SBI PO Mains: How To Channel Your Mind At The Last Minute?


SBI PO Mains 2019

State Bank of India or SBI is one of the largest banks banks in India and working at SBI is no less than a dream come true. For all those who are eager to work in the banking sector, SBI PO is one of the best opportunities today. SBI hasd released its recruitment notification earlier this year and the SBI PO Prelims was held in the month of June. A large number of candidates applied for the same. Now, for the luckier ones who go themselves through the first stage are set to give their next examination in the form of SBI PO Mains 2019. For those who were less lucky will be getting another chance next year and many other this year too. SBI PO Mains is scheduled on 20th July 2019 (Saturday).

SBI PO Mains: Channel Your Energy & Mind

SBI PO being one of the most popular examinations surely isn’t an easy nut to crack. Considering this, we might also say that there is no such nut which can not be cracked. You just need the right tools & methods to do that. SBI PO Mains is just around the corner and therefore all the candidates appearing for this exam should be in their last steps of SBI PO Mains preparation phase. SBI PO is a crucial test for a job aspirant looking for a bank job and thus it is really important to be fully prepared before you take up the final challenge. It is very necessary therefore to channel your mind & energy towards the right direction. Before you move on to take the most important exam, you should keep in mind some simple tips:

  • Maybe first, but not last: While you reach the final stage of your preparation phase, you need to remember an essential fact that this maybe your first attempt but it surely is not your last chance to grab a banking job for yourself. So, keep the nervousness aside and give your best.
  • Same goal, unique qualities: You may have the same goal as all the aspirants aiming to become an SBI PO but don’t forget that you have your own unique qualities which are not similar to anybody else. You might not realize but any one of these unique qualities may win you that one seat at the end.
  • Optimism is the key: If you are not optimistic about your goals, your whole preparation may go in vain. Staying optimistic will give you the confidence of going on the very moment you start getting nervous.
  • Silence your thoughts: The most important part being in the last stage of your preparation phase is silencing your mind and the thoughts that keep coming that make you feel nervous at the last minute. You need to train your mind to think good for yourself & you will get good results.
  • Meditate: Meditating in the last two days will surely help you in keeping yourself calm and composed. This will help in concentrating better on the exam day.
  • Be Wise & Revise: Revision of the concepts and the General Knowledge/Current Affairs may help you in brushing up your knowledge which will make it permanent in your memory till the day of the SBI PO Main Exam.
  • Think of the Best: You may be aware of the very famous quote : “What You Think, You Become”. Thus, if you will think best for yourself, you will receive the best results.

SBI PO is one of the most sought-after jobs in the banking sector and therefore the competition is quite high. Due to this, the level of the exam is usually set on a good level. To beat the competition you need to have that ‘one extra’ in your efforts which will set you apart from the rest. To add on to these efforts and get an edge over others, you can practice SBI PO Mains free mock tests and improve your score.

For those who could not  make it to SBI PO Mains, you have nothing to worry, you can check out our SBI PO Online Course and prepare yourself for the next chance. The online course will help you in forming a complete SBI PO Mains strategy which will ensure your selection.

All The Best!

“If we are prepared, we shall not fear” – Quentin L. Cook

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