Daily The Hindu Editorial Vocab: February 05, 2020


Vocabulary plays a vital role in the world of competitive exams. Therefore, it is essential to be well versed in the vocabulary section. To increase the grip in the English section, one can refer to the Hindu editorial part which will surely help in the Reading comprehension part as well as in improving the vocab. This will help in the Upcoming exams like RBI Assistant, SBI Clerk, and NABARD Grade A. Following are the important words of the editorials published on The Hindu on February 05, 2020:

Continuity and fiscal follow-through by M. Govinda Rao

  1. Entailed [Verb]: impose, have a logical consequence, involve.
  2. Devolution [Noun]: the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power.
  3. Dovetail [Verb]: fit together tightly.
  4. Plethora [Noun]: Richness, profuseness, the property of being extremely abundant.

A case of a maritime presence adrift by L.K. Panda & M. Kalyanaraman

  1. Sputter [Noun]: the noise of something spattering explosively, spatter, splatter.
  2. Contingent [Noun]: a gathering of persons representative of some larger group, a temporary military unit.
  3. Unison [Noun]: Occurring together or simultaneously.
  4. Junket [Noun]: a journey taken for pleasure.
  5. Measly [Adjective]: small in amount, paltry.
  6. Promulgation [Noun]: a public statement contains information about an event, announcement.
  7. Apathy [Noun]: an absence of emotion, numbness.

Need of the hour

  1. Ripple [Noun]: A small wave on the surface of a liquid, rippling, wavelet.
  2. Defeatist [Noun]: someone who is recognized to defeat without offering positive suggestions, negativist.
  3. Slumber [Verb]: Be asleep.
  4. Incendiary [Adjective]: capable of catching fire spontaneously, combustible, incitive.

Punish the police

  1. Incite [Verb]: Cause to act, provoke.
  2. Imminent [Adjective]: close in time, about to occur, approach.
  3. Pervasive [Adjective]: spreading, permeant.

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