RBI Grade B 2021 Success Stories: A Tale of Rising above Odds


“It is the size of one’s will which determines success”

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and thereafter induced lockdown disrupted normal life, created a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about various government job exam notifications besides creating a big dent in job security in the private sector. But as said “Every cloud has a silver lining” – making use of this lockdown Harshita Keshan, a full time working professional cleared the RBI DEPR exam in 1st attempt.

Meet Harshita: The RBI Grade B (DEPR) Officer 

Harshita Keshan is a postgraduate in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University. During the campus placement drive, she was selected to work for one of the private sector research companies. But she realised soon that this job profile is not giving her that level playing opportunity which she had always dreamed of. This research aptitude made her hunt for a career where her potential and skills could be used in a more fruitful way. Harshita’s search ended with RBI Grade B which she cleared with flying colours that too with being a full time working professional in the private sector. She truly justifies the quote-  Will Power is not genetic. It requires the will to resist and the power of the resolved mind”. Besides the RBI Grade B Officer exam, she also cleared the NET exam.

The approach to RBI Grade B DEPR Exam

Harshita’s focus, dedication, hard work, consistency and belief in herself, helped her come out with flying colours in the RBI Grade B exam. Her voyage to the dream called RBI is a tale of sacrifices and adjustments she took to achieve this prolific accomplishment in her maiden attempt.

Some important takeaways from her journey.

  • Give equal importance to each stage of the RBI Grade B recruitment process
  • Know the syllabus for each phase and study subject-wise
  • Have a sound theoretical knowledge of your domain as you have already spent two years of your life gaining knowledge in  that field
  • Do practice numerical questions
  • Summarize book knowledge into your handwritten short notes so that it is easy to revise before the RBI Grade B exam. This will prove to be very handy during your revision.
  • Descriptive English has a major role to play. Don’t neglect it. Do practice writing answers and essays.
  • Go through the RBI bulletin before the interview. One should be aware of maximum updates on the financial world.
  • Go through your bio-data thoroughly, questions can be asked to know how much you are aware of yourself and your surroundings.
  • Be patient and calm. The interview panels are cordial. They are not there to make you nervous but to check whether you have those Officer qualities that they are looking for in an individual.
  • Practice, practice and practice. You cannot clear the exam without working on your speed and accuracy. To have that momentum, practising RBI Grade B mocks is one of the best way.
  • Keep doing your work without thinking about the outcome. The moment you start focusing and giving importance to the result, you are taking a step closer towards procrastinating your success.

What you learn from Harshita’s RBI Grade B DEPR Journey

Ignoring fears of failure and with family support, Harshita achieved her dream. Though she said she worked hard and was lucky to clear RBI Grade B in her maiden attempt, we know – Luck is made by making the right choices at the right timing and place” and consistently working towards it without being distracted.

  • Nothing is impossible if you are determined to achieve it
  • Cracking a prestigious job like RBI Grade B along with a full-time job is feasible
  • Important books for the RBI Grade B DEPR exam preparation 
  • How to motivate oneself  throughout the RBI Grade B exam preparation
  • Preparation strategy for Phase 1, Phase 2 and Interview
  • Role of mentor and mock interview
  • Importance of online test series 
  • Importance of summarizing things in the form of notes

What she says about ixamBee Course and Mocks

Harshita says the level of RBI Grade B mock tests were good enough to enhance her speed and accuracy. Besides this, the mock interviews feedback was fruitful enough to make her work on her weak areas and improve them. It shed off the fear and nervousness that one faces in the interview room and prepared her for every challenge that she can encounter. As the interview is all about using the correct approach and smart strategy to answer every question you face, so no matter how much you prepare you cannot predict what exactly you will be asked.

Now is the time to rise up and prepare for the RBI Grade B race so that in the end you come out as a winner.

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