Bank PO Clears RBI Grade B 2022 Exam: Prep Tips from Selected Candidate


In this article, you can read about how Tanya, a Bank PO cleared the RBI Grade B exam 2022. Her story is very inspiring for all especially those who want to know how to clear the RBI Grade B exam with a full-time job.

  • Cleared Bank PO Exam? Yes!
  • Working professional? Yes!
  • Bank PO? Yes!
  • Non-Engineering background? Yes!
  • Cleared RBI Grade B exam on 1st attempt? Yes!
  • Juggled job with RBI exam preparation? Yes!

Are we talking about the same person who managed to do all this simultaneously? Yes! yes, we are. Today we are most happy to introduce you to RBI Grade B 2022 selected candidate Tanya who has achieved so much at her young age. She has not only inspired us, but we are sure she will continue to inspire all those who read her story. So, let us hear from Tanya today about where she started and how she managed to clear the RBI Grade B 2022 exam.

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The RBI published its RBI Grade B final result 2022 on its website on October 21, 2022. In light of this announcement, new generations of RBI Grade B Officers are set to join the prestigious Reserve Bank. Team ixamBee extends their heartiest congratulations to all successful candidates. We hope you will shine in this new phase of your professional life. 

Having completed this recruitment phase, the time has come to begin preparing for the RBI Grade B 2023 examination.

Bank PO Clears RBI Grade B

Bank PO Clears RBI Grade B

Tanya’s journey has been very unique and interesting. She explored many fields and areas of study before deciding to take the RBI 2022 exam. Ultimately, this Bank PO cleared the RBI Grade B exam. We are confident that her preparation and journey will inspire many RBI aspirants. This is why, in this interview, we will try to understand:

  • What is Tanya’s educational background?
  • How did she clear the Bank PO exam?
  • Why did she decide to take the RBI Grade B exam while having a full-time job?
  • How did Tanya crack the RBI Grade B exam as a working professional?
  • How did her past job and study experiences help her RBI exam preparation?
  • Why was she not able to clear the RBI Grade B exam on her first attempt?
  • How did Tanya juggle her full-time job and her studies?
  • Why did Tanya choose to try for the Generalist post and not DEPR?

Meet Tanya

Tanya is the quintessential jack of all trades. Tanya earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Delhi University and completed her MSc in Economics from Shiv Nadar University. She has explored many fields and held many positions before realizing and deciding that RBI Grade B is her calling. She has been working as Bank PO at Canara Bank while simultaneously preparing for her RBI exam. We are most happy to see that Tanya’s hard work has borne fruit.

Bank PO Clears RBI Grade B: Highlights

Let us go over the highlights from Tanya’s interview with Mr. Susheel Ragade.

  • Tanya cleared the Bank PO exam before deciding to pursue her RBI dream. She conducted her RBI Grade B exam preparation as a working professional while working as a Bank PO at a prestigious PSB.
  • As aforementioned, Tanya is not an engineer by education. Often, candidates are discouraged by the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections because they feel only those with engineering backgrounds can clear these sections properly. Tanya has proved this notion wrong.
  • Tanya considers herself an average student. However, she has proven that through dedication and tireless effort, all “average” students can clear the RBI exam.
  • She took the help of RBI Grade B mock tests to strengthen her preparation.
  • Tanya’s experience with her job as a researcher helped her to hone her writing skills. She drew upon her article-writing experience to write the best descriptive answers with clarity and relevant content.
  • Consistency and discipline are most important. Tanya has shown how discipline can go a long way in achieving your goal, whatever your goal may be. She would rest for half an hour after coming back home from her job and study earnestly every evening after work.
  • According to Tanya, a career with the RBI is not only great for your professional growth but is equally beneficial for your personal growth as well. You will get immense exposure and opportunities to develop and exhibit your skills.
  • A piece of advice that Tanya has offered to all aspirants is that there are different challenges that all of us face on a daily basis. If you want to build your career with the RBI, you will have to rise above these challenges and reach your goal. There is no ideal or hurdle-free time to begin working on your goals, therefore, begin today.

RBI Grade B Interview

Tanya says that she was not able to perform well in any of her RBI Grade mock interviews. However, she made a point to give as many mock interviews as she could. Moreover, she made it a habit to make note of every point of feedback that she received. Although she made many mistakes in her mock interviews, she finally made the best of it and shone in her interview. Everything that she learned from her mistakes helped her to ultimately clear the RBI Grade B Interview.

We sincerely encourage you to watch Tanya’s entire interview with Susheel Ragade sir so that you can get a holistic picture of her RBI Grade B exam preparation. We are sure her diligence and dedication will inspire you all as well.

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