10 Tips to Crack Any Bank Exam to Become a Bank PO


Read these 10 Tips that can help you crack any bank exam to become a Bank Officer

Being a bank officer is considered to be a dream job for many in the country and is coveted by so many aspirants who flock to attempt the entrance examinations. Examinations for all banks including SBI, RBI, Canara, Corporation and other regional nationalized banks are equally competitive and hard to qualify. So it is imperative that you stand out from the crow by taking a meticulous approach towards the exam.

Tips to Crack Any Bank Exam

Tips to Crack Any Bank Exam

So here are 10 tips that will help you to crack any Banking Exam and help you achieve your dream of becoming a bank officer.

Properly analyze the syllabus

First things first, before attempting any examination it is important to determine what to study. So going through the syllabus is important. It is important to cross-verify the syllabus with more than one source, as there is always the possibility of misinformation. In some instances, students would be underprepared or inadequately prepared, when they fail to notice changes in a syllabus for that year. This would be counterproductive as you would be spending months preparing for syllabi and topics that have been omitted or modified for that year. The best thing to do is to reach out to the official website of each bank to determine the exact syllabus.

Make a study plan

The next step is to create a study plan. The following factors must be taken into consideration when preparing a plan:

  1. How much time is remaining?
  2. How much of the syllabus are you familiar with?
  3. What resources do you have to prepare for the exam?
  4. Is the plan realistic?

Without a realistic plan, you are never going to get anywhere, so make sure that you factor in limitations and give room for slippage so as to make the plan as relevant and realistic as possible.

Execute the plan

No matter how solid and good your plan is, you will see no success if it isn’t executed. So make sure that you put in the stipulated hours per day to learn. This is often the part that is the toughest as it requires a lot of hard work. Stick to your plan and don’t let distractions intervene.

Solve past question papers

This is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with the quality of the examination and the type of questions that you will be asked. Moreover, this is probably the only best free resource that you are going to receive with regard to the examination. So make sure that you attempt the past three years’ question papers to kick-start your evaluation of your readiness.

IBPS PO Prelims Previous Year Papers

SBI PO Prelims Previous Year Question Papers

Take mock tests

This is very important. The old adage ‘practice makes perfect‘ is highly underappreciated, as candidates assume that their preparation is sufficient to pull them through. You will be surprised at the results when taking your first mock test. You may be under the impression that you have covered all topics but still get so many questions wrong. This is why mock tests are important as they let you gauge your level of preparation. Plus by taking multiple mock tests, you will be able to cover potential questions from a wide range of topics in the examination. Mock tests also help build the speed at which you answer questions. This will help you fine-tune your preparations.

IBPS PO Free Mock Tests

SBI PO Free Mock Tests

Create an exam plan

It isn’t sufficient to plan to study in case of such a competitive exam. In many instances, you will see candidates with excellent levels of preparation struggle in the exams as they can get what’s in their head onto the paper. This is because of stress that is a result of poor exam preparation. While a mock test can provide you with some level of confidence in your ability and gauge your level of readiness for the exams, they are attempted in the comfort of your home. An actual examination is different as it takes place in real-time in a different environment. The psychological aspects are what makes or break your exam success.

In an exam plan, you must categorize portions of the syllabus based on your knowledge and comfort level with these topics and prioritize them. Take the topics that you are very comfortable with and prioritize completing these questions first. Then move on to the other segments. Leave all the questions that you find hard or uncertain about for the end.

Practice time management

Another critical aspect of bank exams is time management. The luxury of solving past years’ question papers is that you get unlimited time to work on them. But in the exam, you have to stick to a strict deadline, which can add to the pressure. So make sure that you clock your mock tests and past question papers and find out areas on which you need to work on so that you have enough information to work out a plan to eliminate these troubling areas.

Don’t Guess

People often figure that with multiple choice questions they can get away or score some extra marks by simply guessing answers to questions they don’t know. Keep in mind that most bank exams have negative markings so guessing going to do you more harm than good. So just skip the questions that you don’t know instead of attempting a blind guess.

Avoid wastage of time

Reading long comprehension questions, rereading tough questions and doing too much mental math are all going to waste your time in the exam. Keep the long questions for the last and perform all the math physically on the side of the answer sheet in a rough section. This will surely help save time.

Talk to people who have qualified

Scout your network and find out if someone has cleared the exams. Not only will you be able to gain great insights and tips from them but you will also be supercharged with motivation on hearing their success story.


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