Ace RBI Grade B Interview with Prachi Agarwal – Part 5


 The UPSC/civil services saga

Up until now, in this series of blogs related to RBI interview preparation, the points and discussions were relevant for the preparation of any job interview in general too. However, my current blog is more particular to the RBI interviews. 

In the previous blog we discussed the importance of mock interviews as a tool to prepare for an Interview. IAS officer is a dream job in our country and the first love of any individual wanting to make a career in the government sector. No doubt it is a great career and one should work hard towards that goal. The competition is very high with lakhs of students appearing for the exam for a few hundred vacancies. Yes, all aspirants will not be able to clear the Interveiw round, that is the reality. Many UPSC/civil services aspirants then turn to other prestigious government sector jobs and RBI Grade B is one such job they vie for after civil services. 

Do not get me wrong here. There is nothing wrong with vying for the RBI Grade B officer job after UPSC. The problem is when candidates are not able to come out of the shadow of UPSC preparation. They carry the burden of unsuccessful UPSC attempts on their shoulders, dragging it with themselves in every job interview.

Some will mention it as their failure in life; some will mention it as their first love and now looking for something to meet the financial responsibilities, some will start justifying their choice to pursue UPSC for so many years, etc. What such candidates fail to realize is that they are showcasing a broken personality to the panel; a person that is now ‘settling’ for an RBI job (and remember you haven’t even got that till now!!), or a person who looks at negatives more than positives (is unable to see positives like learning, patience, perseverance, attained through years of preparation), a person who is dejected (and is unlikely to be a good leader for the team).

When the panel asks you questions related to your past years which were spent in the UPSC preparation, it’s the approach to the answer and not the correctness of it that is important. If you recall, in the first blog, we had discussed how the delivery is just as important as the content of the answer. Remember, UPSC preparation is one of the many chapters in your life and not the only one. So talk about other things in your life, steer clear of the trap of the UPSC saga and drive your interview into other areas of your life. Talk about your interests, your learnings and your future.

This was the last blog in the 5 blog series on “How to Ace RBI Grade B Interviews 2021”. Hope this has helped you. All the best.

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