IBPS Clerk Prelims 2021: Previous Year Papers with Sample Questions [and Solutions]


The IBPS Clerk 2021 Preliminary exam is scheduled to be held in December. With the days whizzing past us so quickly, we sincerely hope that you are using your time to the best of your ability to prepare as you ought to for this exam. 

In this article, we will discuss the IBPS Clerk Previous Year Papers and why you should be sure to analyze these papers as a part of your preparation. Furthermore, we will look at some sample questions and their solutions from each section of the paper as well. 

The good news is, if you’d like to study some more previous year questions/papers, they are abundantly available on ixamBee. 

IBPS Clerk 2021 Prelims

The Prelims exam will assess 3 subjects, namely Reasoning, English and Quantitative Aptitude. Take a look at the complete IBPS Clerk 2021 Syllabus for the Prelims exam. 

IBPS Clerk Previous Year Papers

Why should you study the previous year papers?

  • Gain a sense of the exam pattern
  • Understand which topics hold more weightage
  • Analyze your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Find solutions to questions you were unable to solve
  • Good exercise to practice sample questions

IBPS Clerk Previous Year Papers: Sample Questions 


I. Read the information given below and then answer the following questions. 

Some candidates are sitting in a row such that all are facing towards the north direction. Only two people sit between Chetan and Mansi. Only seven people sit between Riya and Mansi. More than four people sit between Mansi and Yash. Only three people sit between Riya and Yash. Chetan and Yash are not immediate neighbours. Yash sits on the left of Mansi. Only 14 people sit on the left of Mansi. Nitin sits third to the right of Mansi and sits at one of the ends of the row.

  1. How many people sit between Chetan and Riya?

a) 4

b) 2

c) 1

d) 3

e) None of these

Ans: a) 

2. How many people sit on the left of Riya?

a) 2

b) 6

c) 4

d) 5

e) None of these 

Ans: b) 

3. How many people sit in the row?

a) 15

b) 16

c) 19

d) 17

e) 18

Ans: e) 

II. How many pairs of letters are there in the word “PARAGRAPH” each of which have as many letters between them in the word as they have between them in the English alphabetical series both inward and backward direction?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 4

d) More than 4

e) 2

Ans: c) 

III. Mohinder drives 6 kilometers west. Then he turns left and drives 6 kilometers. Now he turns left and drives 7 kilometers. Now turning left, he drives 4 kilometers. Again, he turns left and moves 1 kilometer. Finally turning left, he again walks 2 kilometers. In which direction & how far is he from his starting position?

a) 2 km

b) 4 km

c) 6 km 

d) CND

e) None of these

Ans: b) 

Quantitative Aptitude

IV. In a survey of 500 students of a college, it was found that 50% liked watching hockey, 45% liked watching football and 60% liked watching basketball. Also, 27% liked watching football and hockey both, 28% liked watching basketball and hockey both and 26% liked watching football and basketball both. 16% liked watching none of these games. Then:

  1. Find the ratio of the number of students who like watching only football to those who like watching only hockey.

a) 3:7

b) 7:12

c) 8:11

d) 2:5

e) None of these

Ans: d) 

2. Find the number of students who like watching only one of the three given games.

a) 128

b) 115

c) 123

d) 125

e) None of these

Ans: b) 

V. What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following question?

√3364 – √1600 = √? + 10

a) 64

b) 25

c) 49

d) 16

e) 144

Ans: a) 

VI. The height of a cylinder and that of a cone are in the ratio 3:4 and the radii of their bases in the ratio 4:3. The ratio of their volumes will be?

a) 1:5

b) 4:1

c) 2:9

d) 1:7

e) None of these

Ans: b) 


VII. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (E). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).

The company’s decision to issue (A)/ bonus shares clearly indicates (B)/ the management’s confident (C)/ about the future. (D)/ No error (E).

a) C

b) D

c) A

d) B

e) E

Ans: a) 

VIII. Each question below has one blank, which is indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence to make it meaningfully complete.

  1. According to the Census, “a person aged seven and above, who can both read and write with ___________ in any language, is treated as literate”.

a) Concern

b) Exciting

c) Interest

d) Understanding

e) Inattentive 

Ans: d)

2. He ______________________ on things being done in the most efficient way and he usually does them that way himself. 

a) Insists

b) Requesting

c) Urge

d) Conserves

e) Discourages

Ans: a) 

IX. The following questions consist of a sentence with a highlighted phrase which may or may not be grammatically or contextually correct. Choose the most suitable option that will replace the incorrect highlighted phrase to form a grammatically correct and meaningful sentence. If the given highlighted phrase is correct, choose option (e) i.e., “no replacement required” as your answer choice.

  1. The advocate declared in the court that his client has prepared to surrender. 

a) Has been preparing for

b) Was prepared at 

c) Was prepared to

d) Has prepared for

e) No correction required

Ans: c) 

2) If this is freedom of speech, then it must been curtailed immediately. 

a) Must have been curtailed

b) Have being curtailing

c) Have been curtailed

d) Must be curtailed

e) No correction required

Ans: d) 

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IBPS Clerk Previous Year Papers

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