RBI Assistant Salary: In-hand Salary, Pay Scale, Perks and More


Securing a position with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is a cherished ambition for countless aspirants. The RBI stands as one of India’s preeminent financial institutions, playing a pivotal role in regulating the nation’s banking sector. Consequently, being a part of the RBI embodies a source of immense pride for those with aspirations in the banking industry. The privilege of joining this esteemed organization presents selected candidates with an invaluable opportunity to learn from experts spanning a multitude of fields, both within the Indian economy and on a global scale.

Furthermore, the appeal of banking jobs, especially in RBI, lies not only in the prestige but also in the substantial benefits they offer. The combination of job security, a competitive salary, and a comprehensive array of perks renders positions in the banking sector highly desirable. As a result, government jobs in the banking sphere have emerged as a prevailing choice among today’s youth, who are drawn to the stability, rewards, and personal growth opportunities such positions provide. The banking sector continues to be an evergreen preference for aspiring individuals who seek not only financial stability but also a fulfilling and influential career.

RBI Assistant is one such job opportunity that offers you a good salary package along with other perks and benefits. The RBI Assistant Notification 2023 was officially unveiled on 13 September, 2023 marking the commencement of the application window. The deadline for applications closed on 4 October, 2023, finalizing the submissions of prospective candidates. In an update to the examination schedule, the RBI Assistant 2023 preliminary examination has been rescheduled to be conducted on November 18th and 19th, 2023. Subsequently, the RBI Assistant Mains Exam is notified to take place on December 31, 2023, offering candidates an extended period to prepare for this crucial phase of the examination.

In this blog, we will cover all the details regarding revised in-hand salary, pay scale, perks and other benefits. So, if you are appearing for the RBI Assistant 2023 exam, we urge you to stay till the end.

RBI Assistant 2023: Revised Salary Structure

RBI had revised the salary of RBI Assistants in 2022. As per the  RBI Assistant 2023 official notification the Basic Pay for an RBI Assistant is ₹20,700 per month. At present, an RBI Assistant’s Gross monthly emoluments (without HRA) is approximately Rs 45,050/- per month.

Given below is the comparison of RBI Assistant salary of 2019 and 2023-

Salary DetailsRBI Assistant Salary 2019RBI Assistant Salary 2023
Basic PayRs. 14,650Rs. 20,700
Pay ScaleRs. 13150- 750 (3)- 15400- 900(4)- 19000-1200(6)- 26200- 1300 (2)- 28800- 1480(3) – 33240– 1750 (1)- 34990 (20 years).Rs. 20700- 1200 (3)- 24300- 1440 (4)- 30060- 1920 (6)- 41580- 2080 (2)- 45740- 2370 (3)- 52850- 2850- 55700 (20 years).
Monthly Gross EmolumentsRs. 36,091Rs. 45,050

RBI Assistant 2023: Salary Increment

Given below is the breakdown of the basic pay of RBI Assistant along with the increment for every year of service-

Years of ServiceBasic PayIncrement
First 3 yearsRs. 20,700Rs. 1200
Next 4 yearsRs. 24,300Rs.1440
Next 6 yearsRs.30,060Rs.1920
Next 2 yearsRs. 41,580Rs.2080
Next 3 yearsRs.45,740Rs. 2370
Next 1 yearRs.52,850Rs.2850
20 yearsRs.55,700

RBI Assistant 2023: Pay & Allowances

Besides the above mentioned salary, the RBI Assistants are also entitled to certain allowances. Let’s look at the allowances of an RBI Assistant in detail-

Pay & AllowancesAmount (in Rupees)
Basic Pay20,700
Additional Special Pay265
Grade Allowance2200
Dearness Allowance12,587
Transport Allowance1000
House Rent Allowance2238
Special Allowance2040
Local Compensatory Allowance1743
Gross Pay45,050
Net Pay40,000 (approx.)


  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) will not be paid to the employee if he/she has been provided with Bank’s accommodation. 
  • However, if the selected candidates are not staying in Bank’s accommodation, House Allowance of 15% will be paid to the employees additionally.

RBI Assistant 2023: Salary Deductions

The total deductions in the net pay are given below-

DeductionsAmount (in Rupees)
EE NPS Amount2970
Prof Tax- split period200
Meal Coupon Deduction160
All India RBI Employee’s10
Sports Club Membership10
Total 3,375 (approx.)

RBI Assistant 2023: Perks 

Apart from the aforementioned salary and allowances, an RBI Assistant is also entitled to the following perks as per eligibility-

Perks & Benefits

RBI Assistant Postings

Upon their selection, candidates will initially be stationed at an RBI Office situated within the Recruitment Zone corresponding to their application location. However, it’s important to note that successful candidates may undergo transfers to diverse regional offices. These regional offices are categorized into four main groups: West, South, North, and East Zones. This strategic placement allows the Reserve Bank of India to efficiently allocate its workforce and ensure a balanced and effective operational presence across the nation. Candidates should be prepared for the possibility of such transfers, as it is a part of the organizational structure designed to optimize the RBI’s operational effectiveness and serve the banking needs of the entire country efficiently. Regional offices are as follows:

West Zone

  • Ahmedabad
  • Bhopal (including Raipur)
  • Mumbai (including Belapur, Pune and Panaji)
  • Nagpur

South Zone

  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Thiruvananthapuram (including Kochi)

North Zone

  • Chandigarh (including Shimla)
  • Jaipur
  • Jammu/Srinagar
  • Kanpur (including Lucknow & Dehradun)
  • New Delhi

East Zone 

  • Bhubaneswar
  • Guwahati (including all North Eastern states excluding Gangtok)
  • Kolkata (including Gangtok)
  • Patna (including Ranchi)

RBI Assistant 2023: Job Profile & Career Prospects

When considering career advancement within the RBI, it’s crucial to recognize the wealth of opportunities available for its employees. The RBI consistently organizes internal promotional examinations at regular intervals, offering its dedicated workforce a chance to progress within the organization. Each promotional milestone achieved translates to an elevation in the RBI Assistant’s salary, accompanied by a corresponding augmentation of roles and responsibilities. This multifaceted approach to career development not only rewards employees for their hard work and commitment but also nurtures a culture of growth and excellence within the organization.

As employees climb the career ladder, they not only witness a steady increase in their earnings but also gain access to more influential positions. These roles come with enhanced responsibilities and decision-making authority, creating a dynamic environment where professional growth is encouraged and rewarded. With each step, employees are further equipped with the skills and experiences required to excel in the banking and financial sector, making RBI a compelling choice for those seeking a robust and rewarding career journey.

The job profile and career growth of an RBI Assistant is given below-

Job Profile & Career Growth

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