SEBI Grade A Salary 2022: Revised Payscale, Allowances and Perks


SEBI Grade A notification 2022 brought a smile to the faces of many aspiring candidates. On top of it, the revised SEBI Grade A 2022 pay scale acted as a booster dose, motivating them further to join this premier organization.

Yes, the long overdue revision in the SEBI Grade A salary 2022 structure was recently finalized by SEBI. According to the revised pay scale, a SEBI Grade A Officer basic pay has been increased from Rs 28,150 to Rs 44,500 / month. Besides this, the entitled allowances like DA, family allowance, city compensatory allowance, grade allowance and many more have also been raised. Let’s get a detailed insight into SEBI Grade A salary 2022 – revised pay scale from below.

SEBI Grade A Salary Structure 2022 (Revised)

The changed SEBI Grade A salary structure 2022 will come into effect from November 1, 2017. The revised salary structure of SEBI Grade A Officer is lucrative and can be one of the important reasons to sharpen your arsenal. A detailed comparison between the older and new salary structure of SEBI Grade A is given below.

PostExisting SalaryRevised Salary
Grade A Officer (Assistant Manager) Pay Scale – Rs. 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)-46600-EB1750(4)-53600-2000(1)-55600 (17 years). Pay Scale – Rs. 44500-2500(4)-54500-2850(7)-74450-EB-2850(4)-85850—3300(1)-89150 (17 years)
Salary – Rs. 1,15,000 per month (without accommodation) and Rs. 80,500 monthly (with accommodation) Salary – Rs. 1,35,000 per month (Approx.)

SEBI Grade A Allowances

Besides the above mentioned salary, a SEBI Grade A Officer is also entitled to various allowances as listed below.

Allowance NameMonthly  PaymentYearly Payment
Grade AllowanceRs  10,400.00Rs  1,24,800.00
Special AllowanceRs  8250.00Rs  99,000.00
DARs  19,944.47Rs  2,39,333.64
House AllowanceRs  34,500.00Rs  4,14,000.00
Family AllowanceRs  1780.00Rs  21,360.00
Local AllowanceRs  2225.00Rs  26,700.00
SGARs  2253.00Rs  27,036.00
Special Compensatory AllowanceRs  500.00Rs  6000.00
Learning AllowanceRs  2500.00Rs  30,000.00
Personal Allowance  
Stagnation Allowance  
Special Pay  
NPS Employer ContributionRs  11,633.23Rs  1,39,598.71
OverallRs  1,38,485.70Rs  16,61,828.35

SEBI Grade A Perks

As a SEBI Grade A Officer, you will receive various perks and benefits. The perks that you will be entitled to are divided into 2 categories as mentioned below.

  • Declaration Based
Type Of PerksMonthly  PaymentYearly Payment
Petrol (200 litres pm)Rs  21,800.00Rs  2,61,600.00
TelephoneRs  2700.00Rs  32,400.00
Book grantRs  583.33Rs  7000.00
House CleaningRs  5000.00Rs  60,000.00
BriefcaseRs  333.33Rs  4000.00
Financial dailiesRs  791.67Rs  9500.00
Laptop allowance (40,000 once in 4 years)Rs  833.33Rs  10,000.00
Staff Furnishing Scheme (1,80,000 once in 5 years) & Maintenance on staff furnishing of INR 18,000 (not in the year of claiming SFS)Rs  4200.00Rs  50,400.00
Reimbursement for Eye refraction test and cost of spectacles {4,500 p.a. per person (self & spouse)}Rs  750.00Rs  9000.00
Medical expensesRs  4333.33Rs  52,000.00
Children educationRs  14,000.00Rs  1,68,000.00
  • Bill Based
Type Of PerksMonthly  PaymentYearly Payment
Annual Health checkup {10,000 p.a. per person (self & spouse)}Rs  1666.67Rs  20,000.00
Vehicle insuranceRs  2083.33Rs  25,000.00
DentalRs  1250.00Rs  15,000.00
Incentivisation of certificates (3,000; 4,000 and 5,000 for 3 certificates)Rs  1000.00Rs  12,000.00
LFCRs  691.67Rs  8300.00
Sodexo coupon (Non-monetary perks)Rs  880.00Rs  10,560.00

The total monthly cost of these perks is around Rs 20,1382.36 i.e. yearly amount of SEBI Grade A perks is approx Rs 24,16,588.35.

So are you putting your best foot forward to become a SEBI Grade A Officer? This is the golden opportunity to embark on a respected career and cross every hurdle that you face. Do not wait, just wake up, work hard and achieve your dreams. Remember ixamBee is there to help you in every possible way through its experienced pool of faculties and crisp content.

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