LIC AAO 2021: Last Minute Tips for You!


The LIC AAO 2021 Preliminary exam is scheduled to be held on August 28, 2021. We have only a few more days to go before the exam day now. So, your strategy for these last few days should be different as you should now focus on rest and revision rather than studying.

In this article, we have compiled some tips that you can use in these last few days so that you can maximize on your preparation, rest and perform your best in the exam all at the same time. 

LIC AAO Exam 2021 Preparation: Final Tips

  • Put down your books! Stop all studying and focus this time on rest and revision.
  • We would urge you to not begin studying any new topics now. Rather, focus on revising what you have already learnt previously.  
  • We hope you have analyzed some LIC AAO previous years’ papers while you were preparing for the exam. If not, you should take a look at them right now. 
  • For your English exam, you can do some light reading. This will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. This reading will allow you to continue your preparation without stressing you out. 
  • When you read the comprehension in the English language section of the paper, read it carefully and thoroughly. This is one of the most scoring parts of the paper since all the answers to subsequent questions already lie within the text. 
  • Additionally, take a look at some important questions on Reasoning that will help you revise. 
  • You can take a few LIC AAO mock tests this last week. This will help you understand your overall standard of preparation and at the same time give you a feel of the real exam. 
  • We would strongly advise you to attempt one mock test every day before the exam. 
  • When you take these mock tests, ensure you are able to complete each section within its allotted time, i.e., 20 minutes. In case you are unable to do so, it is something that you should focus on, on your exam day. 
  • Additionally, take some cues from toppers on how to clear the LIC AAO exam effectively. 

LIC AAO Exam 2021 Important Points to remember

  • While study and revision are important, resting well is equally important in these last few days. Take a break from your preparation so that you can refresh your mind and rest your body.  
  • Take some time off, watch a movie or meditate. Do any activity that you enjoy and that helps you take your mind off the exam for some time. 
  • Do this routinely for till the exam day. In fact, all exam-related work should be over and terminated on the evening of the exam. 
  • On the actual exam day, focus on yourself and your strengths. 
  • Your attitude matters a lot. This is why you should keep your thoughts positive at all times. Do not let stress or nervousness get in the way of you achieving your dreams. 
  • If you are feeling as if you have not studied enough or do not remember what you have studied, do not worry. It is quite normal for examinees to feel that way before any exam. We strongly urge you to believe in yourself and your preparation. 
  • After this intense period of study, what you need most is to rest. You may not be able to perform your best if your mind and body are tired. You will need speed and mental agility on your side on the day of the examination, for which you need to take proper rest. 
  • Keep everything that you will need for the exam prepared on the evening before the exam. Do not leave any preparation for the exam day itself. 
  • Remember to download your LIC AAO admit card and keep it in your exam bag. It would be best if you do it right now, lest you forget. 
  • You must remember to follow all COVID-related safety protocols at the exam centre. Maintain adequate distance from others if you have to stand in any line. Similarly, do not crowd at the gate in a rush to leave the exam hall after the exam. Your health is of utmost importance. 

Once you have taken the Preliminary exam, you should not wait to begin your Mains exam preparation. Although we hope you have been studying for the Mains all along, in case you haven’t, now there is not a moment to lose. Take a short break for a few days and then get back on the track. Resume your preparation once again with the attitude that you have already cleared the Prelims paper. 

If you need any sort of assistance, our LIC AAO Mains Online Course is at your disposal. Take a look at what we offer and how it will help you in your preparation. 

At all times, we tell our students the same thing that should be the cornerstone of your entire journey to landing your dream job, i.e., believe in yourself. 

Team ixamBee wishes you all the very best! 

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