RBI Grade B XtremeBee Plus Online Course

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RBI Grade B XtremeBee Plus Plus Online Course

Get RBI Grade B 2023 ready with XtremeBee Plus

India’s only hybrid programme which aims to prepare you for an RBI Grade B 2023 officer role through a 360-degree approach

Why XtremeBee Plus?

“Your Name”, RBI Grade B Officer!!! This is your dream; however, a tough one to achieve.

"Imagine yourself as an RBI Grade B Officer, fulfilling your dreams and making a real impact in the world of finance. It's an ambitious goal, no doubt, but remember that the toughest dreams are often the most rewarding ones to achieve.

In the grand game of life, choices are everywhere. From the clothes that adorn your body to the movies that capture your imagination, each and every decision has its own significance. And as an aspiring RBI Grade B officer, the choice of coaching for your exam preparation becomes one of the most crucial ones. You ponder over the options, wondering which course will best pave the path to success.

Among the multitude of options available, there is one that stands out from the rest - ixamBee. This unique platform is your one-stop destination, offering both online and offline coaching for RBI Grade B. With ixamBee by your side, you have the freedom to choose the learning mode that suits you best, be it the convenience of virtual classrooms or the face-to-face guidance of physical coaching centres.

So why settle for less when you can have it all? Choose the ixamBee XtremeBee Plus online course as your trusted partner in your journey towards becoming an RBI Grade B Officer. Don't just chase your dream - make it a reality!"

About XtremeBee Plus Course:

Presenting to you XtremeBee Plus: India’s only Offline + Online Guidance Program for RBI Grade B exam

Ever wondered about the inspiring journeys of your favourite sports legends? Take Sachin Tendulkar, for instance – he started honing his cricket skills when he was barely 11. Just five years later, he confidently made his debut into the world of cricket. Similarly, Roger Federer's love for tennis began at the tender age of 8. By the time he turned 14, he had already made a name for himself in the national arena.

And how can we forget the badminton ace, Saina Nehwal? She started on her journey towards greatness at the age of 8, making steady progress towards her goal. But you know what's even more wonderful?

Becoming an RBI Grade B Officer doesn't have to be a long-drawn-out affair. With the right guidance and a burning desire to succeed, you can crack the exam with ease.

And that is where XtremeBee Plus comes in.

Irrespective of your level of readiness, XtremeBee Plus guarantees that you stay in sync with your peers in your preparation for the RBI Grade B Officer exam. Its top-notch online learning modules, live interactions with faculty, personalized study plan, dedicated support for quantitative and reasoning ability preparations, weekly tasks and tests for quantitative and reasoning ability, and monthly tasks and tests followed by individual sessions with the faculty member of your choice ensure that you are well-prepared for the exam.

Moreover, the classroom program offered by XtremeBee Plus takes things to the next level. By placing you in a group with your peers, it gives you the opportunity to observe and learn from their preparation strategies. Through group discussions, interactions, and debates, you gain the competitive advantage that sets you apart from others.

Key features of XtremeBee Plus Course

  • 700+ video lessons: Access a vast collection of video lessons covering all the essential topics for RBI Grade B preparation.
  • 340+ study notes: Get comprehensive study notes to complement your learning and revision.
  • FM, ESI & descriptive English mock test: Practice mock tests for Financial Management, Economic and Social Issues, and Descriptive English to simulate the real exam environment.
  • Live doubt solving: Interact with experienced mentors in live sessions to get your doubts and queries resolved instantly.
  • Interview guidance: Receive expert guidance and tips to excel in the RBI Grade B officer interview round.
  • Personalized study plan: Create a customized study plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses to maximize your preparation efficiency.
  • 1 on 1 meetings: Get exclusive one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced mentors for personalized guidance.
  • Anytime mentor access: Reach out to mentors at any time to seek guidance or clear doubts.
  • Special WhatsApp group for QRE discussion: Join a dedicated WhatsApp group to discuss questions, share insights, and engage in peer learning.
  • ExpertBee: Ask your doubts directly: Connect with subject experts to get direct answers to your specific doubts and queries.
  • Interaction sessions with industry experts: An aspirant’s motivation level keeps fluctuating through the preparation journey. These sessions former RBI officials remind you what you are aiming for and pump you up with new energy and motivation during your preparation journey

Here are some Benefits of the XtremeBee Plus course:

  • Regular feedback and personalized mentoring to identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • In XtremeBee plus course we are taking care of accomodation and travel.
  • Constant motivation and support to push your limits and achieve your goals
  • Access to a vast network of alumni who have successfully cleared the RBI Grade B Officer exam
  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus, including all the crucial topics and current affairs
  • Mock tests and practice sessions to help you gauge your progress and improve your performance.
  • Tackling of RBI grade B previous year papers to help you develop exam temperament and time management skills
  • Updated study materials and resources aligned with the latest exam pattern and syllabus
  • Convenient batch timings that cater to diverse schedules and preferences.
  • The program also provides guidance for interview preparation through activity-based methods.
  • Include worksheets and group activities for practising descriptive answer writing.

With XtremeBee Plus, you can stay ahead of the curve and be a top contender for the coveted RBI Grade B Officer position.

A few more reasons to join XtremeBee Plus

  • You have been missing that benchmark by just 0.5 marks and are desperately looking for guidance, join XtremeBee Plus
  • There is already so much information in the market about the lifestyle of RBI Grade B officers. But do you want to hear it directly from an officer? join XtremeBee Plus
  • Online classes are great but sometimes you tend to lose focus on your RBI Grade B study plan given the monotony, join XtremeBee Plus
  • You think that you are not preparing enough and wonder what/how the best among the best are preparing, join XtremeBee Plus

How To Enroll For XtremeBee Plus Course?

  • Seats are limited so admissions will be done on a first come first serve basis.
  • For enrollment, visit ixamBee.com and reach out to us at hello@ixambee.com. You may also call us on 9968837347. You can also visit the given link to check all course features: https://www.ixambee.com/online-course/rbi-grade-b-XtremeBee Plus

Important Admission Details For XtremeBee Plus Course?

  • All enrollments for XtremeBee Plus shall be done on a first come first serve basis.
  • Taking care of your accommodation and travel.
  • There are only 50 seats in a batch
  • Location for the Offline Programme will be Delhi and Kolkata.
  • We have provided a broad schedule of classes. The classes can be interchanged as per the availability and convenience and faculty members.

Don't miss this opportunity, and enroll now!

Faculty and Course Coordinator

Ex CGM RBI, ​​Ex Ex. Dir.NHB (on deputation from RBI), ​Ex Resident Director Kisetsu Saison. He holds a PhD in English from IIT Kanpur. He has obtained a Master’s degree in English from Hindu College, D​U, and B.A. (Hons) English from BHU.​ ​He is also a Visiting Faculty at IIM Ahmedabad. He is an expert for English writing and for interview and career guidance

Ex-Manager Care Ratings, a management professional with over a decade of experience in risk analysis, credit management, investment banking, and equity research. She is an MBA (Finance) from BIMTECH, Noida, and B.Com (Hons) from Hansraj College, Delhi University.

​Ex. Manager​ ​RBI, is an Engineer​ ​-​ MBA turned Banker​ ​-​ ​​ Central Banker turned Edupreneur working in ​the ​Digital Education Domain since 2010. ​He has cleared exams like CAT, IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC, NET-JRF. ​Is an expert in various subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Educational Psychology, EdTech, Career Counseling, etc.

Master of Science (MS), Engineering Management from Northeastern University.

Tushar is an ESI and a GA Expert. He has over a decade of experience including corporate and teaching experience. He is an expert in Economics and Current Affairs for competitive exams. He holds a BBA with specialization in Finance. He has done a certificate course in NSE Certified Capital Market Professional from St.Xavier Kolkata.

Mr. Amit has 4 year plus experience in Banking, Media, Content and Journalism. He has earlier worked with DKODING Media, HDFC Bank and VAP Group. He is expert faculty for General Awareness and ESI.

Mr.Karan is an expert for Quantitative Aptitude for Banking and SSC exams. He is a B.Tech. and has 13+ years experience in teaching advanced Quants. He has taught thousands of govt job exam aspirants and helped them with fundamentals, short cuts tricks, and time-saving techniques.

Neha Arora has 10+ years of teaching experience in Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning for many Government Exams. She has also taught in many Reputed Institutes in New Delhi and Dehradun. She has helped many job aspirants in clearing their exams and also helped them in achieving their career goals. She has done B Tech and MBA from Rajasthan Technical University.

Course Reviews

  • Nikhil


    21 months

    Class was good, the box method i never saw before but the way in which sir was explaing was too good.

Study Materials Information

  1. Commonsense Reasoning
  2. Coding Decoding
  3. Coded Inequalities
  4. Syllogism
  5. Seating Arrangement
  6. Puzzles
  7. Coded Blood Relationship
  8. Input Output
  9. Direction and Distance
  10. Data Sufficiency
  11. Ranking
  12. Analytical Reasoning
  13. Section Test Reasoning
  1. No. System
  2. Percentage
  3. Profit and loss
  4. Ratio and proportion
  5. Partnership
  6. Average
  7. Alligation
  8. Simple and compound interest
  9. Time and distance
  10. Trains
  11. Boats and streams
  12. Permutation and combination
  13. Probability
  14. Quadratic equation
  15. Series
  16. Mensuration
  17. DI
  18. Age
  19. HCF and LCM
  20. Simplification
  21. Approximation
  22. Time and work and Pipe and Cisterns
  23. Short Cut Tricks
  24. Section Test Quant
  25. Caselet DI
  26. Venn diagram
  1. Tense
  2. Parts of Speech
  3. Direct Indirect Speech
  4. Active passive voice
  5. Articles and Determiners
  6. Cloze Passage
  7. Fillers
  8. Reading Comprehension
  9. Sentence Rearrangement / Parajumbles
  10. Spotting Errors
  11. Idioms and Phrases
  12. Sentence Improvement
  13. Coherent paragraph
  14. Vocabulary
  15. Section Test English Language
  16. Sentence Connectors
  17. Match the column
  18. Subject Verb Agreement
  19. Word Swapping / Replacement
  20. Word Usage
  21. Phrasal Verbs
  1. Economy and Banking and Finance Static Concepts
  2. Static GA
  3. Budget and Economic Survey
  4. Review of Kurukshetra and Yojana Magazine
  5. 300 Important Ques Series
  6. Important Reports and Indices
  7. RBI Reports
  8. Government Schemes
  9. Monthly Quiz General Awareness
  10. Beepedia
  11. Economy and Banking and Finance Current Affairs
  12. PIB Current Affairs
  1. RBI Circulars
  2. Financial Markets
  3. Section Test Finance
  4. Extra content for Finance concepts
  5. Finance Lectures
  6. Overview of Finance Syllabus
  7. Financial System
  8. General Topics in Finance
  9. Basics of Accounting and Financial Statements
  10. Extra content related to Banking industry
  1. Motivation
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Personality
  4. Analysis of Interpersonal Relationship
  5. Organisational Change
  6. Conflict
  7. Perception
  8. Introduction to Management; Evolution of management thought
  9. Extra Readings
  10. Leadership
  1. Growth and Development
  2. Nature of Indian Economy
  3. ESI Lectures
  4. Social structure in India
  5. Government Schemes
  6. Globalization
  1. Precis Writing
  2. Essay Writing
  3. Descriptive English Mock Test
  4. Reading Comprehension in English Writing
  1. Ethics at workplace
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Communication in Management

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