descriptive Type, and Tier 3: Interview. Comprehending the IB ACIO exam pattern is essential for effective preparation, as it offers valuable insights into the subject-wise emphasis. This understanding enables you to allocate your study time and efforts judiciously, ensuring a balanced focus on all subjects and topics.
Yes, the IB ACIO exam is a bilingual (i.e., Hindi & English) exam. You can choose your preferred language, Hindi or English, except for the English section, which must be attempted in English only.
The IB ACIO 2023 exam will be in online mode.

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