Do We Need to Read NCERT Books for RBI Grade B Exam Preparation?


Do you want to know if preparation from NCERT books is sufficient for the RBI Grade B examination? Are you also worried about if you should read the entire NCERT Economics class 11 and 12 books or only the selected topics for RBI grade B?

Are you preparing for the RBI Grade B exam? Then, before you proceed further, please answer the following questions that will help you understand whether NCERT texts required for RBI Grade B?

Know these Answers? Don’t bother with NCERT.

  1. Is RBI socialist? 
  2. Is RBI a government department on par with the Finance ministry?
  3. Why does RBI as an institution need autonomy? 
  4. What is the specific role of RBI in Budget making or its’ duty to parliament? 

Congratulations if you have the answers, skip further reading and enjoy the House of the Dragons. But some of us may not be completely sure and want further clarity on these tricky questions. One may say that I am known to Mr. Raghuram Rajan and will ask him directly. But keep in mind that he can only give you RBI’s perspective. My other fortunate friend will say that he has access to current RBI governor Shaktikanta Das, who has also been the Finance Secretary (IAS) to the government of India. So for the rest of us, NCERTs comes to the rescue.

NCERT books for RBI Grade B

Let’s understand this further by taking two questions from the RBI Grade B exam 2022

  1. Describe India’s response to the global financial crisis of 2008. (FM section)
  2. Despite the spread of urbanization in villages, challenges such as race, caste, and gender discrimination still persist. In this context, what are the challenges faced by the protective discriminatory policy?

Now to answer these questions one has to have a clear understanding of how various bodies including Government, Parliament, Judiciary and RBI function. Also one needs to understand the Indian society, demography and women’s empowerment movement. NCERT books explain these issues at a fundamental level. Let’s compare NCERT books with other sources. 

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  1. Newspapers are our staple for current affairs and forming opinions on issues. Try comparing two newspapers, let’s say The Hindu and The Financial express. One may find different approaches of these two towards a particular issue. It can be explained that one newspaper is left and the other is right on the ideological spectrum. However, NCERT’s present a balanced take on issues. Further, the take of NCERT books is widely accepted, especially in official institutions. 
  2. Some of us also read various books. However, books are very detailed and time-consuming. A concept given prominently in NCERT books may directly be asked and the chances of it are high as opposed to other publications books. 

Benefits of Reading NCERT Books

  1. It is assumed that all of us have already read the NCERT books in our school days. State board books also closely resemble NCERT books. Apologies to our friends from ICSE Boards. 
  2. NCERT delves deep into fundamental and critical issues. Remember the annoying girl asking questions? 
  3. Read the long list of people involved in framing NCERT books. These will be directly or indirectly involved in either framing or evaluation of questions. AND THEY DEMAND RESPECT. 

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ixamBee’s Own Take

We believe in our philosophy of 50% faster preparation and our recommendations will heavily derive from this-

  1. For a person who is in college or has a complete year for an exam, we will urge you to read end to end.  
  2. Books can be chosen from the 6th or 9th or 11th class. Your choice will depend on your educational background, the time you have, or the risk appetite you have (apna to hoga hi).
  3. If time is at paucity, read specific chapters and not complete books. We will discuss this in detail in our next article. Don’t worry, we will definitely update. 

So that is it from us, guys and girls. We hope that your struggle is short-lived and NCERTs don’t bother you again ever (every one of us thought the same in school).   

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