SEBI Grade A 2020: 25 Important topics for Essay Writing


In SEBI Grade A Descriptive English, essay writing is most neglected and taken for granted. Once you have qualified the preliminary exams, you will have to gear up to tackle Descriptive English paper as essays are an important and challenging segment of this paper. Essays usually require you to discuss recent socio-political-economic developments. In order to do well in essays you need to be aware of essay topics and only then you can practice writing on important SEBI Grade A 2020 essay topics.

Writing is a window to the process of thinking. As Bill Wheeler says, “Good writing reveals clear thinking.” What you write tells the reader how you see your perspective, how you justify it, and how you clarify it.

Essay Writing Structure

Putting your thoughts in a casual manner can confuse and miscommunicate what one is trying to say. A proper structure will help the reader to understand the author’s viewpoint.

Introduction Part

When you are writing an essay, every sentence and every paragraph is important. But there is something extra important about introductions. Introductions are like the first impression you create on your reader. Most instructors will start grading your work in their head as soon as they begin reading it. They will start categorizing your work as strong/weak, interesting/dull, or effective/ineffective based on the introduction of the topic.

Body of Essay

The second part of the essay is the body, which is the longest part. In general, a short essay will have at least three full paragraphs, and a longer one will have more. The body of the essay is a more elaborate explanation of the points that have been discussed with relevant examples. Each paragraph should begin with a signpost sentence that sets out the main point you are going to explore in that section.

Conclusion Part

The last section of your essay is the conclusion. Usually, it will also be a single paragraph in shorter essays and can be two paragraphs for longer ones. It summarises the main points of your argument and, if applicable, to draw a final judgement about the issues you have been discussing.

25 Important Essay Topics for SEBI Grade A 2020

Most of the topics given in Descriptive English are based on the current events, so a considerable part of it gets covered while you prepare for current affairs. It is important to observe the writing style while reading about these events. Write on the trending topics yourself in the allotted time and get it checked by a mentor/teacher. Before you start writing, ensure that you spend some time to make an outline of the essay. It is recommended to write at least 3-4 essays in a week followed by an analysis. Listed below are 25 essay topics for SEBI Grade A 2020 subject wise, which you can practice for Descriptive English.

Social Issues 

  1. Will National Education Policy 2020 transform the Education System in India?/ Education System in India – Issues and Challenges
  2. Do you agree that the News media is biased? / Social Media – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. Women Empowerment for a better social order / Contribution of Women entrepreneurship to the economy/ Gender Equality in India
  4. India’s capacity to respond to public health emergencies / Healthcare in India – Issues and Challenges  
  5. Importance of Healthy lifestyle/ Health – the new wealth in Covid-times/ Building Yoga and meditation culture in India and abroad/importance of mental health   
  6. How well the world responded to the outbreak of Covid 19 / So far WHO has been able to handle the outbreak and spread of Covid 19 in an effective manner. Do you agree?
  7. Is nepotism restricted to Bollywood? What are your views?
  8. Unemployment and underemployment- Which one is more dangerous?
  9. Use of Artificial Intelligence in day to day life

Climate Change / Global Warming / Rural Sector

  1. Are Climate Change and Air Pollution two sides of the same coin? / Climate Change widens the gap between the rich and poor. / What kind of planet will we leave for Posterity?  / Man and Climate Change.
  2. Can renewable energy sources mitigate climate change?
  3. Air Pollution of Indian Cities and Urbanization 
  4. Water Crisis across the World and in the Indian States / Water crisis in India / Water disputes among states
  5. Will the three farm bills help double the farmers’ income by 2022? / The three farm bills alleviate the farmers’ crisis or accentuate the crisis further. Please elucidate.

Banking/ Finance / Economy

  1. Roles and Achievements of SEBI and major challenges faced by it./ Rise of SEBI as a market regulator  
  2. Importance of investor education to ensure adequate investor protection
  3. Are Mutual Funds the best way to invest in security Markets?
  4. Your views on the proposal to grant banking licenses to corporate houses
  5. Liquidity crisis faced by Franklin Templeton mutual fund/ SEBI’s response to liquidity crisis for mutual funds
  6. Importance of a vibrant corporate debt market in India/ is SEBI doing enough to deepen corporate debt markets in India?
  7. What will be the major Implications of Covid19 on Indian Economy? What can be done to minimise them? / Changing Social Norms due to Pandemic 
  8. Migrant Labour and Covid19/ Is India prepared for reverse migration? /reverse migration – challenges and opportunities
  9. Are FinTechs the new normal in the banking sector?
  10. Measures towards a Robust Banking Sector in India / What are your views on Bank Mergers? / NPAs: Bane of Indian Banking System / NPA and its impact on economy / Stressed Assets have adversely affected the banking system in India. What should be done to address the same.
  11. Financial Inclusion and development of the poor / Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion should go hand in hand. / Can Jan Dhan Yojana achieve Financial Inclusion?

Tips on Essay Writing

  • Make a general thrust of the points you have in your mind, so you won’t feel wordless and can write the essay quickly.
  • Avoid using complicated vocabulary. A simple, clear and grammatically error-free essay will be more influential than a complex one filled with vocabulary.
  • There are three parts of an essay: Introduction (history, definition, on that subject), Body (detailed information) and Conclusion (suggestions, challenges, solution). Don’t miss any component.
  • Do not start the introduction’s first line with an idiom or a saying. If you want, you can include that as a conclusion after the introduction portion or end with an idiom or phrase.
  • To substantiate what you have written, try to provide some examples from the past or give some statistics.
  • Try to provide your opinion on the topic in the final paragraph by providing a solution to the problem or writing about the challenges and steps to solve it.
  • Stay updated on the latest events around the world, economic trends, agricultural scenarios and other news for effective writing by cultivating the habit of reading newspapers daily
  • Keep the word limit in mind and strictly adhere to it.

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