Can I Give My RBI Grade B Interview in Hindi? Ask Selected Candidate Shreyash!


In this article, read about how UPSC aspirant Shreyash cleared the RBI Grade B Exam on the first attempt and why he chose to give the RBI Grade B Interview in Hindi.

  • Can I clear the RBI Grade B exam on my first attempt?
  • What happens if I give my interview in Hindi? Is there any problem to give an interview in Hindi?
  • Can UPSC aspirants clear RBI Grade B?

The answer to both these questions is Yes! Yes! Yes! You absolutely can!

Can I give my interview in Hindi for RBI Grade B?

As aforementioned, yes, you absolutely can! As you will learn from Shreyash’s RBI interview, he too took his interview in Hindi by choice. He had already made up his mind that whenever he would reach the interview stage (for RBI or UPSC) he would give his interview in Hindi.

RBI Grade B 2022 Results

On October 21, 2022, the RBI released the RBI Grade B final result 2022 on its website. Now that this recruitment phase has come to an end, it is time to take the plunge into preparation for the RBI Grade B 2023 exam.

Clear RBI Grade B Exam on 1st Attempt

Tips for RBI Grade B 2023 Aspirants

If you are also preparing for the upcoming RBI Grade B exam 2023, we are sure you may have many questions with regard to the RBI exam preparation. For the benefit of RBI aspirants, we conducted an interview with an RBI Grade B 2022 selected candidate, Shreyash who shared his experience of preparing for all the stages of the exam. In this interview, we have discussed:

  • Can you clear the RBI Grade B exam with 2 months of preparation?
  • Can UPSC aspirants crack the RBI Grade B exam?
  • When and how did Shreyash decide to join the public sector despite his IIT background?
  • Why did Shreyash choose to give his RBI Grade B interview in Hindi?
  • What are the RBI Grade B study resources that he referred to?
  • Are RBI Grade B mock tests beneficial for exam preparation?
  • What kind of questions were asked in the RBI Grade B interview?
  • What does it take to crack the RBI interview?
  • What is the essential information we need to be equipped with to ace the RBI interview for Grade B?
  • How should one prepare for the RBI Grade B interview?

Meet Shreyash

Shreyash completed his Bachelor’s education in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay. Shreyash cleared the RBI Grade B 2022 exam with only two months of preparation. A unique aspect of his journey is that Shreyash chose to give his RBI Grade B interview in Hindi. It was Shreyash’s dream to associate himself with an apex organization such as the RBI from a young age so that he can reach the very top of the organization’s hierarchy. We are proud to see that Shreyash is all set to live his dream.

We understand that there are many aspirants who share this dream with Shreyash. If you want to take the RBI exam in the future, you can learn much from Shreyash’s experience and his journey that we are happy to share with you through this interview.

RBI Grade B Success Story: Highlights

Let us go over the important points that we have learned from Shreyash’s RBI Grade B exam preparation journey that can be beneficial for all aspirants.

  • Firstly, since Shreyash was also preparing for the civil service exams, he was already on the right track with his preparation owing to the common parts of the syllabus between the UPSC and RBI Grade B exams.
  • However, Shreyash was able to prepare completely and exclusively for the RBI Grade B 2022 exam with only 2 months of preparation time.
  • He sought help from experts like Susheel Ragade sir and his peers to ensure he uses this time to maximum capacity.
  • Owing to his own strengths, Shreyash put his maximum focus on the RBI Grade B General Awareness preparation.
  • In competitive exams, it is not necessary to achieve a perfect score in each section. Instead, it is more important to identify which questions you can attempt quickly and successfully for each part of the  RBI Grade B syllabus so that you can get the cut-off mark.
  • He also went over the RBI Grade B previous year question papers to check if there was any pattern in the type of questions asked generally.
  • Shreyash was able to clear the Economic and Social Issues section smoothly thanks to his previous preparation of General Studies for the civil service exam.
  • Finance and Management was not strong point for Shreyash. So, by referring to the RBI Grade B Phase 2 previous year’s papers, he was able to identify the kind of questions asked. In this way, he was able to pinpoint the important sections and focus on them only effectively.
  • For Descriptive papers, Shreyash was aware of the importance of typing swiftly. He had been working on his typing speed over the months which helped him to take the time out to think of what he wanted to say before he started writing it out.
  • In the interview, he was asked questions on current affairs, digital currency, NIFT, UPI and some questions about India’s monetary policy.
  • Shreyash wanted to break the myth about the pressure of speaking in English during job interviews. Through his example, he has shown that confidence, knowledge and knowledge are more important during an interview rather than the language you choose to speak in. He did so successfully.

We strongly encourage you to watch Shreyash’s full interview which has been added for you below. You may be able to find other points more relevant to your subjective preparation from your own perspective.

Team ixamBee wishes you the very best!

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