RBI Grade B 2022: Winning Strategy Part 3


Red here about how to prepare for RBI Grade B exam 2022 with best preparation strategy for RBI Grade B exam.

In the last article about the RBI Grade B winning strategy, I discussed the Phase 1 preparation for RBI Grade B 2022. In this article on RBI Grade B 2022 winning strategy part 3, I am focusing on the next step of the RBI Grade B preparation i.e., the RBI Grade B Phase 2 preparation strategy for the upcoming exam.

RBI Grade B 2022 Phase 2 Preparation Strategy

Are you prepared for the next RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam? I hope you’ve been studying hard for the RBI Grade B Phase 1 and Phase 2 Exams. If you are serious about passing the RBI Grade B Phase 2, you should devote all of your time and attention to it. It is necessary to study hard, but it is only by studying smart that you can achieve success!!!!

For the RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam, #SRCP have designed the strategy for your preparation. First, start your preparation by analyzing the RBI Grade B 2022 exam pattern and RBI Grade B previous years’ cut-off.  Below is the table depicting the cut-off pattern and the exam pattern for RBI Grade B. The cut-off is only for your reference. It will not have any impact on the coming year’s cut-off.

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Cut-Offs

This year, the cut-off for RBI Grade B 2022 has been predicted by Mr. Susheel Ragade, our exam expert forming the #SRCP expertise. The cut-off informs about the difficulty level of the exam thus I can say that the cut-off is inversely proportional to the level of the RBI Grade B exam. If the cut-off is high the level of the exam was easy to moderate but if it’s low then the level of the exam was moderate to difficult.

The RBI Grade B Phase 1 2022 expected cut-off is 70 +/-5

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam Pattern

The RBI Grade B phase 2 exam has three papers and the weightage of descriptive papers altogether is greater than the weightage of objective ESI and FM  papers. Your descriptive papers for a total of 200 marks (English+ESI+FM) and objective forms a total of 100 marks (ESI+FM).

Also, take a look at the RBI Grade B 2022 Exam Pattern with all the details at ixamBee.

Where to Begin?

When your preparations revolve around a schedule, you are obligated to devote a certain amount of time to a specific topic or subject. The topics may appear to be stepping stones to cross but once you’ve completed one, you’ve progressed one level in your preparation.

When there is a schedule there is also a deadline to finish the subjects within a certain amount of time. Regular studies lower stress levels because the number of topics to be covered does not build up into blizzards. A study routine results in improved physical and mental health. Therefore, I am now going to tell you the most effective strategy framed by #SRCP

Preparation for RBI Grade B: Economic and Social Issues (ESI)

The syllabus for the ESI section is divided into four chapters:

  • Growth and Development
  • Economic Reforms in India
  • Globalization
  • Social Structure in India

RBI Grade B ESI Syllabus

Growth and DevelopmentEconomic Reforms in IndiaGlobalizationSocial Structure in India
Measurement of growth: National Income and per capita income
Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India
Sustainable Development and Environmental issues
Industrial and Labour Policy
Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Role of Economic Planning
Opening up of the Indian Economy
Balance of Payments
Export-Import Policy
International Economic Institutions
IMF and World Bank –WTO
Regional Economic Co-operation
Demographic Trends
Urbanisation and Migration
Gender Issues
Social Justice
Positive Discrimination in favour of the underprivileged
Social Movements
Indian Political System
Human Development
Social Sectors in India
Health and Education

The whole syllabus for RBI Grade B ESI is general and doesn’t require you to be an economist. You are required to have a basic conceptual understanding of all the terms mentioned in the RBI Grade B ESI syllabus along with the current developments in that area. 

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To prepare the ESI section, prepare it with the RBI Grade B general awareness section as most of the area in the syllabus is from social issues. Therefore, maximum preparation for the RBI Grade B ESI section can be from the newspapers (general as well as business standards) and current affairs. 

Review the suggested RBI Grade B books once but don’t be thorough in them. They are only for your reference. 

An Important point to consider: While preparing for the RBI Grade B GA section, prepare simultaneously for the ESI. Your ESI preparation should be from both the angle of conceptual understanding and current affairs.

For current affairs or general awareness refer to ixamBee’s Beepedia notes for elaborative learning in one place. BeePedia contains all the latest general awareness information that you need for your RBI Grade B exam preparation. Read the recommended RBI Grade B books only for conceptual understanding.

Preparation for RBI Grade B: English Writing Skills

RBI Grade B English paper could make or break your selection. Since the RBI Grade B Descriptive English section is easy in comparison to the other two thus you will be able to answer all of the questions on this paper. Your goal should be to maximize your English marks. And practise will be the secret to achieving this. In this part, only Essay, Precise Writing, and Comprehension will be asked.

  • Essay: 40 Marks: 300 Words
  • Precis: 40 Marks: 120-130 Words
  • Comprehension: 20 Marks 160-200 Words

In this paper, you should strive for a minimum score of 65-70. Examine The Hindu, Indian Express, and Business Standard’s editorial pages. Practice writing essays on the subjects like government schemes, social problems, banking, and so on.

How to Improve writing skills?

  • Always remember, this is the exam of your basic writing skills and not the Shakespearian skills. Read newspapers: So much happens every day that unless you keep up with them, you won’t be able to write well in the essay.
  • A good understanding of current issues will aid you in dealing with the English paper.
  • Reading newspapers daily will also help you develop your vocabulary and English skills.
  • Select a general topic for your essay writing. Try not to select an economic or finance topic. While writing, focus on grammar and vocabulary, punctuations, correct clauses, and sentence formation. 
  • This can be learned through regular practice and you must get it checked by a mentor. Getting it analyzed by the experts will help you understand the area you need to improve. 

Preparation for RBI Grade B: Finance and Management

With the new exam pattern of RBI Grade B, RBI Grade B FM paper also contains a 50% descriptive writing portion. A new section has been added to the management part called management ethics.

A new topic was introduced this year, “Impact of the global financial crisis of 2007-08 and the Indian response”.

Follow the same strategy of RBI Grade B ESI preparation to prepare for this section. You need to prepare the financial system, financial markets, and other general topics related to finance for Finance and Basic principles of Management and Organizational Behavior for Management.

Command over the general financial management of the Indian Government and related current affairs from this area. The FM paper includes general topics like financial inclusion, risk management in banking sectors, inflation and its impact, the union budget, and more.

RBI Grade B: Interview

Your RBI Grade B Interview consists of 75 marks and it is the final stage. Prepare by mock interviews before facing the actual interview. It will help you gain confidence and mock interviews provide you the platform to commit mistakes that can be corrected further but in a real interview you will not get the opportunity to correct your mistake. Thus, going through a mock interview is always a better idea. You can boost your interview preparation with exam experts famous as #SRCP.

There is no hard and quick syllabus for the RBI Grade B interview. Before the interview, go through the fundamental concepts but don’t read too much. If you don’t know the answer, don’t worry. The panel members are normally very friendly, and they do not place interviewees in uncomfortable circumstances unnecessarily.

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RBI Grade B Online Course

RBI Grade B is generally acknowledged as one of the most difficult exams. The preparation stage is quite important for success in any exam and when it applies to the RBI Grade B exam correct guidance from a well-qualified mentor would be the X factor in your preparation. ixamBee offers RBI Grade B Comprehensive Online Course to make your RBI Grade B exam preparation smooth.

#SRCP have done detailed research and analysis of the previous years’ exams, exam pattern, and syllabus and then created this RBI Grade B Online Coaching as a one-stop solution for your RBI Grade B Preparation.

All the best!!

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