Time Management Tips for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2020


SBI Clerk exam dates are out!! SBI Clerk Prelims Admit Card 2020 has been finally released and the exam is scheduled for February 22, February 29, March 01, and March 08, 2020. With the release of the exam dates, you must buckle up to secure a seat in the exam. One of the important things to do right now is not to lose focus on your preparation. You must plan your strategy ahead of time in order to secure maximum marks in designated time. To assist you with the exam, here are some very useful Time Management tips for SBI Clerk exam 2020 which will surely help you in boosting the score in the exam.

Before starting this article I am assuming that

  1. You have completed the entire syllabus of SBI Clerk exam.
  2. Maintained your speed in Quantitative aptitude section.
  3. You have practiced enough and are very well aware of the type of questions asked in the exam.
  4. You are practicing Online Mock tests to improve your score and speed.

Understand the examination Pattern:

Let’s get a glimpse of the SBI Clerk Prelims examination pattern first:

Section/Subject Total Questions Total Marks Time Duration
Reasoning       35       35  20 min
Numerical Ability       35       35  20 min
English Language       30       30  20 min
Total     100     100  60 min

A total of 20 minutes will be allotted to each section. The sections can come in any order in the exam. You cannot jump/go to another section until your time runs out for the current section, neither can you jump to the previous section. The timer will be displayed on the screen (preferably on the right side). In order to maximize your score now, you need to give equal importance to each section rather than mastering one section at the cost of the other. Now that you know this, plan your strategy accordingly. Let’s talk about each section in detail:

How to Approach Quantitative Aptitude section.

  • As shown above, this section consists of 35 questions for a total of 35 marks.
  • You need to be well versed with the calculation part (Squares, Cubes, and Tables) as well as Important Formulas.
  • Try to solve the easy ones first and then gradually move to the Moderate/Difficult ones.
  • The important topics of Quantitative Aptitude which have been frequently asked in the previous year’s exams as well are:
    • Approximation/Simplification- 5 to 10 questions
    • Quadratic Equations – 5 questions
    • Data Interpretation- 2 DI or 10 questions
    • Miscellaneous- 8 to 10 questions
    • Number series- 5 questions
  • Attempt questions from Approximation/ Simplification, Quadratic Equations and Number Series first as these will take minimum time but don’t waste much time on analyzing the pattern of the number series, just give it a quick read and if you get the pattern go ahead, otherwise skip and move to next.
  • Attempt DI only if you are very strong in that section or practiced well. If you haven’t practiced enough, try to solve rest of the questions first and then move into this section.  
  • Don’t waste much time on Re-reading same question.
  • Try to attempt maximum number of questions, keeping accuracy in mind.

How to Approach Reasoning Ability Section.

  • For the reasoning section, the frequently asked topics in the previous year exams are:
    • Syllogism- 5 questions
    • Coding-Decoding- 5 questions
    • Blood relation- 2 to 3 questions
    • Direction sense- 2 to 3 questions
    • Inequality- 5 questions
    • Puzzles (Seating arrangement, Box type etc.)- maximum four puzzles (15 to 20 questions)Miscellaneous- 2 to 3 questions
  • Start with the topics like Syllogisms, Direction sense, inequality etc. which can be solved easily. This will not take much time and will boost your confidence. You will easily score around 10 to 15 marks from these topics.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one question.  Skip and move to next, if you aren’t able to figure out the answer.
  • It’s been observed from previous year papers that the number of puzzles asked in the exam have been increased. So, it is essential to practice puzzles as much as you can in order to solve them in less time. If you want to start with puzzles, make sure you have practiced enough.

How to Approach English Language Section.

  • In English Language section, a total of 30 questions will be asked for 30 marks .
  • Let’s look at the frequently asked questions of this section based on the previous year’s analysis.
    • Reading Comprehension- 8 to 10 questions
    • Para jumbles- 5 questions
    • Fill in the blanks- 5 questions
    • Error detection- 5 questions
    • Cloze tests- 5 questions
  • Start to solve those first which do not take much time, like error detection, para jumbles, fill in the blanks etc. It should be solved under 10 minutes. You can assign time to each and every section according to your strong and weak areas.
  • Save Reading Comprehension for the last, RC takes a lot of time but if you are good at reading, this can boost the score. If you are the one who is not so confident about grammar, try to focus on improving your Reading Comprehension skills. Try to read a newspaper daily in order to increase your reading speed. Reading newspapers will not only increase your speed but also improves your vocabulary.
  • Please do not do guesswork here, try to answer only those you are very confident about.
  • Don’t waste your time reading the same question, again and again, it is better to skip and jump into another in order to attempt a maximum number of questions in the given amount of time.

General Tips for SBI Clerk Prelims exam:

  • Plan your strategy by giving mocks, analyze your mistakes in the mock and try to rectify them then and there in order to avoid the same in the exam.
  • Try to solve each section before time so that some time is left for reviewing the answers. This will minimize mistakes.
  • Stay focused and confident at the time of the exam.
  • If you are stuck in some questions (Puzzles, Reading Comprehension) leave it for the last, don’t waste your time in reading the same question again.
  • With increasing competition, you need to increase your attempt along with the accuracy. Try to attempt at least 70-80 questions in total to be in the race.
  • There is a negative marking of 0.25 or 1/4th marks, so be very careful while marking the answers.

I hope you found above tips useful and I am confident that these tips will help you score a little better in the exam. In case you have any query please feel free to comment below.

                                ALL THE BEST FOR SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM

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