CLAT Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme 2022

By Ajay | Updated on: Apr 06, 2022


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Exam Pattern 2022


The CLAT exam 2022 will be conducted in an offline mode. Each section/ subject will have a different number of questions and thus constitute a different percentage of weightage with respect to the overall CLAT exam 2022. The CLAT exam is of 2 hours duration with 150 questions overall for one mark each. Detailed exam pattern for CLAT 2022 exam is given below.

SectionsNumber of Questions Total MarksTime Duration
English Language 150  150 2 hours
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge
Legal Reasoning
Logical Reasoning
Quantitative Techniques

You can also have a detailed insight into the weightage of questions for every section. The CLAT exam has 5 sections overall so it's obvious that the percentage weightage for every section will differ. Given below is the subject wise weightage of questions in the CLAT exam 2022.

CLAT Section Wise Coverage 2022

Questions in the CLAT exam 2022 are of comprehension type. The CLAT 2022 exam will have various passages based on current affairs, economics, scientific discoveries or somewhat on similar lines followed by a series of multiple-choice questions. You have to choose one option from the given set.

SubjectNumber of Questions (Approx.)
English Language 28-32 questions, or roughly 20% of the paper
Current Affairs, including General Knowledge 35-39 questions, or roughly 25% of the paper
Legal Reasoning 35-39 questions, or roughly 25% of the paper
Logical Reasoning 28-32 questions, or roughly 20% of the paper
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 questions, or roughly 10% of the paper

The UG CLAT 2022 exam focuses on evaluating your comprehension and reasoning abilities. The paper is designed in such a way so that it can test your aptitude and skills that are necessary for a legal education rather than prior knowledge.

The English Language section of the UG-CLAT will have passages derived from contemporary or historically significant fiction and non-fiction writing. Each passage will be followed by a series of questions. This section basically demonstrates your comprehension and language skills, including your abilities to comprehend the inferences and conclusions.

The Current Affairs including the General Knowledge section will demonstrate your awareness of various aspects of current affairs and general knowledge. The passages will be from news, journals and other non-fiction writing. The questions may include an examination of legal knowledge.

Legal Reasoning will be a test of general awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues. The passages may relate to legal matters, public policy or moral philosophical enquiries. You should be able to identify and infer the rules and principles and apply such rules and principles to various fact situations as per the question demands.

The logical Reasoning of the CLAT exam will have passages of about 300 words each. This section will test how critically you can analyse questions patterns and assess the conclusions that depend on a particular premises. Also how skillfully you can draw relationships and analogies, identify contradictions and equivalence and assess the effectiveness of arguments.

Quantitative Techniques will include short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or textual, pictorial or diagrammatic representations of numerical information. Here you are required to derive, infer and manipulate numerical information as given in the questions. For this section, to clear your basic concepts along with speed and accuracy matters to a great extent. The more clarity you have, the more you will gain.

Marking Scheme

The number of questions in the CLAT 2022 exam varies for each section and a negative answer will attract a penalty of 0.25 marks. The total number of questions in CLAT 2022 will be 150 for one mark each. Detailed  CLAT 2022 exam marking scheme is given below.

CLAT Marking Scheme

CLAT Marking SchemeMarks deductions
For correct answers 1 mark
For wrong answers 0.25 marks
For not attempted 0 (no marks)

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No, Foreign Nationals cannot appear for the test. However, Indian Nationals / NRIs / PIO / OCI are eligible for CLAT exam.
Yes, CLAT scores are accepted by Private Universities.
The CLAT exam will take place offline in the centres allotted to an individual.
The CLAT is a national-level exam that will be conducted in pen and paper mode.
The CLAT UG exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each.
Yes, for every incorrect answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted as a penalty in CLAT UG 2022.
The difficulty level can be said easy to moderate.
No, there is no upper age limit for applying to the CLAT UG exam.

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