Central Bank of India (CBI) SO Credit Officer

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CBI SO Credit Officer Online Course

The Central Bank of India (CBI) is one of the most eminent nationalized banks. Becoming an employee of the CBI is the dream of millions of students. Every year, the Central Bank of India releases a notification for various posts. Aspirants apply for this to build a secure and promising career in the banking sector. To pursue your dream is the best thing one can do in their life. Therefore, aspirants keenly prepare for the exams like CBI SO Credit Officer. Well, no doubt consistent efforts are the key to success, but if you get one on one guidance from the experts that are directly associated with the CBI would be a cherry on the cake. To bring the icing on the cake, ixamBee has developed the CBI (Central Bank of India) Credit Officer Online course. This course will guide you throughout your preparation journey for the CBI Credit Officer Exam.

Our CBI Credit Officer Online Course can help you elevate your level of preparation and enhance your overall performance on the ‘D’ Day. The CBI Credit Officer course is meticulously customized in a way that will cover all the topics that are included in the CBI SO Credit Officer Syllabus. Not only this, but you will also get the expert's guidance and many more things that will help you to bestow yourself a fruitful aftermath from your preparation.

The resource is here, the exam is round the corner, and it is just one decision of you that will lead and pave your way toward success. Enroll in the CBI Credit Officer Online Course today and study at your convenience under the guidance of handholding faculties.

The CBI Credit Officer Online Course Consists of:

  • 300+ Video Lessons Covering the entire syllabus.
  • 200+ Study Notes designed by expert faculty from the relevant fields.
  • 7 Full-Length Mock tests.
  • Daily GA Video, Fortnightly Economic Banking & Financial News Coverage through Video and Quiz.
  • Special GA class every Thursday at 7 p.m.
  • Practice questions from all parts of the CBI SO Scale 1 syllabus for both Sections.
  • Study Plan & Live Class will be conducted according to that.
  • Interview Guidance by the experts along with one free Mock Interview before the Interview date.
  • Quick resolution of any kind of query related to the exam by a specialized Student Delight Team

Why Choose the CBI Credit Officer Online Course?

Why not aim for the highest when you're preparing for the CBI Credit Officer Exam? It's simple: just go for the CBI Credit Officer Online Course by ixamBee, and you'll reach your full potential!

Selecting the CBI Credit Officer Online Course from ixamBee is an intelligent choice for a few good reasons. This course is exceptional because it covers a wide range of case studies, other relevant topics, and how you can get through them. It offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills to deal with real-world risk situations.

The course is created by experts in the field, so learners get valuable insights. Plus, it's online, so you can study when it suits you. There are 10 full-length practice tests to prepare you for the exam, so you can get used to the test format and see how well-prepared you are. You'll also get help and guidance from instructors, making your learning experience easy.

Finally, finishing the CBI Credit Officer Online Course boosts your professional credibility, making you stand out in the competitive job market. Ultimately, this course equips you with some essential tactics and support needed to excel in your career as a credit officer.

How to Enrol in the CBI Credit Officer Online Course?

  • Visit our website at https://www.ixambee.com/.
  • If you are a registered user of ixamBee, you need to log in to the website & go to the 'Online Course tab' where you can select the ‘CBI Credit Officer Online Course’ under the "Bank SO" section from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the course, and you will find complete details of the CBI Credit Officer Online Course.
  • You can click on the 'Buy Now' tab and follow further steps to make the payment for the CBI Credit Officer Online Course.
  • In case of any clarification/assistance, feel free to request a callback or send an email to hello@ixamBee.com.

Faculty and Course Coordinator

​Ex AGM RBI, ​​Ex SVP Yes Bank, with 13 years of senior-level experience in the banking​ &​ finance sector. He joined ​as RBI Grade B Officer in 2004 (​AIR 5), in 2008 ​got promoted to ​AGM (Grade C), one of the first three in his batch ​to get promoted. He ​holds a Ph.D.​(Development Communication​)​ and ​is an ​MBA ​(​ISB Hyderabad​​.​

Ex CGM RBI, ​​Ex Ex. Dir.NHB (on deputation from RBI), ​Ex Resident Director Kisetsu Saison. He holds a PhD in English from IIT Kanpur. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English from Hindu College, D​U, and B.A. (Hons) English from BHU.​ ​He is also a Visiting Faculty at IIM Ahmedabad. He is an expert for English writing and for interview and career guidance

Ex-Manager Care Ratings, a management professional with over a decade of experience in risk analysis, credit management, investment banking, and equity research. She is an MBA (Finance) from BIMTECH, Noida, and B.Com (Hons) from Hansraj College, Delhi University.

Prateek Taldar is a Chartered Accountant with experience in Auditing and Accounting. He has had the privilege of working with prestigious global companies such as PwC and NatWest.

An engineer by qualification, Satakshi is an expert in the English language. She qualified IBPS PO in 2016 and awarded for being meritorious in Rajbhasha (Hindi). Satakshi has been a mentor for 5 years.

Anshuman Jaguri is a skilled educator and public speaking specialist with extensive experience in teaching and developing written content. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, followed by a Master's degree in both Psychology and English.

Study Materials Information

  1. Economy and Banking and Finance Static Concepts
  2. Static GA
  3. Budget and Economic Survey
  4. Important Reports and Indices
  5. Government Schemes
  6. Monthly Quiz General Awareness
  7. Beepedia
  8. Economy and Banking and Finance Current Affairs
  9. PIB Current Affairs
  1. Economy and Banking and Finance Static Concepts
  2. Budget and Economic Survey
  3. Monthly Quiz General Awareness
  4. Economy and Banking and Finance Current Affairs
  1. Computer Architecture
  2. Computer Memory
  3. Computer Language
  4. Software System
  5. Database Management System
  6. Objective Oriented Programming Language
  7. Computer Book
  8. Important Computer Questions
  9. MS Office
  10. Network
  11. Email
  12. Browser
  13. Introduction to Computers
  14. Hardware
  1. Capital and Money market
  1. Basic Accounting and Audit
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
  1. Export finance
  2. Project Appraisal
  3. Working capital Management and Cost of Capital
  1. Monitoring and management of assets
  1. Overview banking system and Types of Credit
  2. Risks in Banks and management

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ixamBee is your top choice for excelling in the CBI Credit Officer online course. Our interview simulations are carefully designed to give you a real-life experience. We have a team of experienced professionals to make sure your preparation is thorough and true to life, boosting your confidence and readiness for the actual interview.
Please head over to the "Faculty" section to see the list of our respected faculty members who will be with you on your journey to prepare for the CBI SO Exam.
Signing up for the CBI Credit Officer Online Course is super easy. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer, laptop, or mobile device. This user-friendly arrangement lets candidates get started on their journey for success no matter where they are or what their schedule is like.
Go to the official ixamBee website, choose the CBI SO Credit Officer course from the online courses list, make the payment, and complete your registration. If you need any assistance, you can reach us at 920-552-4228 or email us at hello@ixamBee.com.
The Video Lessons are available for viewing on the ixamBee Website/Dashboard. You need to log in to www.ixamBee.com> Dashboard> Online Class Material > CBI SO Credit Officer Select the subject and click on the Video Lesson you want to watch from the list.
With ixamBee's CBI Credit Officer Online Course, you have the flexibility to learn on your terms. You can access video lessons and study notes at your convenience. Once these valuable resources are uploaded to the ixamBee website, they're available for unlimited viewing. This means you can review, revisit, and reinforce your understanding as often as you like.