What Next After 12th?


After finishing your board’s examination and sometimes much before that we are often flooded with thoughts about our career and life goals. You may find that your friends’ lives are sorted. Your friend may be pursuing medicine or engineering or even thinking of joining the family business. But what about you?

You took science as your main subject but neither want to pursue engineering nor medicine. You are interested to know about different industries and how they deal with each other, their customers and the government at large. That is why you choose commerce as your main subject in class 12th but don’t want to end up being a Chartered Accountant. Even for the students who pursue Humanities, the road may not be very clear ahead.

Sometimes you choose your subjects out of interest and sometimes you have to choose the subjects depending on the percentage you attained in your 10th boards exam. You may have attained 57% or less than the threshold value in your SSC examination and are ineligible to pursue the subjects of your interests. Then what shall you do? You should look for options which can best satisfy your interests. When you do something beyond your interest area you feel burdened and don’t want to study anymore. 

Therefore you find yourself in the mire of questions like:

What should I do after 12th science?

I’ve passed class 12th this year and am really confused about my future. What should I do?

What do I pursue after 12th PCM?

What should be the study journey after 12th?

What are the courses other than medical and engineering for science stream students after 12th?

Currently I am in a 12th science stream (PCM) and I am confused about which stream to take after 12th. I don’t have a preference as such.. I just want to earn a good sum of money.

Is it important to join a college after class 12th?

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you don’t get a good college after 12th?

I am in class 12 and want to go to ISRO. How can I do this?

Your professional life depends on this single decision. Therefore, it is normal to feel stressed out. However, to overcome this challenge, you must introspect and think about your life goals, that is, where you see yourself when you attain the age of 50. I know the answer is simple… RICH and FAMOUS. Don’t we all want that?? Ok. So next is how you want to be rich and famous? By being a fashion designer or an architect or a surgeon or an industrialist. Then try to intertwine your subject areas that you are passionate about. BINGO!! You got an answer.

If you still are unable to find an answer for yourself and have questions related to career guidance, job profile, or even exam strategy, you can opt for ixamBee’s MentorBee program which will let you interact with the mentors who will clear all your doubts and will help you in choosing the most suitable option for yourself.

Remember: Everybody started small in life before getting to those awe-inspiring levels. 

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