Daily Hindu Editorial Vocab: February 04, 2020


Hindu Editorial Vocab:

English being one of the most dominant languages in the world has a great impact on every field of work. With the changing pattern of competitive exams, its importance has increased. Many aspirants fail to qualify these exams because they fail miserably in understanding the language. To help the candidates not only conquer their fear of English but to ace this section with good score in the upcoming exams like SBI Clerk, RBI Assistant and NABARD Grade A, given below are some daily vocab from today’s Hindu editorial.

Editorial Vocab:

  • Ostensibly [Adverb]: stated to be true, though not necessarily.

Synonyms – apparent, presumed

Antonyms – genuine, substantiated

  • Envisage [Verb]: to imagine or expect something in the future

Synonyms – imagine, visualize

Antonyms – unforeseen

  • Concessionaire [Noun]: the holder of a grant or concession

Synonyms – trader, vendor

Antonyms – purchaser, buyer

  • Resilience [Noun]: an ability to recover easily from misfortune or change

Synonyms – potency, strength

Antonyms – impotence, weakness

  • Tenacious [Adjective]: determined

Synonyms – resolute, obstinate

Antonyms – wavering, irresolute

  • Capricious [Adjective]: impulsive and unpredictable

Synonyms – changeable, inconsistent

Antonyms – uniform, persistent

  • Fiduciary [Adjective]: legal obligation of one party to act in the best interest of another
  • Allegiance [Noun]: loyalty and support

Synonyms – commitment, faithfulness

Antonyms – infidelity, perfidy

  • Expropriation [Noun]: action of dispossessing someone of property

Synonyms – seizure, takeover

Antonyms – Surrender, relinquish

  • Pauperization [Noun]: impoverishment

Synonyms – deprived, dispossessed

Antonyms – opulent, affluent

  • Dystopian [Adjective]: relating to an imagined society where there is great suffering or injustice

Synonyms – Cacotopia

Antonyms – visionary

  • Parochialism [Noun]: focusing on small sections of an issue rather than considering its wider context.

Synonyms – sectarian, narrow-minded

Antonyms – liberal, open-minded

Stay tuned for more such daily vocab.

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