CLAT 2022: How to Prepare for CLAT UG 2022 in 60 Days?


The Consortium of National Law Universities conducts a Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) every year, which is a national level entrance test for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes offered by 22 National Law Universities.

The application window for CLAT 2022 will remain open from January 01, 2022 to May 09, 2022. Furthermore, the CLAT UG 2022 exam will now be conducted on June 19, 2022.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can prepare for CLAT 2022 in 60 days. So, if you are planning to take the CLAT UG 2022 exam, we would urge you to go through the details provided below carefully.

CLAT 2022: How to Prepare for CLAT UG 2022 in 60 Days?

CLAT UG 2022: Scheme of Exam

CLAT UG 2022 exam is aimed at judging the comprehension and reasoning ability of the candidates. This test has been designed to test the skills that are necessary for a legal education. Given below are some important details-

  • The CLAT UG 2022 exam will consist of 150 questions 0f 150 marks. 
  • There will be a deduction of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer. 
  • The duration of the exam will be two hours.

Moreover, candidates will be assessed on the following five subjects-

  • English Language
  • Current Affairs including General Knowledge
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Techniques

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CLAT UG 2022:  Subject-wise Approach

Before we discuss the subject-wise approach, we would suggest that you go through the CLAT UG 2022 syllabus. This will give you an idea about all the topics that you need to prepare for each subject. Moreover, it will enable you to devise an effective study plan.

English Language

  • The candidates will be provided with passages of 450 words each.
  • These passages will be based on contemporary or historically significant fiction/non-fiction writing.
  • A series of questions will be asked on the basis of these passages.
  • The candidates will be required to read and comprehend the main point in the passage along with the arguments and viewpoints as set out in the passage or draw conclusions from the passage.
  • Understand the meaning of different words/phrases used in the passage.

Legal Reasoning

  • This section will also consist of passages of 450 words each.
  • These passages will be based on facts/situations/scenarios involving legal matters/public policy matters/moral philosophical enquiries.
  • Each passage will be followed by a series of questions. Moreover, candidates are not required to have any prior knowledge of law. A general awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues will suffice.
  • The candidates will have to identify and infer the rules stated in the passage and apply those rules and principles to various situations.

Logical Reasoning

  • Here, candidates will be required to read short passages of 300 words each.
  • Based on these passages, the candidates will be required to answer the questions wherein they will have to recognise an argument, its premises and conclusions. You will also have to identify the arguments stated in the passage.
  • You will be required to draw relationships and analogies and assess the effectiveness of the arguments.

Quantitative Techniques

  • This section will consist of short sets of facts/propositions, graphs or other textual/pictorial/diagrammatic representations of numerical information. 
  • This will be followed by a series of questions, wherein you will be required to draw information from such passages, graphs or other representations.
  • For this, you will have to apply Class 10th mathematical operations on such information like- Ratio & Proportion, basic Algebra, Mensuration and Statistical Estimation.

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CLAT UG 2022: 60 Days Study Plan

Now that we have discussed the scheme of the exam and subject-wise approach, let’s answer another important question- Is it possible to prepare for the CLAT UG 2022 exam in 60 days?

The short answer is, YES.

  • Since the CLAT UG syllabus is not vast, it is very much possible to complete the syllabus in these 60 days. 
  • Moreover, what is essential is that you must know how to approach the questions in the exam.
  • For this, you will have to focus on your reading speed and comprehension skills.

To help you prepare for the CLAT UG 2022 exam, we have devised an exhaustive 60 days study plan which will help you cover the entire syllabus and save you enough time for revision.

Days Date Subject Name Topic 
Day 01April 04Introduction to CLATIntroduction to CLAT Course
Day 02April 05Logical ReasoningCoding-Decoding
Day 03April 06English LanguageHow to attempt Comprehension?
Day 04April 07Current Affairs + GKAugust to September 2021
Day 05April 08Quantitative TechniquesQuantitative Techniques- Lecture 1
Day 06April 09Legal ReasoningLaw of Torts- Lecture 1
Day 07April 11Legal ReasoningLaw of Torts- Lecture 2
Day 08April 12Logical ReasoningBlood Relationship
Day 09April 13English LanguageEnglish Language- Lecture 1
Day 10April 14Current Affairs + GKOctober to November 2021

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Mock Tests

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