SEBI Grade A 2022 Phase 2: Last-Minute Exam Tips


The SEBI Grade A 2022 Phase 2 exam is going to be conducted on March 20, 2022. Since the SEBI Grade A 2022 Phase 2 is just four days away, you might have a lot of questions floating in your mind. However, you must keep your nerves in control and perform your best. 

In this blog, we will discuss some tried and tested last-minute tips which will help you during the SEBI Grade A 2022 exam.

SEBI Grade A 2022: Phase 2 Exam Pattern

Before proceeding further it is important to understand the SEBI Grade A 2022 exam pattern so that you know the weightage of each section and where you have to spend your time. Given below is the weightage of Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the SEBI Grade A Phase 2 exam-

SEBI Grade A 2022: Last-Minute Tips

The days before the examination day are crucial. How you spend these days will be a factor in your performance. Here are the tried and tested last minute recommendations that you should focus on:

Keep the Last Minute Revision Material Ready:

If you need last-minute reassurances (revision minutes before gate entry or during break) then decide and keep your material in a bag. Many people study around exam halls; it is a personal choice. It is best avoided. Easier said than done.

Don’t Learn New Concepts:

It is not the right time to learn new concepts but to revise the topics that you have already covered. Stick to the things you have prepared and believe in yourself. Rather, try to attempt SEBI Grade A Mock tests daily and analyse your performance after that. This will give you a better idea about your preparation.

Make A Strategy for Attempting the Paper:

While attempting mock tests, make a strategy on how you are going to attempt the entire paper. It is advised to attempt your strong section/questions first and then gradually try to solve the rest of the sections/questions. This will boost your confidence and will help in increasing your score. Moreover, do not change your tested strategy at the last minute.

Don’t Get Stuck on a Particular Question:

Do not overthink or get stuck on a particular question. Each question has a specific time allotted to it, and if you are unable to solve, it is always better to move on to the next question. You can always come back to the question in the end if you have time.

Accuracy is the Key:

The examination has a negative marking of 1/4th marks. Keeping this in mind, try to answer only those for which you are very sure about otherwise it is better to skip the question. Marking wrong answers will not only waste your precious time but also decrease your score by deducting marks from correctly answered ones.

Sleep early, Sleep well:

You may be sleeping late and irregularly in the last week or month before the exam. But a few days before the D-day is too crucial to be deprived of sleep and peace of mind. You must ensure that you sleep for a healthy six to eight hours. A sleep-deprived you will make errors in examination because you won’t be able to focus in the exam hall.

Keep your Documents Ready:

Keep all your documents ready the night before the examination. For your assistance, following is the list of documents that are required at the examination hall-

  1. SEBI Grade A 2022 Admit card 
  2. Valid ID Proof
  3. Photocopy of Valid ID Proof
  4. 1 passport size photograph (preferably same as uploaded in the call latter)
  6. Gloves 
  7. Personal transparent water bottle
  8. Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  9. A ball point pen
  10. You must have the Aarogya Setu App installed on your mobile phone.  
  11. Maintain social distancing at all times and follow all other COVID-19 safety protocols. 

We trust that the guidance of ixamBee faculty members have been helpful in your journey of preparation. We, from TEAM ixamBee, wish you to perform your best on your D-Day.

Best of luck for the exam.

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