How To Study Smart for Various Bank & SSC Exams?


Bank and SSC Exams: How To Study Smart?

Bank and SSC Exams: Smart study means studying effectively. This involves an active learner, and making good study habits and routines. As there are numerous competitive exams taking place the whole year, this would be a good idea for all the aspirants who are looking for a good job for themselves. If you ask any aspirant today about which job he/she prefers, most of the answers will mention ‘Banking’.

The major bank exams include IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk(Junior Associate), RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant etc. Apart from banking there can be many other options like SSC CGl, SSC MTS, SSC CPO or Railways and a number of other government job options. Irrespective of the job you might prepare for, you will always need a proper preparation strategy for Bank and SSC Exams to move ahead with and that should not just include a study plan but a ‘smart’ study plan. You should know what to pick and what to neglect. This would save your time and energy. 

“Smart study approach can save your lot of time and effort rather than working harder and longer”

Therefore, for all those who are preparing for Government exams, the following information and tips may prove helpful.

Bank and SSC Exams: Smart Study- An Active Learner 

  • Note down your lectures in your own words. This is a restatement and is an important study skill to develop for Bank and SSC Exams.
  • Not everything you read, see or hear is authentic. Evaluating information yourself will help you to develop your judgemental thinking skills in Bank and SSC Exams.
  • Connect new knowledge to your daily experiences and what you already know. This will help you to make theoretical material more relevant and easier to understand and apply.
  •  Active learner will exhort you to judge how effective your learning practices are, and to develop new learning methods. The more actively you involve with your study, the more conveniently you are to remember what you learn.

Bank and SSC Exams: Smart study habits and routine

  • Schedule your study plan effectively and create a study timetable for Bank and SSC Exams preparation. 
  • Know your assignment timeline. 
  • Learn from each study session.
  • Keep track of how long you can study beneficially before you take a break. 
  • Test yourself after completing the study session to see that your targets have been achieved or not.
  • Ensure you revise your lecture and notes daily, as well as your course reading books.

Tips for Smart Study for Bank & SSC Exams

  • If one study method or place of study is not working, try another.  
  • Make a study group with students who are devoted to learning.  
  • Keep the balance between studying and other side of your life; for example, exercising, socializing, eating healthy food, hang out with friends and family.  
  •  Reward yourself for good performance and make time to celebrate your achievements. You will find studying more interesting if you plan some enjoyable activities between study sessions.
  • Gather different learning technique and use all your senses to help you learn and remember new information. 

For example –

  • You can make use of visuals like pictures, symbols, mind maps, flowcharts, diagrams, posters and slides to help you understand, organize and remember what you have learnt.  
  • Listen to information (in lectures and tutorials) and discuss new concepts with other students. Try explaining or teaching something you have learned, to someone else.
  • An important step in smart study is also regular practice of free online mock tests for all bank and government job exams.

Among all the important exams, IBPS PO is just around the corner. So you should gear up and speed up your exam preparation. You can also practice IBPS PO free mock tests and improve your score.

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Div Jain
4 years ago

Good Read. Especially the tips section. I think these tips can be used for even upsc exams as well.

3 years ago

thanks for sharing the information