What is Time Management?


What is Time Management?

Time is the most valuable thing in the world. One who knows the value of time excels in life whereas those who don’t, end up regretting their whole life. People often in later stages of life regret for not valuing time because you can get back almost everything in life but time. Time once gone never comes back. With the right time management one cannot only excel but also live a stress free and peaceful life. Right management also helps us to have a clear vision of what we want from life. Nothing in life comes for free, you have to sacrifice for it, everyone has passion but very less can sacrifice for it and that’s what matters. There are a number of candidates who must be preparing for competitive exams and a majority of them must be preparing for government exams. Time Management is going to be helpful in all the major exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk & other exams.

In simple words, time management is the ability of using time efficiently and productively to make the best use of it.

Why Do We Need Time Management? (BENEFITS)

1) Less Stress:  

With time management you are less likely to have stress because your work is happening on time which tends you make less effort and eventually will reduce stress.

2) You Are in Peace: 

When you have assigned time for everything you are in no hurry and you have everything in check, you are in peace.

3) Helps You To Stay On Top:

When you have managed your time and you are doing everything on time, you are already way ahead of a lot of people. It not only increases your efficiency but also gives you time to do more, to have time to think out of the box.

4) Less Effort: 

When you have managed everything you are less likely to get anxious and you don’t have to put the last minute effort.

Other than the above given points, it will also help in less wastage of time as you already know what to do and when, it improves your reputation at work and at home, the biggest benefit you will get from this is “YOU”. It will transform you as a person, it gives you confidence at work, at home, it improves your personality, people start taking you seriously because of your commitment to work/study/skills & more than anything it keeps your life on track.

Tips for Time Management

1) Plan A Night Before: 

Planning a night before ( Don’t need this – the next day ) really helps in having a clear idea of what important things are to be done on that day, so that there is no ambiguity in between and you can easily do the work without wasting any time.

2) Have A Planner:

Having a planner really helps to keep things in check, you can write your next day plan, you can even plan a whole week or a month, highlighting important days of the month and at the end of the month you can analyze your progress as well that how efficiently you executed your work and what are the areas you need improvement.

3) Have A Meal Plan

Now you might have been thinking about how a meal plan can save our time. This is actually for those who are living outside their home for studies or coaching. It actually can. Most of the time we waste finalizing what to eat and this in the everyday question we go through. It not only takes our time but also resulting in ordering food online sometimes which also impacts us financially. Making a meal plan a week ahead maybe seems like a lot of work but it actually saves our everyday time and our daily quest of going through the same thing again.

4) Create A Life Schedule (ORGANIZE):

When you are organized in life, things seem to happen on time and you are less worried about things that result in less stress. By using these simple organizing tools you can easily manage and save your time

  • To do list
  • Calendar
  • Check list
  • Habit tracker
  • Planner

5) Prioritize Your Work:

 When you prioritize your work, you know what work is important for you and it needs to be done at first. If going by saying of MARK TWAIN, one should spend his morning on “MIT”-MOST IMPORTANT WORK. This way you feel a sense of winning and your efficiency of doing a work increases.

6) Allow Yourself To Be Flexible:

While planning your day, don’t make it so tight that you don’t find time to relax. If we make our plan so hectic where we are doing 10 things in a day, we might end up doing nothing according to the plan. So while making a plan for the next day, keep it flexible enough so that you don’t give up on the plan. In short, make it practical because if you don’t, you end up having more stress than before.

7) Eliminate Bad Habits:

Our time management technique almost fails if we have bad habits like checking phone or emails between studies/work, procrastination, late night partying etc. To have an effective time management one should eliminate his/her bad habits.

8) Schedule (SOCIAL MEDIA TIME): 

In today’s world people are more interested in talking and stalking on social media. We are so consumed by it and why not? It has too much for us to offer, one cannot get bored while surfing it because every minute you will get to see a new post that interests you. Not forgetting that sometimes it helps us a lot but more than getting something from it we end up wasting our precious time. What should we do then? Stop using it? No! But we should limit our usage, you can schedule your time or can put this as a reward every time you do any important work or you finished any topic. According to your work/study schedule, assign time for social media and add a reminder in every account so that every time you exceed your limit it can give you pop up about that.

9) Take Frequent Breaks While Working: 

As I said earlier also that if we make a to-do list or plan very tight or intact we end up doing a lot less than without planning it. Taking frequent breaks while work/studies not only helps us mentally but also physically because while sitting in one place for too long can affect our health and if you are working on a computer, in that case it affects your eyes as well. So one should always take breaks while working/studying.

10) Don’t Multitask (ONE THING AT A TIME): 

While planning for next day, don’t assign the same time to two important tasks because this way you will not be able to accomplish even one and that will be a total waste of time. Always try to do one thing at a time efficiently, it will give you a better result.

11) Stay Calm While Things Going Not The Way You Planned:

When we start organizing our lives and start planning the day we sometimes make it a race to complete on time. We should understand we are humans and not robots. We cannot always be on time there were times when some unforeseen incidents happens or some sudden plan comes in between which we cannot ignore, so learn to stay calm in these situations you cannot do anything, they are not in your hands but what in your hands is to plan it over and achieve it.

12) Find An Inspiration When You Are Feeling A Lack Of Motivation:

In the beginning of a process of time management or organizing routine, we have this zeal and excitement to start it over. We do it as well but as time passes we sometimes feel a lack of motivation or inspiration to keep it going because change always brings uneasiness and we all have to push us very hard to come out of the comfort zone. In this case, try to read motivational quotes and stories that you could relate with, paste it on your wall if possible and this way it will keep your spirits high and once you start seeing results there will be no looking back. 

Thanks for reading ☺

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