RBI Grade B Phase 2: Strategy to write 2000 words in 90 minutes!


This year’s RBI Grade B notification has stunned the aspirants. Firstly, the change in the exam pattern appeared like a nightmare to the students, and now the announcement to write 2000 words for ESI and FM paper each in 90 minutes had made the students anxious about the exam.

With the release of the RBI handout for the RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam, there is an observable confusion and panic among the students. The students are terrified of the descriptive answer writing for the ESI and FM paper of RBI Grade B Phase 2 2021. The announcement of writing 2000 words in 90 minutes has triggered the fear of self-doubt and queries related to how to attempt it, what should be the strategy, should the aspirant have to be a typist, or Is RBI is testing their typing speed or their knowledge? 

In this article, we are discussing the last day’s strategy and how you must attempt your descriptive ESI and FM papers in order to crack the RBI exam. Your RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam is scheduled for April 1, 2021. This implies that you don’t have any time to prepare for anything extra now. You must focus on the things you have learnt in these months and the strategy and knowledge you have gained. Let’s start with the pattern of questions you will be facing in the descriptive papers of ESI and FM. 


The Pattern of Questions

The Economic and Social Issues (ESI) and the Financial Management (FM) papers have introduced 50% of the descriptive questions in which you have to type your answer in the prescribed word limit and time duration.

The breakage of the questions for the phase 2 exam as told by RBI is given below:

  • Objective (ESI and FM)

30Qs of 50 marks to be attempted in 30 minutes

10 Questions1 mark each
20 Questions2 mark each

There is ample time for you to attempt the objective questions for ESI and FM in 30 minutes and it is achievable if you have been practicing and giving mocks. As soon as the objective section is finished and your allotted time of 30 minutes has passed your second paper of descriptive ESI and FM will start. There is no break between these two papers. Your 90 minutes will start immediately after you finish the objective paper.

  • Descriptive (ESI and FM)

4Qs of 50 Marks to be attempted in 90 minutes

2 Questions 15 Marks Each (30 Marks in total)
2 Questions 10 Marks Each (20 Marks in total)

You have to attempt 4Qs in 90 minutes. Is the time enough? This question has been crawling in the head of every aspirant and giving rise to multiple confusion.

In the handout given by RBI for Phase 2 it is clearly stated that “In case of descriptive questions, 6 questions will be asked of which candidates will be required to attempt 4 questions ( 2 Qs of 15 marks each and 2Qs of 10 marks each). The word limit shall be 600 words for 15 marks questions and 400 words for 10 marks questions. In case, candidates answer more than 4 questions in descriptive, the first 4 shall be evaluated”.

Now the question is how to write 2000 words in 90 minutes?

600+600+400+400= 2000 Words. This means you must write 22-23 words per minute!

Your Harsh Reality Check

You don’t have 90 minutes to write but in reality, you will only have 80 minutes on your hand. 10 minutes will be for reading the questions, framing the answer in your brain, and then making yourself adjustable with the keyboard typing. This whole process will take your 10 minutes at least. Thus, you will only be left with 80 minutes to attempt your paper.

Strategy to write 2000 words in 80 minutes!

Before entering into the strategy part you have to ask a few questions to yourself. This will help in reducing your stress and fear for the exam. Ask yourself:

  • Am I prepared on my content and knowledge for the exam?
  • Do I have enough confidence in my preparation for the exam?
  • Have I practiced typing my descriptive answers?

If you have knowledge about the exam content then you are aware of the important key points to write. Supposedly, if a question comes on the functions of RBI and you have a thorough knowledge of the same. But when you start writing you wrote all 600 words on the secondary function of RBI and skipped on the main functions which you were aware of then your answer will not be of any worth. 

Along with the knowledge of the content, you must prioritize in your head all the major key points before you start writing. This will help you in structuring your answer. 

Follow these steps in writing your answer:

  • For Introduction: Write only 2-3 lines, approximately 30 words will be enough for giving a brief introduction.
  • Write all the important key points you have studied and make your answer across those key points. Don’t indulge in writing extra elaborated material. 
  • Learn to streamline your thoughts and structure your answers. 
  • Write complete answers having an Introduction part, body part, and conclusion. Don’t skip on any of these parts if your aim is to write good answers. 2 to 3 paras of 150-200 words will be enough and will be considered as a good answer. 
  • Structure your answer in a manner that it can be completed in 15-20 minutes. Focus on the content of your answer. If your content will be appropriate you will automatically cover the prescribed word limit. 
  • Devote your time like this: 20-25 minutes each for the 15 mark questions and 15 minutes each for the 10 mark questions. 
  • Focus on attempting the full paper. Write what you know. Do not write unnecessary points to just meet word limits. Fill in gaps if you have time left. Account for/be mentally prepared for technical issues in the actual exam.
  • If you are failing in writing a question then don’t get stuck on one question. Focus on not wasting your precious time.
  • In the days left before your exam try to attempt descriptive mock tests. We are providing free descriptive mock tests for RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam which is exactly your actual exam. Attempt these mock tests and practice writing. Our RBI Grade B phase 2 free mock tests for Descriptive ESI and RBI Grade B phase 2 free mock test for Descriptive FM have been designed to give you a real exam feel.

If you have skipped on any point for the RBI Handout you may read this article on the complete RBI handout for RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam to brush up your information.

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