PFRDA Exam: An Excellent Opportunity for IT Graduates


The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has issued an official notification inviting applications for the recruitment of officers in Grade ‘A’. This presents a significant opportunity for individuals seeking to embark on a career path in the financial sector. The recruitment drive aims to select talented candidates who will contribute to the regulatory and developmental aspects of pension funds.

Commencing the online application process, PFRDA has opened doors for aspiring candidates to submit their applications. The application window is limited, underscoring the importance of timely action for interested candidates. Given the competitive nature of such recruitment processes, it’s essential for applicants to seize the opportunity promptly.

Officers recruited through this process will play a crucial role in overseeing and regulating pension funds, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, and fostering the development of the pension sector. As Grade ‘A’ officers, they will be entrusted with significant responsibilities and will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the financial stability and security of pension funds.

For those who have not yet applied for the PFRDA recruitment, it is advisable to prioritize the application process without delay. This opportunity not only offers a chance to join a prestigious regulatory authority but also provides avenues for professional growth and development within the financial services domain.

The PFRDA recruitment for Grade ‘A’ officers presents a promising career opportunity for individuals aspiring to make a difference in the realm of pension funds and financial regulation. Applicants are encouraged to act promptly to maximize their chances of being considered for this esteemed position. Through this blog, aspirants can learn all that they need to know about the PFRDA Exam.

PFRDA IT Stream Recruitment

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has opened applications for Officer Grade ‘A’ positions, comprising both Generalist and Specialist roles. Among the Specialist Officer positions, opportunities are available for IT Officers, reflecting the authority’s focus on technological advancements in financial regulation. This recruitment drive offers a diverse range of roles suitable for candidates with varying expertise and interests within the financial sector. Aspiring applicants are encouraged to explore these opportunities and align their skills with the requirements outlined by PFRDA to pursue a rewarding career path in pension fund regulation and development. Take a look at all the details on the PFRDA IT Exam to know more. Let us discuss more about the exam pattern and syllabus for the PFRDA IT exam. This will be followed by a note on the books and resources you can refer to for your preparation. We will conclude by talking about how ixamBee can help you prepare for the exam successfully.  

PFRDA IT Stream Exam Pattern 

The selection process comprises three stages:

  • Phase 1 (Online screening-qualifying in nature)
  • Phase 2 (Online examination) (MCQ + Descriptive)
  • Phase 3 (Interview)

Each phase in the first two phases comprises 2 papers each. Paper 1 is common in both phases for aspirants across all streams and will be an aptitude test. Paper 2 in both phases will be separate for the Generalist posts and the Specialist Posts. The SO papers will test Professional Knowledge, in this case, Information Technology. All the papers are for 100 marks each.

Depending upon their performance, candidates will be invited for an Interview in the 3rd phase. The final merit will be declared on the basis of 85% marks earned in Phase 2 and 15% of marks obtained in the Interview.

PFRDA IT Stream Syllabus

The PFRDA IT Stream syllabus encompasses a comprehensive range of topics essential for aspiring IT Officers. It typically covers areas such as computer fundamentals, programming languages, database management systems, software engineering principles, network security, and emerging technologies. Candidates can expect to delve into both theoretical concepts and practical applications relevant to the role. Mastery of these subjects is crucial for IT Officers to effectively contribute to the technological advancement and regulatory functions within the pension fund sector. Take a look at the detailed PFRDA IT stream syllabus here. 

Candidates should be aware that the syllabus is the same for both papers in Phase 1 and Phase 2. However, the standard of assessment will differ. In case you are preparing to appear for more than one stream in this year’s exam, we have prepared some tips on how you can prepare for all the streams together!

PFRDA IT Stream Preparation Strategy 

Although the exam dates have not yet been announced, aspirants can begin their preparation for the exam so that they don’t have to endure a last-minute rush. So, we will design our study plan according to the time we can make during this 1 month. Use every day well. And then, irrespective of when the exam is held, you are sure to succeed. Use this strategy blueprint to customize it according to your needs.

  • First, read the entire syllabus in detail so you don’t miss any topic or theme.
  • Spread the syllabus out through the course of the next 4 weeks (assuming we have at least 1 month to go). 
  • Study for at least 8-10 hours a day.
  • While the syllabus is quite basic, it is fairly vast. So do not take it lightly. 
  • Do not leave any topic for another day that you can cover today itself.
  • You can alternate between an aptitude test subject and IT topic. For example, if you are preparing some Reasoning topics on one day, choose SQL Queries to study the next day. 
  • Alternating between subjects and papers will make your preparation overall quite enjoyable. You will learn many new things. 
  • Divide your time equally between all the 4 papers. It is always a good idea to alternate. Rather it would be wise to dedicate 1 week for the preparation of one paper. For example, in Week 1, study for Paper 1, Phase 1. In Week 2, study for Paper 2, Phase 1.
  • There is no need to get worked up. While it may look like you have 4 papers to write in all, you must bear in mind that the syllabus for all subjects is quite basic. Moreover, as aforementioned, the IT syllabus is the same for both phases. 
  • Prepare for both the Prelims and Mains together. 
  • Despite the syllabus being the same, do not take the Professional Knowledge papers for granted. The examiners particularly want to test your knowledge in the respective fields, in this case, Information Technology, to judge whether you are a suitable candidate for this Specialized post or not. 
  • The English language syllabus for Phase 1 and Phase 2 is different and so is the pattern of assessment. The first paper is objective while the second is descriptive. So, prepare accordingly. 
  • You can refer to S.P. Bakshi’s Descriptive English for the latter.
  • Include timely breaks in your routine as and when you need them. There is no point in getting exhausted right from the start. 

PFRDA Exam: IT Stream Important Resources 


  1. IGNOU MCS 22 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management by Chakradhar Publications
  2. Basic Computer and Applications: Theory & Objective Book: Hindi Language by Engineers’ Academy
  3. Cyber Security by Nina Godbole 
  4. SQL Queries: 200+ Queries to Challenge You by Swaroop Kallakuri

You should also take a look at some of these other resources as you prepare for your exam. ixamBee’s PFRDA IT Previous Year Papers will provide you with the resources and prepare you for the exam.

  • Magazines like WIRED and MIT Technology Review 
  • Digit Magazine 
  • ixamBee’s BeePedia for further details on the General Awareness section.

PFRDA IT Mock Tests

For any and every exam preparation, taking timely mock tests is an indispensable practice. There are numerous benefits attached with the same. It helps you understand your overall as well as subject-specific preparation for the exam. Similarly, it helps you identify your weaknesses and strengths. So, take PFRDA Mock Tests as often as you can.

PFRDA Online Courses

ixamBee also provides PFRDA Grade A online coaching for various streams that include – IT, General, Finance and Rajbhasha. Some features that constitute our PFRDA IT Online Course are listed below-

  • More than 500 video lessons covering the whole syllabus 
  • More than 150 study notes as per the new exam pattern
  • Full-length practice tests for PFRDA Officer Grade ‘A’ Phase 1 and Phase 2 for the IT Stream
  • More than 10,000 practice questions based on the latest pattern 
  • More than75 chapter tests for easy understanding of concepts
  • Daily live online classes for doubt clarification with the subject experts
  • Guidance for Group Discussion and Interview Round 

In closing, we’d like to remind you that you need to apply for the exams as per the details given when the notification is released. You should be aware which is the last day before the application window closes. So, kindly be alert about the exam details.

Team ixamBee wishes you the best of luck. 

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