Tips from Vipin who Cleared 3 Government Job Exams Including RBI!


In this article, you will get an insight into how to clear government job exams as we speak with Mr. Vipin who has successfully cleared the RBI 2022 exam after having aced other competitive exams earlier as well.

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering? kar li, aur batao.

Work as Operations Officer at HPCL- kar li, aur batao.

Work as Tax Assistant in Central GST Audit Commissiorate- kar li, aur batao.

Clear RBI Grade B 2022 exam?- kar li, aur batao.

Vipin Tyagi right now!

The RBI published its RBI Grade B final result 2022 on its website on October 21, 2022. Team ixamBee extends their heartiest congratulations to all successful candidates. We hope you will all live up to your full potential as you pick up the baton to lead this apex organization into a brighter future.

how to clear government job exams

Competitive Exams Decoded

Have you heard of:

  • deconstructed omelets?
  • deconstructed burgers?
  • deconstructed desserts?

Well, today it is time to deconstruct government job exams with our very own competitive exam pundit, Mr. Vipin Tyagi.

Meet Vipin

Vipin completed his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from HBTI Kanpur. After that, he worked as an Operations Officer at HPCL and later as a Tax Assistant in Central GST Audit Commissiorate. Now, in his third stint, Vipin has cleared the RBI 2022 exam and landed the much-desired job as a Grade ‘B’ Officer. As you will observe in his interview, Vipin is a very well-rounded individual. He not only has been preparing for competitive exams, but he is also been working full-time since completing his education. Moreover, he has also been very interested in extra-curricular activities since his college days and reads the scriptures as well.

In our conversation with Vipin, we have tried to understand how Vipin managed to clear so many exams. What resources has he been referring to? Will he appear for any more exams after this? Let’s find out!

How to Clear Government Job Exams

In this interview, Mr. C.P. Joshi asked Vipin questions that have certainly popped up in the mind of all aspirants. For example:

  • How many government job exams has Vipin cleared?
  • What has been Vipin’s strategy to clear all competitive exams?
  • What is the best way for a student to prepare for competitive exams?
  • What is the best study material for all competitive exams?
  • How to prepare for the government exam with a full-time job?
  • How do I prepare general knowledge for competitive exams?
  • Are there any tips and tricks to crack government job exams? If yes, then what?
  • Will he appear for the UPSC exams as well?
  • How to get government jobs after Engineering?

We will find the answers to these questions and many more.

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Tips to Crack Government Job Exams

Now, let us find the answer to our questions. We have listed some important points from Vipin’s interview for you below.

  • Clarity is the most important step to beginning and ending any task successfully. Through his example, Vipin has shown how he was able to successfully clear the RBI 2022 exam with only 37 days of preparation.
  • Given his educational background, the QRE section was Vipin’s strength. However, he wanted to know if he could get the cut-off mark or not, which is why he took some RBI Grade B mock tests to check where he stands in his preparation.
  • For Quantitative Aptitude, Vipin advises that you must pick out the important topics that will help you to get the cut-off mark. If this section is not your best front, then you should focus on bringing the cut-off score as it will help you to qualify for the next stage.
  • Vipin dedicated special attention to preparing for the RBI Grade B General Awareness section. He went over the RBI reports, circulars, Economic Survey and other resources to strengthen this part of his exam preparation.
  • As for RBI Grade B Phase 2, Vipin focused his attention especially on the RBI descriptive papers because writing essay-type answers are his strength.
  • At every stage, Vipin was very mindful of the syllabus of the exam. He made sure that his preparation was completely exam centric. That is to say, he knew exactly what was expected of him in the RBI Grade B exam and worked towards that only. This is a very smart and focused way to approach any competitive exam preparation.
  • Vipin has also observed that if you want to understand how to clear government job exams, an important tip is that the climax of your exam preparation should be achieved on the day of the exam. You should not exhaust yourself physically or mentally before the exam that you are not able to give your best on the day of the exam. Hence, utilize your energy wisely.
  • Vipin to several RBI Grade mock interviews in order to ensure that he is able to clear the last step of the RBI Grade B selection process smoothly. After having come so far, he did not want to take any risk in the last lap of the race.
  • As aforementioned, Vipin prepared for the RBI Grade B exam in less than 1.5 months. However, he does not recommend it. According to Vipin, candidates should begin preparing at least 6 months before the exam if they want sure-shot success. Vipin was unable to begin his preparation earlier due to some personal reasons.
  • After having taken quite a few competitive exams, Vipin has a very good idea about what his strengths and weaknesses are. This has been achieved by method of trial and error. Therefore, if you too want to take the RBI Grade B exam or any other competitive exam for that matter, you must be able to determine what your strengths are and use them in your favour.
  • Vipin’s experience inspires us to keep going and trying to reach our highest potential. After getting 2 government jobs already, Vipin was determined to keep going farther and to reach the very top. We are sure his extraordinary journey will inspire us as well.

Now, you are advised to watch the entire interview as well which has been added for your benefit below. We are sure that you will gain immense insight and direction from Vipin’s thoughts and words. We hope Vipin’s inspirational journey will inspire you as well. Vipin has proven that no dream is too distant if you pour your heart and mind into it.

All the best!

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