How To Find Percentage?



“A fraction whose denominator is 100 is called a percentage, and the numerator of the fraction is called the rate percent. The  symbol of percent is %. Percentage can be counted among one of the most interesting topics and thus every candidate who is especially preparing for bank exams should very well know how to calculate percentage. By looking at some examples first may help in understanding the actual concept behing calculating percentages.

E.g. A man saves 20% of his monthly income means ‘A man saves Rs 20 out of every Rs 100 of his income. 

  • Percentages can be written as decimals by shifting the decimal point two places to the left.

Percent  means per 100 , or divided by 100. Dividing by 100 moves the decimal point two places to the left:

                     24% = 24/100 =.24

Changing  a number to its  percentage value requires  the opposite operation – multiply  by 100:

            .68 *100 = 68%

Various  Statements 

  1. A is what  percent of B ?

( A/B) * 100

2. B is what percent of A ?

(B/A ) *100

3. What percent of A is B ?

(B/A) *100

4. What percent of B is A ?


5. A is what percent more than B ?

     (A-B)/B * 100

6. B is what percent less than A ?

(A-B)/A *100

Examples -:

Ques 1.  A is 25% more than B. B is what percent less than A ?

Sol:-   let B is 100

Then A is 25% more than B 

Therefore,   A is 125 (100+25)

      Now applying       

            = (A-B)/A 100

             = (125-100)/125 100



                 So, B is 20% less than A

 Ques 2.  If the difference between 64% of a number and 1/8th of that number is  206. what is the number ? 

Sol: Let the number be x.

 Then x × 64% – x × 1/8 = 206

 = (512x-100x)/800 =206

X = 400

  • Express change in percentage 

    actual increase or decrease original  cost×100%

Write the amount of change as a fraction of the original amount, and then turn it into a percentage. 

Ques 3.  Five years ago, a couple paid 180,000 for their house. It is now valued at 350,000. Calculate the percentage increase in the value of the house. 

Solution-   Percentage increase  =     actual increaseoriginal cost×100%

 = 350000-180000180000 × 100% 

= 170,000180000 × 100% 

= 94.444


Ques 4.  A car cost 16,00,000. After 4 years it is worth 4,00,000. What is the percentage decrease?

Solution-     Percentage decrease  =actual decreaseoriginal  cost × 100%

                   =      1600000-4000001600000× 100% 

                   =   12000001600000× 100%

                   = 75%

Percentage is a very common topic that appears almost in each and every competitive exam. It is such a topic that is made use of in our daily lives too very frequently. The topic of Percentage would interest all those especially who are preparing for banking exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO,SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant etc. Therefore, you should get hold of the topic as good as you can as it will also help in the Data Interpretation (DI) questions.

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