Code Cracked: How should working aspirants prepare for the NABARD Grade A examination?


Chasing your dream while working may sound tough, especially when you know that your major competition is devoting full-time. However, it is always the fear-psychosis that stands between you and your dream job. The recruitment exam for the prestigious “NABARD Grade “A” Officer” is round the corner, and here is how you need to prepare along with a full-time job. Before diving into the details, let’s assess your current situation first.


The Constraints You Have

There are a few things you need to accept first. Time is the major constraint you have. You can’t devote the whole day to one concept like many of your peers. So, you need to be efficient and smart in this regard. Whatever time you can manage after working hours, needs to be properly utilized.

Another major constraint you have is the lack of energy after long hours of office and travel. But you have to tweak your mind accordingly so that it works at its full capacity. Just remember, this is a game of a few months. The one who is persistent can never be bogged down. 

The Blessings in Disguise

Enough about the problems at hand, Let’s now see how your current job can be of help in your journey towards NABARD. As you have a paucity of time, you will be limited to a few solid sources. That’s exactly what is needed for almost all competitive exams. Stick to a few sources and revise them regularly. 

Secondly, during the exam, you won’t lose nerves as you have financial stability and job security at your hand. 

Last but not the least- your problem-solving acumen. A few years of a job must have sharpened your problem-solving skills, and that will be put to work when you are solving concept-based MCQs where you don’t need to select, but eliminate the wrong options. 

We have to admit that preparing for such a competitive exam may get boring sometimes due to the breadth and depth of the syllabus. However, it won’t be the case for working aspirants as you have something else to do for keeping monotony at bay.  

The Study Plan

Let’s now discuss the Elephant in the Room. I am assuming that you are aware of the Syllabus and the exam pattern. If you are not, visit here. Here is a sample time-table that may interest you.

Before Work- (6:30 a.m. -8:30 a.m.)- This period is the most fertile period in a day as your mind is fresh right after a good night’s sleep. Try to cover new concepts in this period. Agriculture is something that gives nightmares to almost every NABARD aspirant. Try covering that in this period.

Commuting- While Commuting to and from Work, you can read Current Affairs or watch related Videos. It is also a good time to revise something you read recently.

After Work- (7 p.m. – 10 p.m.)- This is one tricky period. As already mentioned, you need to tweak your mind to be able to focus in this period. You may feel exhausted or out-of-energy. But, remember that there is no worse feeling than giving up now and regretting later. So, try Studying a completely new concept in this period. The learning process of something new will freshen up your mental faculties earlier than you imagine. 

The Weekends- It is expected of you to give at least 8 hours each at the Weekends. You may read new concepts or try QRE. There is no limit for Saturdays and Sundays. These two days also make a perfect time to attempt Mocks and analyse them.

You need to understand that there is no perfect strategy. It is YOU, who will make a Strategy Perfect for yourself. Always bank on your Strengths and work on your weaknesses. We, at Ixambee, can guide you in the best possible way to make you able to recognise your strength & the area for improvement. A positive mind with the right plan has done wonders and will continue to do so. We wish you all the best for your Exams.

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