NABARD Grade A and DA (Development Assistant) Exam 2024: Expected Date & Preparation Strategy


In this blog, we will talk about the expected dates of the exams that are going to be conducted by NABARD in 2024 for various posts. Not only this, you will also get introduced to some of the strategies through which you can create your own study plan which you can follow to get success in these exams.

For individuals pursuing a career in agriculture or holding a degree in this field, the prospect of applying for examinations like NABARD Grade A or NABARD Development Assistant (NDA) is undoubtedly a significant consideration. Becoming an officer at NABARD offers a profound sense of self-fulfilment and underscores one’s self-worth. A substantial number of students choose agriculture as their undergraduate major with the explicit goal of becoming eligible for NABARD Grade A or NDA exams. This career path not only aligns with their academic and professional aspirations but also allows them to contribute meaningfully to the development and transformation of the agricultural sector in India.


Annually, NABARD issues notifications for various job positions, notably the Grade A officer and Development Assistant (DA). These notifications represent a valuable opportunity, particularly for graduates in agriculture, serving as a gateway to careers in agricultural and rural development. Many agricultural graduates are deeply committed to encouraging agricultural welfare, which fuels their anticipation of the NABARD Grade A and Development Assistant exams’ expected dates in 2024.

In the year 2023, the NABARD Grade A recruitment notification was officially announced on September 01, 2023, while the notification for the NABARD DA exam was not released, but it was expected to be released in the year 2024. In this article, we will delve into the details of the NABARD Grade A and DA exams, accompanied by a simple preparation strategy. This information is particularly beneficial for candidates preparing to appear in the NABARD Grade A or Development Assistant 2024 exam, so we strongly encourage you to review it attentively.

Before we explore the preparation strategies, let’s first examine the exam pattern. Understanding the structure of the exam will provide you with a clear roadmap for your preparations. Below is a concise table summarizing the exam pattern for both the NABARD Grade A and Development Assistant Exams:

NABARD Grade A Prelims Exam Pattern 

Nature of Test Test NameNo. Of QuestionsMaximum MarksTime Duration
QualifyingQuantitative Aptitude2020Composite time of 120 minutes
Reasoning Ability2020
Computer Knowledge2020
English Language3030
Decision Making1010
Merit-BasedGeneral Awareness2020
Agriculture & Rural Development (with focus on Rural India)4040
Economic and Social Issues (with focus on Rural India)4040
Total2002002 Hours

NABARD Grade A Mains Exam Pattern 

PaperSubjectType of PaperNo. of QuestionsMarksDuration
Paper IGeneral EnglishOnline Descriptive (Answers to be typed using keyboard)310090 Minutes
Paper IIEconomic and Social Issues and Agriculture & Rural DevelopmentObjective305030 Minutes
Descriptive Type (Answers to be typed using keyboard either in English or Hindi (Remington and Inscript keyboards))6 questions will be asked, of which candidates will be required to attempt 4 questions [2 of 15 marks each (with difficulty level) and 2 of 10 marks each]5090 Minutes
Total100 (Paper II)2 Hours (Paper II)

NABARD DA Development Assistant Prelims Exam Pattern 

Name of the TestsNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
English Language4040

Composite time of 60 minutes
Numerical Ability3030

NABARD DA Development Assistant Mains Exam Pattern 

No. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
Composite time of 90 minutes for Objective Tests and 30 minutes for Descriptive Test
Quantitative Aptitude3030
General Awareness (with special reference to agriculture, rural development, and banking)5050
Computer Knowledge4040
English Language (Descriptive)Essay, Precis writing, Report / Letter Writing50

NABARD Grade A and DA Exam 2024: Expected Dates

In 2023, the NABARD Grade A recruitment exam was officially announced on September 01, 2023, and the NABARD Grade A Phase 1 exam was held on October 16, 2023, and Mains on November 19, 2023. NABARD seldom releases its yearly calendar of recruitment exams like IBPS. Hence, it is not that easy to have an accurate idea about the NABARD Development Assistant Notification 2024 release date.

Usually, there is only about a one month gap between the notification date and exam date for NABARD Exams and if you are someone who is really keen about taking NABARD Exams, we recommend you start preparing today instead of waiting for the notification to be released.

Why Start Early?

When exam schedules have yet to be announced, it presents an ideal opportunity to proactively kick start your exam preparations. We highly recommend making the most of this time. If you’re beginning your preparation from square one, these strategies can prove highly beneficial. 

To begin, consider initiating your efforts with a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis provides a structured framework for evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to an exam. It helps in strategic planning by identifying key internal factors for improvement and external factors for support. This analysis aids decision-making, enhances awareness, and fosters effective problem-solving during exam preparation.

Vast Syllabus

  • Once the notification is released, you will get approximately one to two months to prepare eight subjects, which will not be sufficient as the syllabus for the NABARD Grade A and DA Prelims exam is quite vast.
  • Moreover, you must prepare for Prelims and Mains simultaneously. This is because the mains exam comprises a descriptive section and you will get minimal time after prelims to prepare for it from scratch.
  • You should focus more on General Awareness as ARD and ESI questions will be based on the latest reports.

NABARD Grade A, DA Development Assistant 2024: Preparation Strategy

Understand the Syllabus:

Start by thoroughly understanding the syllabus provided by NABARD. Identify the key topics and, subsequently, assess and prioritize them in accordance with your individual strengths and weaknesses. This strategic approach will enable you to tailor your preparation efficiently and focus on areas requiring more attention.

Create a Study Plan:

Develop a realistic study plan that allows you to dedicate enough time to cover each section of the exam. Organize your study hours judiciously, giving additional focus to complex topics. This approach ensures a well-rounded preparation strategy, optimizing your chances of success by efficiently managing your study time.

Study Material:

Gather quality study material, including textbooks, reference books, online resources, and previous years’ question papers. Ensure that the resources are up-to-date and aligned with the latest syllabus.

Mock Tests and Practice Papers:

Regularly attempt mock tests and practice papers to familiarize yourself with the exam format and assess your performance. Analyze your mistakes and weak areas, and work on improving them.

  • Another easy way to start your NABARD 2024 exam preparation is to take NABARD free mock tests. Mock tests play a crucial role in the preparation of every competitive exam.
  • It will help you in assessing the exact exam pattern, weightage, and difficulty level.
  • Moreover, it will give you an opportunity to try and test different strategies for solving questions.
  • You can improve your speed & accuracy by practicing a variety of questions, which in turn will help you with better time management.
  • Most importantly, mock tests will shine a light on your strengths and weaknesses.

ixamBee provides mock tests free of cost for NABARD Grade A and NABARD DA both.

Time Management:

Develop effective time management skills throughout your preparation journey. Consistently practice answering questions within designated time limits to refine both your speed and precision. These efforts will not only boost your efficiency but also your exam readiness, ensuring you can tackle the real exam with complete confidence.

Focus on Core Subjects:

Give special attention to subjects such as Economic and Social Issues, Agriculture and Rural Development, Farm and Agri Engineering, Animal Husbandry, etc. These subjects carry significant weightage in the exam, so thorough preparation is crucial. Also, don’t forget to emphasize on descriptive English, as it also holds optimum marks in the Phase 2 exam of both NABRAD Grade A and NDA.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs:

Keep yourself updated with the latest current affairs, especially in the fields of agriculture, rural development, and economics. Read newspapers, follow news websites, look for online current affairs resources, and refer to relevant magazines to stay informed.

Group Study and Discussion: 

Engage in group study sessions and discussions with fellow aspirants. This will help you gain different perspectives, and share knowledge,

Previous Year Question Papers

  • For an effective SWOT analysis, you should start by reviewing NABARD Grade A and DA (Development Assistant) previous year question papers. This will help you identify the core topics and peripheral topics. Moreover, it will enable you to narrow down the most important questions that you must practice and revise just before the exam.
  • This approach will also provide insights into your performance across all eight subjects. Strive for a minimum accuracy rate of 50% in each section, necessitating equal time allocation to all subjects in order to achieve this target.                                                                           
  • Furthermore, NABARD has introduced a new subject called Decision Making in 2021. Therefore, going through the previous year’s questions will prove quite beneficial.

Get previous year papers for NABARD Grade A and NABARD DA for free.


The NABARD Grade A Development Assistant Notifications for this year are expected soon. Thus, we recommend you to get your head over heels for the preparation of these exams as soon as possible.

Make the most of your preparation time by following a disciplined study routine. Cover the syllabus thoroughly, and practice with mock tests and previous years’ question papers. This will not only strengthen your knowledge but also enhance your confidence and time management skills. You can also avail of our Comprehensive Courses to get personalized expert guidance to crack the NABARD Grade A and NDA (Development Assistant) Exam 2024.

It is important to stay prepared and utilize your time effectively during exam preparation, even when the exam dates are yet to be announced. Stay connected with official notifications, make the most of study resources, and engage with fellow aspirants to enhance your chances of success. Remember, staying focused and maintaining a consistent study routine will help you excel in the exam whenever it takes place. Good luck with your preparations!

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