Do We Need to Refer to NCERT Books for RBI Grade B Preparation? The conclusion  

Do We Need to Refer to NCERT Books for RBI Grade B? The Conclusion

Do We Need to Refer to NCERT Books for RBI Grade B? The Conclusion

Hello everyone. As promised, we are back, and if you can’t comprehend our return, please refer to NCERT: The Beginning. You must avenge more than 15 books and more than 150 chapters as you chose this path to be this mighty RBI grade B Officer (remember having enjoyed the video of CP Joshi Sir describing the perks and allowances of being an RBI officer). But don’t you worry, you have your own Kattapa at your service.  

Do We Need to Refer to NCERT Books for RBI Grade B? The Conclusion


Important NCERT Books for RBI Grade B

Let’s not wait any longer (you might run away) and come to the NCERT specific books that you will have to read for the RBI Grade B exam.  

Class 6

  1. Let’s start from the NCERT books of class 6th. The first book we are discussing is “Social and Political Life Part 1” (Yes Baahubali, even class 6th has multiple parts). It is an 80-page book and will cover the topics of Diversity, Government and Livelihoods (both urban and rural). This will help you in forming strong fundamentals for ESI paper in RBI Grade B Phase 2. The language is simple and has limited text on each page. Please take no more than 2 hours to complete it. (Aaj, The Hindu thoda jaldi kar lena)  
  2. The second book is “The Earth: Our Habitat”. We love our mother Earth and hence can skip the book (Sorry UPSC guys, Mother Earth doesn’t love you back and you must read it) 

Class 7

  1. Cheers, one class is over, now let’s shift to class 7th.  The book is “Social and Political Life Part 2”. It covers important topics of Equality, State Government, Gender and Markets. It is a 100-page book with reading content on no more than 70 pages (rest is preface, practice questions, fufaji ko thanks etc.)  
  2. The other book is “Our Environment”. Again, we love our mother Earth and hence skip (sorry UPSC Junta) 

Class 8

Now, 8th class awaits you and the book is Social and Political life Part 3 (inke social k chakkar me jindagi anti social ho rahi hai). Here, Kattappa comes to your rescue, and we will recommend you read Unit 4 (Social justice and the marginalized” and Unit 5 “Economic presence of the Government” only.  

Class 9

  1. Now coming to class 9th (pehla pehla pyaar), the book is “Democratic Politics-1″ (Kitni politics hai behen). Kattpa suggests you read Chapter 4 “Working of Institutions” and Chapter 5 “Democratic Rights” (hamari right to enjoy ka kon dhyan rakhega bhai).  
  2. Another important NCERT book is Economics (Paisa!!!). You can enjoy it as there are only 4 chapters and you can skip the story of village Palampur.  

Class 10

Next is high school (cheers Hannah Montana fanboys). The book is “Understanding Economic Development”. It is very crucial as it contains important chapters of development, sectors of the Indian Economy, Money and Credit, Globalization and the India economy and Consumer Rights. Katappa is enjoying your service and he says readable pages are less than 60.  

Class 11

Now coming to class 11th (here, you made the mortal mistake of choosing PCM, Bhavya to commerce me gayi). The book is about “Indian Economic Development”. It is again an important book covering topics like LPG reforms, Current Challenges, Poverty, Human Capital, Rural Development, Employment etc. Katappa urges you to give a complete day for this and make notes “Shiddat” se.  

Class 12

Lastly, coming to class 12th , there are two crucial books named Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Baahubali, this is your final battle with Bhalla Deva (now you will say where is Avantika, woh to aayi nahi ?? To sorry guys with puppy eyes, woh to RBI ke baad ayegi).  Please take time to read these books and get a conceptual understanding.

Now, some Final Gyan by Devasena 

ixamBee’s Own Take

And finally, iXamBee’s own take. We stand by our motto of “50% faster preparation” and hence, we provide the following benefits in our courses-

Thank you for reading. Now, Katappa asks your permission to leave.  

All the Best!!

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