Tips to Improve speed and accuracy for SSC CGL/ SSC CHSL 2021


There is no substitute for hard work and intense practice. To improve the speed of solving math problems one must work and practice very much. However, there are some points that are noteworthy with respect to all upcoming exams like SSC CGL & SSC CHSL 2021 exam.

SSC exams such as SSC CHSL and SSC CGL are scheduled to be held in April and May 2021 respectively. I hope by now you have completed your whole syllabus and are in your practice mode. A candidate who writes any competitive exam completes the syllabus but what makes him/her get a selection is the smart work he/she does while solving the paper in the exam. Today’s article is about the tips and tricks to improve speed and accuracy for SSC CGL/ SSC CHSL 2021 exam.

1. Concentration:

Concentration is the best instrument to enhance your speed and accuracy. Put your heart and soul into the question.  If the invigilators are chatting unnecessarily ask them to stop talking.

2. Look carefully:

 Don’t just read the question only. Look carefully at the options also before you begin solving the problem. Sometimes you might be lucky to find the answer by putting the value given in the option back into question.

3. Practice the weaker sections: 

One must study at home carefully and find similar things which can improve his performance.  Some students find problems of ‘Time and Work’ difficult while others find problems on triangles a bit difficult. Extra time should be given to your weak sections. Do a lot of questions. The more questions you solve the more smart you become!

4. Note down and remember formulas: 

It is a good habit to note down in a separate paper all-important formulas, conversions, expressions, tricks you required while solving questions. And stick this paper to the wall in front of your study table.  This way you will be able to memorize them quickly.  Before going to the exam have a look at those papers, you won’t forget these in the Exam.

6. Take Random values:

If possible, take random values and put those into question. Lots of tough questions can be solved in this way.

7. Estimate Answers:

 If values given in options are far apart then with estimation we may find the answer.

8. Don’t memorize Tricks:

Don’t memorize too many tricks as given in many books. It just creates more confusion in exam time. Memorize only those tricks which you yourself found helpful and important at the time of preparation, none else.

9. Read the questions carefully:

In exam read the questions carefully and look the question in Hindi language also if required.

10. Don’t get anxious:

When the bell for the last 30 minutes rings many students get anxious as their performance was below their expectations and try to solve questions quickly. Sorry, this doesn’t help! Be calm and focus on questions and pick those which look easy. Your performance might be low because of a very tough paper and the cut-off would below.

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All the best for SSC CHSL 2020-21.

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