IBPS Clerk 2019 Exam Preparation Tips


IBPS Clerk Exam 2019

With  upcoming exams around the corner , all the aspirants are trying their best to get a coveted  seat in the government sector . After the RRB Bank exams ,it is time for the IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk Exam to get scheduled. IBPS Clerk  is scheduled to be held in   December which is a preliminary stage which is followed by the main phase to be held in  January next year ie. 2020. The initial basic pay of IBPS Clerk is – Rs 11765. But this opportunity can only be achieved if a candidate follows  proper planning and strategy . Here are some tips which can be followed  to achieve success in IBPS Clerk Exam but before that, a candidate should have some basic information of the IBPS Clerk exam and what it consists of .

With everything taking a modern shape today ,so the mode of conduct of  various exams had also changed. IBPS is the conducting body that conducts online tests  for banking exams. So before the official notification of IBPS Clerk 2019 is released a candidate should be well aware of the pattern , syllabus and approach to not only secure the minimum cut off section-wise and overall but also to score more marks above cut off .This will boost one’s confidence and will ace his/her preparation for the  later stage as we all are aware that IBPS Clerk is conducted in two phases- Preliminary and Mains .

Although the syllabus for both the stages of IBPS Clerk 2019 is more or less  the same the difference lies in the difficulty level and yes in mains an additional section of General /Financial Awareness is added so that a candidate is well aware of the latest happenings around the globe.

For Reasoning more emphasis should be given to the analytical than logical reasoning , different puzzle sets should be practiced ,syllogism , coding -decoding , input -output,problem -solving etc should be practiced. For Math once should  start with basic and then go for a higher level.Square roots and cube roots from 1 to 30 should be learned and revised.Use of short tricks should be used for solving questions where ever possible but too much use should be avoided.Percentage , Ratio and Proportion , SI and  CI , Time and Work,Speed and distance etc topics should be practiced by giving online mocks. For English Language reading habit is a must . New words should be noted down , basics of grammar should be revised  .For General Awareness note down all the important things in a copy and revise them on regular basis , remember important dates , be updated with the latest happenings and for computer section learn the basics of MS Office suite , input -output devices with basics of hardware and software , some common definitions  in regular use.

Tips and Tricks for IBPS Clerk Exam 

  1. A candidate should first have a thorough look into the syllabus of IBPS Clerk Exam  2019 and devise a plan accordingly. Instead of reading continuously, study breaks can be taken at regular intervals.
  2. A study plan or a chart can be devised keeping in mind what are the important topics that need to be covered extensively and require more practice and what are the topics that are less important by going through the previous year exam question paper and pattern of IBPS Clerk Exam.
  3. Try to simplify, summarize and compress the information i.e whatever you learn try to imbibe those things in a simple, crisp and brief way by devising your way of learning.
  4. Celebrate your mistakes and learn from them instead of being disappointed and hopeless  because every mistake gives you an opportunity to learn something new.
  5. Acquaint yourself with the latest happenings around the globe and review them periodically instead of cramming things.
  6. Test yourself frequently by giving a different online mock test  and analyze your weaknesses. 
  7. Surround yourself with optimistic people who always keep your spirits high and energize you.
  8. Start with the basics of every topic and then go for  a higher level . Practice by giving various online mock tests because practice develops strong work ethics that make a real impact on the brain.
  9. Try to connect whatever you have learned with something you already knew because the more you relate new concepts to the ideas you already understood , the  faster will be the process of learning new concepts.
  10. Restrict yourself from attempting questions you are not aware of because  the IBPS Clerk Exam is about accuracy and speed not about wild guesses . So work on your speed.
  11.  Develop a habit of reading newspaper editorial or any novel , book or watch English movies or series  and  write down any new words /vocabulary you come across. This will improve your English Language skills.
  12. Do not compromise with your sleep. Take proper 6 to 7 hours of  sleep.Because things will only retain in mind if you have a proper  and healthy lifestyle . Making yourself burdened with numerous things will only make one’s exhaustive.
  13. Modify your practice skills ie make slight changes during repeated practice sessions  will make you master skills faster than doing it the same way every time .
  14. Meditate , spend some time on your hobbies to rejuvenate  your mind and energize yourself .
  15. Lastly and most importantly, focus on the process, not on the outcome. Do your best and never deviate from your path no matter what the outcome because sooner or later your hard work will be rewarded. It may take time but ultimately success crown will be yours.

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