RBI Grade B Phase 2: Tips to Qualify Descriptive English ( Reading Comprehension)


Descriptive English Paper is given less importance as compared to the other sections. But the fact is the better you perform in this section the better your written score will be. This in turn will increase your overall score when the interview score will be added. 

Solving English Reading Comprehension has become an inevitable part of almost every competitive examination. The question that lingers in every aspirant’s mind is “How to improve reading comprehension?” We all are habituated to solve simple and direct passages in our school days, but when it comes to competitive exams, the task becomes difficult.  Unable to understand the vocabulary (the meaning of words) and concept of the passage, many students become dull and uninterested in this section.  

Comprehension is an important aspect of reading. When you read, strive to understand and extract meaning for better overall awareness of what you are reading. By learning and implementing reading strategies and changing the way you read, you can improve your reading comprehension abilities and make reading easier and more enjoyable.

In this article, we will explore what reading comprehension is and the best strategies you can use to advance your reading skills to clear your Phase 2 of RBI Grade B 2021.

What is reading comprehension?

The ability to comprehend or understand what you are reading is known as reading comprehension. This is a deliberate and active part of reading which occurs before, during, and after you finish an essay. You can extract meaning from the text and better understand what the author is trying to convey if you can comprehend what you’re reading.

Text comprehension and vocabulary knowledge are the two components of reading comprehension. Text comprehension is the ability to understand the language being used, while vocabulary knowledge is the ability to use that language to develop an awareness of the meaning behind the text.

Why are reading comprehension skills important?

Descriptive English paper in RBI Grade B Phase 2 has importance in helping students to qualify for the exam. This paper is not a test of your vocabulary but to check your basic understanding. Reading comprehension is crucial for a variety of reasons and can provide numerous advantages. The ability to read effectively can benefit your phase 2 clearance. Knowing how to decipher a text can help you expand your knowledge in specific areas and learn new skills and information more quickly.

Some Important tips to score well in Descriptive English Paper

  1. Read with a purpose- Ask what, how and why?
  2. Don’t read the given passage word to word. Rather read it as a whole. If the passage is divided into paragraphs just read each para as a whole and make out the sense as a whole. Read between the lines and keep on going in this way.
  3. Pick out a couple of passages for comprehension from the newspaper, or the novels everyday. Read the passage once and without seeing it again write down the summary of the passage. This will help in developing memory and your retention power. 
  4. Be a good reader first: Read the questions carefully before picking up your pen.
  5. Stick to the word limit: Make sure that you follow all the instructions and write the required number of words.
  6. Use your imagination: While writing make sure that you do not make your text boring or repetitive. Use adjectives and adverbs to make your language flowery. But do not put too many of them.
  7. Use a combination of short and long sentences. This will keep your reader interested in your writing.
  8. Since you will not get much time for planning, you should mark important words in the question to make sure you do exactly what is asked
  9. Write your ideas somewhere on the question paper, and then put your ideas in a logical order
  10. Always use Capital letters for the first word of a sentence and proper nouns
  11. Pay attention to punctuations especially to the correct use of commas and full stops
  12. Once you have finished writing, check for grammatical errors, repetition, spelling mistakes
  13. Avoid Colloquialisms –Words like Yo, Gotcha, Gonna, Wanna. We are not sending messages to anyone through Whatsapp.
  14. In case of formal letters, if you begin with ‘Dear Madam’ or ‘Dear Sir’, your letter should end with ‘Yours faithfully’ whereas if the letter begins with somebody’s name, it should end with ‘Yours sincerely’
  15. Irrespective of the nature of the letter (formal & informal), always write the purpose of the letter at the beginning of the letter
  16. Good writing skills come from practice. The more you work on writing, the better you will get.

All the best for your exams.

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