NABARD Development Assistant, RBI Assistant, Combo Online Course 2024

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Course highlights

500+ Videos
7000 Practice Questions
100+ Study notes
36 Mock Tests
5 Descriptive Mock tests
Live Class with Experts

NABARD Development Assistant and RBI Assistant Combo Course

ixamBee provides a comprehensive Online Combo Course to prepare for the NABARD Development Assistant and RBI Assistant exams simultaneously. Recognizing the overlapping syllabus, which constitutes 80% similarity between the two exams, our expert faculty has meticulously designed the course. Leveraging their in-depth understanding of previous year NABARD Development Assistant and RBI Assistant exam patterns and analysis, the course is tailored to address the specific requirements of both exams.

The unique feature of this combo course is its focus on the NABARD Development Assistant syllabus, which includes current affairs from Agriculture and Rural Development subjects. The course incorporates strategic content and study materials to ensure thorough preparation for both exams. Aspiring candidates can benefit from the expertise of our faculty, gaining a competitive edge and enhancing their chances of success in these prestigious examinations. With ixamBee's Online Combo Course, candidates can streamline their preparation and efficiently tackle the common elements of the NABARD Development Assistant and RBI Assistant exams.

NABARD Development Assistant/RBI Assistant Combo online course consists of:

  • 500+ video lessons which covers the entire syllabus of Prelims and Mains for NABARD Development Assistant and RBI Assistant Exams
  • 7,000+ practice questions prepared by expert faculty in the form of Chapter tests, Section Tests, and Mock Tests
  • 100+ study notes for easy learning and quick revision
  • 10 Full length Mock tests for Prelims and 8 full length Mock Tests for Mains for NABARD Development Assistant 2019 Exam
  • 10 Full length Mock tests for Prelims and 8 full length Mock Tests for Mains of RBI Assistant 2019 Exam
  • 5 Descriptive English Mock Tests with personalized feedback from expert faculty
  • Live classes with faculty members who have cleared RBI Grade B, Bank PO, SIDBI and other competitive exams. 

Highlights of the NABARD Development Assistant and RBI Assistant Combo Online Course are:

  • Concise and Relevant Video Lessons: ixamBee's Online Combo Course offers video lessons that are meticulously crafted to be concise, to the point, and highly relevant. The study content is designed to cover the essential topics for both the NABARD Development Assistant and RBI Assistant exams, ensuring efficient learning without unnecessary information.
  • Concept Checking Questions for Reinforcement: Concept Checking Questions are provided after each video lesson to assess the learner's progress and reinforce the understanding of key concepts. This interactive approach helps students gauge their comprehension and strengthens their grasp of the subject matter.
  • Extended Access Till Selection: Students enrolled in the course enjoy uninterrupted access to all video lessons, tests, and study materials until they secure their selection. This ensures learners have ample time to revisit concepts, practice, and consolidate their knowledge throughout their exam preparation.
  • Continued Access for RBI Assistant Exam Preparation: Even after the NABARD Development Assistant exam, participants retain access to the video lessons and live classes for RBI Assistant exam preparation. This seamless transition allows candidates to continue their studies without disruptions, maintaining the momentum gained during the initial phase of their preparation.
  • Guidance and Preparation Strategy: Besides study content, the course offers valuable guidance, tips, and preparation strategies from subject experts. Learners receive expert insights at each stage of their preparation, helping them navigate challenges, understand exam patterns, and optimize their study approach.
  • Flexible Learning at Your Own Pace: The course is designed to provide comfort and flexibility to learners. Students can study at their own pace and choose convenient timings for their learning sessions. This flexibility caters to diverse learning styles, allowing individuals to tailor their study schedules to align with their personal preferences and commitments.
  • Study Hive: StudyHive is a unique study group program that will help you to learn from your peers and spend more time resolving lower-difficulty level questions. This will also help your self-study as you will have to present different topics with other group members. Thus, it will enforce a better discipline in the studies. Another advantage of StudyHive will be a significant improvement in your communication skills, which will help you not only in cracking the interview but also throughout your career. 

Faculty and Course Coordinator

​Ex AGM RBI, ​​Ex SVP Yes Bank, with 13 years of senior-level experience in the banking​ &​ finance sector. He joined ​as RBI Grade B Officer in 2004 (​AIR 5), in 2008 ​got promoted to ​AGM (Grade C), one of the first three in his batch ​to get promoted. He ​holds a PhD ​(Development Communication​)​ and ​is an ​MBA ​(​ISB Hyderabad​​.​

Ex-Manager Care Ratings, a management professional with over a decade of experience in risk analysis, credit management, investment banking, and equity research. She is an MBA (Finance) from BIMTECH, Noida, and B.Com (Hons) from Hansraj College, Delhi University.

Ex CGM RBI, ​​Ex Ex. Dir.NHB (on deputation from RBI), ​Ex Resident Director Kisetsu Saison. He holds a PhD in English from IIT Kanpur. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English from Hindu College, D​U, and B.A. (Hons) English from BHU.​ ​He is also a Visiting Faculty at IIM Ahmedabad. He is an expert for English writing and for interview and career guidance

Mr. Amit has 4 year plus experience in Banking, Media, Content and Journalism. He has earlier worked with DKODING Media, HDFC Bank and VAP Group. He is expert faculty for General Awareness and ESI.

An Ex AFO (Agri Field Officer), Union Bank of India, He has completed M.Sc. Ag. (Genetics & Plant Breeding) & B.Sc. Agriculture (Honours) from GBPUAT, Pantnagar Uttarakhand. He has published Research papers and articles in various leading journals.

​Ex. Manager​ ​RBI, is an Engineer​ ​-​ MBA turned Banker​ ​-​ ​​ Central Banker turned Edupreneur working in ​the ​Digital Education Domain since 2010. ​He has cleared exams like CAT, IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC, NET-JRF. ​Is an expert in various subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Educational Psychology, EdTech, Career Counseling, etc.

Mr.Karan is an expert for Quantitative Aptitude for Banking and SSC exams. He is a B.Tech. and has 13+ years of experience in teaching advanced Quants. He has taught thousands of govt job exam aspirants and helped them with fundamentals, short cuts tricks, and time-saving techniques.

Ms. Arunima is an Ex- Grade B SIDBI Officer and an Ex- Bank PO. Since 2010, she has been teaching for competitive exams and has successfully coached more than thousands of students. She is a Bachelor in Arts (Hons.)- English. She is an expert faculty for English Language, English Writing, Reasoning and also preparation guidance.

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We encourage all participants to attend Live Online Classes. Even if they don’t have any doubt themselves, the discussion that happens over doubts of others’ is also very enriching and helpful in exam preparation. Sometimes very important points are discussed as part of these discussions. However, in case of genuine reasons for not being able to attend a class, we may decide to share the recording of the class, on case to case basis.
The live Online Classes are conducted at a time convenient for the participants of a Batch. We conduct day time as well as evening time classes at 9:30 – 11:00 PM (for the convenience of working participants).