Highest Paying Government Jobs in India: Jobs That Pay ₹2 Lakh /month


Read here about the highest paying government jobs in India, government jobs that pay ₹2 lakh per month like RBI Grade B, SEBI Grade A & more.

Job profile, working environment, status and job satisfaction are certainly important components of a successful and satisfying professional life. However, a very important ingredient of any lucrative profession is the salary offered. In India, government jobs offer the best mix of all the aforementioned components, particularly, salary & perks. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that lakhs of aspirants try their luck at landing a government job every year.

In this article, we will talk about the highest paying government jobs in India and see which jobs offer their employees close to ₹2 lakhs per month.

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

We have drawn a list of the Highest Paying Government Jobs in India for you. This list is headed by prestigious jobs like RBI Grade B Officer & SEBI Grade A Officer. We will study these two profiles in detail and look at other jobs as well.

What is 7th Pay Commission

Before we move ahead, it is important to understand the 7th pay commission. The 7th Pay Commission, outlines the structure of salary & other emoluments received by government employees in India.

What is Basic Salary?

The basic pay or basic salary (per month) is the amount that is paid to employees excluding any deductions (like TDS) or any additions (like allowances & bonuses). This is the gross amount that an employee receives directly. On this basic amount, other increments, perks, allowances and bonuses are calculated. Therefore, the actual CTC (cost-to-company) of an employee may be much higher than the basic pay.

Hence, when we examine the highest paying government jobs in India, we will look at the basic pay, perks & emoluments and other benefits that amount to the gross monthly salary.

High-Paying Govt. Jobs: RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B Officer Salary

  • Basic Pay: ₹55,200 
  • Pay Scale: ₹55200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850(2)-86550-3300(4)-99750
  • The aforementioned pay scale shows that an RBI Grade B Officer’s basic salary at the beginning of service will be ₹55,200 with an increment of ₹2850 for 9 years.
  • Next, there will be an increment of ₹2850 for another 2 years with the basic pay now standing at ₹80,850.
  • An increment of ₹3300 will be received after completing another 4 years of service. Now, the basic pay will be ₹86550. 
  • After 15 years of service, the highest basic pay of an RBI Grade B Officer will be ₹99750. 

The initial gross monthly emoluments amount to approximately ₹1,16,684.

RBI Grade B Perks & Allowances

Please note that for RBI Grade B employees, you will receive some allowances as a part of your salary and some separately.

Allowances received as a part of the salary include:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Education Allowance
  • Conveyance Allowance
  • Leave Fare Concession & Leave Travel Concession

Allowances received apart from the RBI Grade B salary:

  • Loan and Advances facility at concessional rates of interest
  • Fuel Allowance
  • Briefcase Allowance
  • Spectacles Allowance
  • Maid allowance
  • Mobile Allowance

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High-Paying Govt. Jobs: SEBI Grade A

Salary of a SEBI Grade A Officer

  • SEBI Grade A Basic Salary: ₹44,500
  • SEBI Grade A Pay Scale: ₹ 44500-2500(4)-54500-2850(7)-74450-EB*-2850(4)-85850-3300(1)-89150(17 years)
  • The gross monthly salary is approximately Rs. 1,35,000 per month.

Let us look at the breakdown of the SEBI Grade A pay scale.

  • The basic pay in the first year is ₹ 44,500.
  • There will be 4 annual increments of ₹ 2500.
  • After 5 years, the basic pay is ₹ 54,500.
  • Between the 6th and 12th year of service, there will be an annual increment of ₹2850.
  • For the next 4 years, the basic pay will be ₹85,850 with annual increment of ₹2850. 
  • The last increment for a year will be ₹3300. The basic salary at the end of 17 years of service will be ₹89,150. 

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The allowances offered to SEBI Grade A Officers are:

  • Special Pay
  • Special Functional Pay
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Special Compensatory Allowance
  • Grade Allowance
  • Learning Allowance
  • Personal Fixed Allowance
  • Local Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Family Allowance

If there is anything else you would like to know about the SEBI Grade A salary & allowances you can read more about it on our website.

Other High Paying Government Jobs

Aside from SEBI Grade A and RBI Grade B, there are other very high-paying government jobs as well. In the table below, we have listed these highest paying government jobs in India along with their basic pay.

Please note, for some of these jobs, the starting salary may not be as high. However, you can earn up to ₹2 lakh and more in a matter of a few years. All figures depicted below may vary on the basis of rank, experience & changes in government regulations.

IAS Officer in the rank of Cabinet Secretary₹2,50,000 
IFS Officer₹2,40,000 
IPS Officer₹2,25,000
Chief Justice of India2,80,000
Judges of the Supreme Court2,50,000
Chief Justice of High Court2,50,000
Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)2,25,000 
Professor at a Government University₹1,30,745 (may vary depending upon experience)
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)₹75,500 – ₹80,000
PSUs₹60,000- ₹1,80,000
NABARD Grade ARs. 70,000.

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