RBI Grade B Phase 2: Descriptive Writing Strategy and Tips


RBI Grade B Phase 2 Descriptive writing

After dusting with RBI Grade B Phase 1, RBI Grade B Phase 2, will be the next stage to turn your dream into reality. RBI Grade B Phase 2 consists of three sections – Economic and Social Issues, English (writing skills) and Finance and Management. The time limit for each section in RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam is different and all questions in each section will be set bilingually in Hindi and English except the English (writing skills) section. The pattern for the RBI Grade B Phase 2 can be deduced from the table given below :

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam pattern

Paper Name Paper Type Marks Time Limit
Economic and Social Issues Objective  100 90 minutes
English  Descriptive 100 90 minutes
Finance Management  Objective 100 90 minutes

 Generally, it has been observed that Descriptive English is most neglected while preparing for RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam.  Descriptive English section, which comprises of Essay, Precis’ writing and Comprehension, has equal weightage as the other two sections in Phase 2 exam. You need to understand that the better you perform in this section the better your written score will be, which, in turn, will increase your overall score when interview score will be added. Your aim while attempting the Descriptive English paper should be to make the reader say, “I feel like I’m right there!”.


      Let’s have a look into the RBI Grade B Exam writing strategy given below-

RBI Grade B Essay Writing Tips

  • Make gist of the points that you have in your mind, so that you will not feel wordless and can be quick in writing the essay.
  • Avoid using complex vocabulary. A simple, clear and grammatically error free essay will be more influential than a complex vocabulary filled one.
  • An essay consists of three parts- Introduction ( history, definition, about that topic ), Body (detailed information) and conclusion (suggestions, challenges, solution). Do not miss any part.
  • Do not start your first line of the introduction with an idiom or saying. If you want, you can include that after the introduction part or end with an idiom or phrase as conclusion.
  • Try to provide some examples from the past or give some statistics to substantiate what you have written.
  • In the concluding paragraph, try to provide your view about the topic by giving  a solution to the problem or write about the challenges and steps to overcome it.
  • For effective writing keep yourself updated on the latest happenings around the world, economy trends, agriculture scenario and other news by cultivating habit of reading newspaper daily
  • Having said all the above points, you also need to keep in mind the word limit and adhere to it strictly.

RBI Grade B Precis Tips

You need to make a short and crisp summary of a passage in Precis writing. This would require extensive practice. Lets look at some tips for good précis writing:

  • Make it a practice to pick up any editorial of around 600–700 words of any English newspaper (The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Financial Express are recommended). 
  • Try to compress these editorials without losing its essence of the passage.
  • Word limit for precis’ varies from exam to exam, therefore read the instructions carefully in the RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam.
  • Prepare a rough structure by trying to understand the main theme of the paragraph or comprehension. 
  • Also, try to identify the structure of the information that is provided in the paragraph and the sequence of events or chain of things given.
  • After thoroughly understanding the concept or basics of the comprehension try to frame sentences in your own words keeping in mind the important points which you have noted down from the paragraph. 
  • While writing the Precis you can pick up facts or keywords from the original paragraph or comprehension but do not take the entire sentence. Avoid repetitions and usage of exact sentences.

RBI Grade B Comprehension Tips

  • A passage is given, you need to answer questions asked after the reading the passage thoroughly and carefully.
  • For answering the questions, try to frame the answers in your own sentences. Focus more on the structure of the passage.
  • Do not copy the language of the comprehension. 
  • If you prepare for Essay and Precis in the right manner, then comprehension will be prepared on its own.

All the points discussed above will be more fruitful when you experts to guide at each stage of preparation. ixamBee with a aim to make your Descriptive English preparation smooth, has launched an exclusive RBI Grade B online course, where our experts would personally provide feedback on each Essay, Precis, Reading comprehension written by you. Also we have crisp and lucid material that will help you in your RBI Grade B preparation.

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