FCI AGM- What and How to Prepare for Management and Ethics?


The Food Corporation of India Recruitment 2021 has announced the vacancies for the Assistant General Manager and Medical Officer posts. Food Corporation of India (FCI) will conduct the recruitment exam for the selection of Category I posts. This is a huge opportunity for you because direct recruitment is there for the Grade C posts, i.e., Assistant General Manager. 

This year FCI has introduced a new section i.e., Management and Ethics to the exam. The section is creating a lot of confusion among the aspirants because no syllabus has been mentioned in the detailed notification given by the FCI. In this article, we are discussing the preparation strategy for Management and Ethics section.


Syllabus to Focus on

The section is introduced for the first time and because of no negative marking and sectional cut-off, the syllabus is vast to cover. As there is no negative marking the competition will be tougher this time. Thus, to clear the exam you need to prepare maximum topics in detail. Starting with management and ethics let’s see the syllabus first.

About Management – 

  • Functions of Management, Principles of Management, Management Process, Levels of Management
  • Evolution of management thought – Scientific, Administrative, Human Relations and Systems approach to management 
  • Roles of a Manager
  • Organization structures – Flat, Matrix, functional, Meaning & concept of organizational behavior – organization change and conflict management

Human Resource Development and HRM – Job Analysis, Job design, Performance Appraisals, Training and Development, career planning

Communication –Communication Process; Effective communication, Communication Channels; Oral versus Written Communication; Verbal versus non-verbal Communication; upward, downward and lateral communication; Barriers to Communication

Leadership – Types of leadership styles, Theories (Trait, Behavioural, Contingency, Charismatic, Transactional and Transformational Leadership), Effective Leader and manager 

Motivation and Morale – Concept and Importance, Types of Motivation, Theories of Motivation – Classical and Contemporary Theories (Maslow’s need theory, Alderfers’ ERG theory, McCllelands’ theory of needs, Herzberg’s two-factor theory) & Process theories (Adams equity theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory)

Team Morale, Morale, and incentives

Project Management – PERT and CPM and Linear Programming, Lean System and Innovation (JIT, TQM, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Business Processes Reengineering), Budgetary Control, Inventory management techniques

Corporate Governance – Introduction, Factors affecting Corporate Governance; Mechanisms of Corporate Governance 

Ethics in Business – Code of conduct, Code of ethics, Meaning of ethics, Dimensions, and Essence of Ethics, Moral issues in business: Ethics in Compliance, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, etc.

How to prepare for Management and Ethics?

  1. To begin with the preparation, you need to first go through the exam pattern and the syllabus. The exam pattern will help you understand the overall structure of the exam while the syllabus will guide candidates in picking the right topics. Now, you are already familiar with the first step of your preparation i.e., the syllabus. As the section is new to you every little thing is important for you. The topics are general in nature and thus it may be possible that you are aware of certain terms.
  2. Practicing questions from the exam point of view and taking as many mocks as you can is your next step in preparation. This will help you in knowing the areas with more weightage. Practicing mock tests will help you to improve speed and accuracy. Besides, you will be able to judge your preparation. It is advised that you must attempt both sectional and full-length mock tests for better performance. You can also practice NABARD Grade A mock tests to touch upon a diverse range of topics.
  3. You can devise a study plan for yourself based on your weaknesses and strengths. It is imperative to have a good study plan. This will help you structure your preparation. Focus on the sections that need more attention.
  4. Preparing your notes from relevant study material will help you to stick to the concepts and to let go of the junk and irrelevant content. 
  5. Watch relevant video lectures on the topics mentioned in the syllabus and learn the meaning of the terms then develop your own understanding by thinking and then express the same in as few words as possible.
  6. Interactive sessions with the expert faculty help you in clearing all your doubts and the feedback received from them helps in improving your preparation. Their experiences can tell you the mistakes to avoid and how you can achieve your goal in a better way. 
  7. Always remember, there is no alternative to hard work and regular practice, and if you are aiming to join FCI be consistent in your preparation.

FCI AGM Online Course

ixamBee is offering FCI Assistant General Manager (General Administration /Accounts / Law / Technical) Online course which has been curated by our experts after a thorough analysis and research. Our experts have provided you with everything that will make your FCI Assistant General Manager (General Administration) exam Preparation smooth. The course will provide you Short-crisp and to-the-point video lessons for better understanding, concept clearing questions after every video lesson for reinforcement of learning and to check your progress.

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