Life of SSC CGL- Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)


Assistant Audit Officer comes under The India Audit & Accounts Department (IAAD). The India Audit & Accounts Department (IAAD) helps CAG fulfill its constitutional duties. The auditing of the accounts of the central/state government and public sector companies is the responsibility of this department. 

Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC CGL examination for various Group B and Group C posts out of which Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) is the topmost post. The assistant audit officer’s work is to assist the audit officer or senior audit officer in performing different departmental audits of government organizations. The audit includes aspects associated with financial performance or compliance. It is a gazetted post and decisions at the section level will need to be taken and reported to higher authorities. Some work related to Audit Inspection is also done by the AAO’s. 

Candidates are always fascinated about the earnings and job profile of the Assistant Audit Officer (AAO). For many aspirants, it’s a dream job as it is the highest level post in the CGL Exam (level 8). Let’s begin how the life of AAO is, after joining the department.

Joining Day

Document verification and medical certificate are the first thing that are necessary for joining. For verification, you must show your original academic certificate and a medical certificate certified by the Government Hospital’s CMO (Chief Medical Officer). If on the first day you don’t have a Medical Certificate, you’ll be given time to produce the same. You can visit nearby government hospitals and get a CMO-attested medical certificate. Ultimately, you must take an oath and join the service. Before joining the Service to Admin section, you must inform them about the Competitive Exams that you have already applied before. If you are unable to join on the stipulated date of membership, you must give valid reasons to the Admin Section of the Department and apply for an extension. The Admin Section will inform you about the next membership date.

Section Allotment

You will be posted after your joining in one of the sections, i.e. Admin Section, OAD Section (Audit Planning, Execution and Reporting), Report Section, Post Com (P&T Audit) Section. You must be wondering how you’re going to work without any training. No need to worry, as under the In-charge section, you will be attached to one of your Seniors (AAO). The seniors make you familiar with the section-related work. In your first year, you most likely don’t get any field work (Tour) and it is also feasible that you may not get any Touring Audit work for many years.

Training (SAS Exam – Subordinate Audit Services)

Training is essentially a mandatory and crucial part of the SAS Exam to familiarize you with the Department’s work (PC6 to PC 9). In addition, the PC1 to PC5 Schedule of Classes for Papers at RTI (Regional Training Institute) and the rest of the PC6 to PC9 Schedule of Classes for Papers at your parent office.

There are 12 Regional Training Institutes in different cities i.e Allahabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Jammu, Mumbai, Ranchi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur and Shillong. The training period is 3 months.

Until you pass the SAS Exam, you are appointed as AAO (Probationers). You retain your seniority as per SSC CGL if you pass the exam within 2 years. You can only take your Parent Department exam, i.e. if you are in P&T Audit, you can not apply for commercial audit, AG Audit, Railway Audit, etc. But for other departments, the Auditor, Clerk, Data Entry Operator and MTS (multi-tasking staff) also have the option of taking the SAS exam.

Job Profile

AAO’s job profile relies on the work of the section that he is posted on. A staff of 5 to 8 employees operates under an AAO. AAO’s work in different sections is as follows:

Admin Section

  • Manage the employee payroll, including basic salary, DA, HRA, TA, deductions, i.e. income tax, CGHS, CGEGIS, CPF, etc.
  • Check the bills for Tour TA, LTC, Medical, RTF, Miscellaneous Expenses claims, etc.
  • Service Book, Library and Office Premises Maintenance.
  • Submission of multiple returns, applications for leave, leave/tour joint report, general provident fund claims, etc.
  • E-waste (computer and accessories) and Old Record of all sections disposal.
  • Implementing all of the Head of Office Department’s guidelines  and informing all employees on the same.
  • Proposal for nominations for audit tours and other training programs 
  • Manage classes for in-house training on different topics

OAD Section (Audit Planning, Execution and Reporting)

  • To scrutinize and present the IR (Inspection Report) to the Director
  • Maintenance of all II-A (Major Irregularities) Paras and II-B (Non-Major Financial Irregularities) Paras in the Software records
  • Manage Ad-Hoc meetings for admission of II B Paras with Field Units
  • Audit planning work for different audit types, i.e. transaction, certification, etc., and annual tour program proposal

Report Section (Audit Reporting Work)

  • To convert the II-A paras (Major Irregularities) into a DAP (Draft Audit Paragraph) by examining all the facts and figures of the Paragraph in question
  • Contacting the field units and requesting insufficient DAP information from the KDs (Key Documents) of the units concerned

Post Com (P&T Audit) Section

To review the bills of Postal Units, i.e. LTC, TA, LTC, Medical, RTF, CGEGIS Miscellaneous Expenses, etc., and issue Memos on any Discrepancies.

Field/Tour work

The Audit Tour is divided into four quarters per year and in a quarter you stay outside for 45 to 60 days. You only have 10-15 days to get ready for the Audit Tour, and sometimes even fewer days.

SSC CGL Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) Salary

The monthly in-hand salary will be around Rs 60000. You will also be eligible for the following government allowances.

  • HRA or House Rent Allowance, in case you are not provided an accomodation
  • TA or Transport Allowance
  • DA or Dearness Allowance on Total pay
  • Limited phone bills
  • Petrol Allowance

Career Growth/ Promotions

Everybody in their career wants to grow. As Assistant Audit Officer, SSC offers you opportunities to grow. Within a specific time interval, you’ll get four promotions. The first SSC Assistant Audit Officer promotion is as an Audit Officer and the last is as Senior Deputy Accountant General.

  • Audit Officer (GP 5400, PS 9300-34800) 6-10 Years
  • Sr. Audit Officer (GP 5400, PS 15600-39100)2-4 Years
  • Deputy Accountant General (GP 6600)
  • Sr. Deputy Accountant General (GP-7600)

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Job with the highest pay throughout SSC CGL. The only post that directly makes you a Gazetted Officer in SSC CGL.
  • Social Status: In daily life, you will be respected by your friends, relatives and individuals you meet. Whenever you go to an organisation for an audit, you will be respected and feared.
  • Stability: Transfers are not so frequent and you enjoy a life that is stable.
  • Work-life balance: Working hours are from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. The workload is not much and you get enough time for family and to prepare for further exams.
  • Cons:SAS (Subordinate Audit/Accounts Service) Exam: This examination has to be cleared and it is relatively hard to crack.
  • Promotions are not that fast and for a Gross Pay 4800 Post, only 3-4 promotions can be managed, which is very small

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