SEBI Grade A: Ultimate Interview Guidance for IT Stream


Congratulations on clearing level two of your journey towards becoming a SEBI Grade A Officer. The next step in your journey is the final step i.e., the interview but your perseverance and patience will help you in clearing this obstacle as well. In your journey, we are here with you sharing certain do’s and don’ts for your SEBI Grade A Interview for the IT Stream. We have already discussed the technical aspects of the interview for general and research streams for SEBI Grade A.

Do’s for IT Interview

  • Mock Interview: Give Mock Interviews to get habituated with the pressure of the interview. However, Mock interviews will help you in experiencing the real-time interview process. The advice given by the expert panel will help you do better in the actual interview.
  • Get in sync with the domain and current affair: Interview is not the test of your knowledge but your personality. This doesn’t mean that you should not boost your knowledge of current affairs.
  • Keep yourself updated with your domain: For the IT Stream, its mandatory to make yourself well-versed with all the technicalities. Any experience in the field, work done before, and your stronger areas must be at your fingertips.
  • Body language and facial expression: A  successful interview technique includes positive gestures and facial expressions. The correct use of gestures and facial expressions is another important aspect of positive body language. Make sure you’re looking at the interviewer so it’s clear you’re paying attention to him or her.

Don’ts for IT Interview

  • Don’t let your chance go when the interviewer asks you to ask anything: Most people think that if they ask anything from the interviewer it will give a negative impression. It’s a wrong perception. If you are given the opportunity to ask anything from the interviewer take it and ask relevant questions.
  • Don’t give false information to impress: Never try to portray any information which isn’t true and can give false information. Be as honest as you can. 
  • Don’t give extreme answers and always end on a positive note: Being honest in your answers should not be too extreme. You must know what not to say. Your answers should end on a positive note.
  • Formal Appearance: You are going to be a part of the organization and the way you represent yourself in the interview will give an idea to the interviewer about your conduct at the workplace. Always wear formal attire and not casual wear. 

SEBI Grade A IT Interview: Key Points to Remember

  • Scope of Technical: The questions will be there to check your basics of the Coding area and subject’s core. You should brush up on your technical knowledge before appearing in the interview.
  • Problem Solving Attitude: The questions can be asked where a real-time situation will be given and you have to provide the solution to that problem using your problem-solving ability. The interviewer may also ask you to describe a time when you had to solve a difficult problem. Describe a situation in which you came up with a novel solution to a problem. Tell him about a time when you saw a need and went above and beyond what was expected of you to meet it.
  • Managerial Approach: Questions will be asked where you have to show up your managerial side and approach as a team player. The interviewer wants to know how you perform as a leader or how you can work as a team player.
  • Keep your resume updated: Your resume should be up to date. It’s a reflection of your personality and most importantly you will be facing questions from it. Keep track of your work experience and have the proper justification of the job role and responsibilities. Previous working organization details should be known to you. Current details of the current working organization should be known.
  • SEBI organizational structure information: Current developments in SEBI and how it plays its role in the country’s financial stability and more.

SEBI Grade A Interview Course

In such unforeseen times several SEBI GRADE A aspirants may make the mistake of assuming that Phase 3 will be postponed. Let this decision lie with SEBI, however, you should be prepared well enough so much so that when the interview date is announced you are ready to crack it. Since the interview may even happen through the online medium as well, ixamBee’s interview course becomes even more important. 

Prepare for SEBI Grade A Interview with our expert panel (ex-RBI, NABARD, SEBI Grade A, NHB, SIBDI, BANK PO) in an online mode and be ready to get ahead of your competitors in the SEBI Grade A Interview. Mock interviews will be conducted by various experts to help you prepare well for all aspects of the Interview like:

  • Preparation Strategy
  • Technical & Behavioural Skills
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Relevant interview topics
  • Tricks to tackle tricky questions

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