How to Qualify the SSC CHSL and SSC CGL Typing Test?


SSC exams are one of the most sought after government exams among aspirants in India. It is a national-level exam to fill up vacancies in various Ministries, Departments and Organisations of the Government of India. Therefore, the SSC conducts different level exams every year like the SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, SSC MTS, etc.

SSC exams are also in demand because it gives Graduate, Higher Secondary and Metric level candidates an opportunity to get government jobs in Group B and Group C. Hence, every year lakhs of candidates appear for this exam thereby increasing the competition way higher than expected. Of the exams mentioned above, the SSC CHSL and SSC CGL exams are quite popular among the candidates.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can easily qualify the SSC CHSL/SSC CGL Skill Test or the Computer Proficiency test. So, if you are planning to appear for the SSC CHSL/SSC CGL exam, we would encourage you to read the details provided below carefully.

How to Qualify the SSC CHSL and SSC CGL Typing Test?


The SSC CHSL exam also called Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) exam is a national-level exam held every year to recruit candidates who have qualified higher secondary. This exam is organised to fill various posts of Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA), Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants (PA/SA) and Data Entry Operator (DEO) in different government Departments and Ministries of the Government of India. 

We urge you to check the SSC CHSL Exam Pattern and SSC CHSL Syllabus before going any further.

In the SSC CHSL exam, the SSC CHSL Typing Test/Skill Test is the last step in the SSC CHSL recruitment process. The candidates who qualify Tier-1 and Tier-2 exams are called for the Skill Test/Typing Test i.e Tier-3. However, this test is only qualifying in nature. The final merit will be based on the total marks obtained in SSC CHSL Tier-1 and Tier-2.

The Skill Test/Typing Test is organised for the following posts in SSC CHSL-

Data Entry Operator (DEO)

SSC CHSL Skill test for Data Entry Operator

Post NameExpected Data Entry Speed in Key-depressionsNumber of Key Depressions Given
Data Entry Operator8,0002,000-2,200
Data Entry Operator in the Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India15,0003,700-4,000

LDC/JSA/ and Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant

SSC CHSL Typing Test for LDC/JSA and Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant

Mode of Typing in Typing TestExpected Typing Speed
English35 words per minute
Hindi30 words per minute

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The SSC CGL exam stands for Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level exam. The SSC CGL exam is one of the most desired SSC exams among graduates. This exam is conducted by SSC every year to recruit various candidates in different Ministries and Departments of the government in Group B and Group C posts.

Be sure to go through the SSC CGL Exam Pattern and SSC CGL Syllabus.

In the SSC CGL exam as well, the Computer Proficiency Test and Data Entry Skill Test forms the final stage of the SSC CGL recruitment process. Candidates who successfully clear the Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 exam will be called for the Tier-4 exam i.e the SSC CGL Typing Test and Data Entry Skill Test. Here also, the merit list will be based on the aggregate marks obtained by the candidates in Tiers-1, 2 and 3. This means that Tier-4 will only be qualifying in nature.

The SSC CGL Computer Proficiency Test and Skill Test is conducted for the following posts-

Post NameTier- 4 Exam NameExam Pattern
Tax AssistantsData Entry Skill Test (DEST)2000 key depression per hour will be conducted for 15 minutes.
Assistant Section officersComputer Proficiency Test (CPT)3 modules namely word processing, spreadsheet and generation of slides

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Comparison of SSC CHSL & SSC CGL Exam Pattern

Given below is a comparison of the SSC CHSL and SSC CGL Typing Test- 

Typing MediumEnglish/HindiEnglish/Hindi
Typing Speed LDC/JSA and PA/SA

English- 35 words per minute
Hindi- 30 words per minute
Tax Assistants- 2000 key depressions
Time Allotted DEO- 15 minutes
LDC/JSA and PA/SA- 10 minutes
15 minutes
Nature of the testQualifyingQualifying 
Special CharactersNo No 
BackspaceAllowed Allowed
Demo test givenYes Yes 

Points to Note-

  • Before the actual Typing Test/Skill Test begins, the candidates will be given a demo passage to type. This is to ensure that the candidates get used to the keyboard.
  • The arrow keys will not be functional for scrolling down the passage. You will have to use the mouse for scrolling.
  • Moreover, if you face any problems with your keyboard, you can ask the invigilator to provide you with a different keyboard or computer system.

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How are Mistakes Counted in the Skill Test/Typing Test?

A few mistakes are permitted in the typing test. However, after a certain number of mistakes, the typing mistakes will be accounted for while preparing the result of the Skill Test/Typing Test.

The evaluation of the Skill Test/Typing Test is doe in the following way-

Full Mistakes

Given below is a list of mistakes that will be counted as full mistakes-

  • Addition of words/figures/group of words that are not mentioned in the passage.
  • Every substitution of a wrong word/figure will be considered as a full mistake. The number of mistakes will be equal to the number of words/figures that have been substituted.
  • Omission of a word/figure also including the omission of a definite/indefinite article. Moreover, if a group of words is omitted, the number of mistakes will be equal to the actual number of words omitted.

Half Mistakes

The following are considered as half mistakes-

  • Half mistakes include mis-spelling of letters in a word and also omission of a letter(s) from a word. Furthermore, mis-spelling of proper nouns and unfamiliar words/names are ignored.
  • Using singular nouns for plural nouns and vice versa will be counted as a half mistake.
  • Incorrect usage of capital letters or small letters at the beginning of the sentence.

Note- Candidates will not be penalised for any mistake other than the one’s aforementioned.

Tips to Qualify the SSC CHSL and SSC CGL Typing Test

Focus on Accuracy

In the SSC CHSL and SSC CGL Typing Test, accuracy will play a much greater role than speed. As we all know, when typing really fast, we tend to make many typing errors. Even though backspacing will be allowed in the Typing Test, you will end up wasting more time in fixing those errors. Therefore, focusing on accuracy will save you more time and you will be able to type faster without even thinking too much about the errors.

Practice Practice Practice

Practice is the only way to clear this exam with ease. There are no two ways about it. You must practice daily on the keyboard of your computer. This will help you in learning the position of all the keys. With regular practice, you will be able to type without even looking at the keyboard, which in turn, will increase your typing speed as well. Since you will have only 10 to 15 minutes to complete the Typing/Skill Test, it is essential that you time yourself while typing. 

Correct Hand Position

While typing, it is essential that you pay attention to your hand position. Learning to type with your hands in the right position will enable you to reach multiple keys simultaneously and you will be able to type much faster.

Here’s a quick tip: type this phrase over and over- “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. This sentence covers all the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Typing this sentence without looking down at the keyboard will enable you to learn the exact position of each key on the keyboard. This will improve your speed as well as accuracy.

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We wish you the best of luck!!

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