RBI Grade B: Winning Strategy Part 2


What is the Best RBI Grade B Exam Preparation Strategy?

In my previous article, I discussed the important factors you must consider before starting your RBI Grade B preparation. In this article, I am going to discuss the preparation for the RBI Grade B Phase 1 exam. The RBI Grade B Phase 1 exam is your tier one in the journey of becoming an RBI Grade B Officer.

Before starting the preparation ask yourself, are you a serious aspirant? Or you are also in the category of those aspirants who wait for the notification to begin their preparation? Don’t wait for the notification to come. Start your preparation prior and prepare yourself for all the unexpected circumstances. 

Myth Unfolded: You will get through the RBI Grade B exam if you study for only 30 days or after the RBI Grade B notification is released. And now, since the RBI Grade B notification 2023 has already been released, it is time to get ready to rumble!

Success demands consistency and to be consistent in your exam preparation you must begin now. Your competitors are way ahead of you. I am sharing with you the winning strategy to clear the RBI Grade B exam. Follow these simple steps and ensure your place in The Reserve Bank of India.

RBI Grade B: Winning Strategy for Phase 1 Preparation

To begin, go through the exam pattern and determine which parts you need to prepare as well as your strong and weak areas. As a result, you’ll need to concentrate more on your weak areas right at the earnest. The RBI Grade B Phase 1 exam has four sections viz., Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, and General Awareness. 

RBI Grade B Phase 1: Exam Pattern

There is a sectional timing allotted to each section and qualifying all these four sections is extremely necessary for you to get through RBI Grade B Phase 1. 

Important Point to Consider: As there is a sectional cut-off in all the sections, you can’t neglect any of them. If you pay less attention to any section and are not able to cross the barrier of sectional cut-off in that section then you will not be selected for RBI Grade B Phase 2. 

How to Prepare?

There is no scope for bias in your preparation. Obviously, all of you have your favorite subject, some like to study the QRE section more and few are more interested in the General Awareness section. 

QRE cumulatively is of 120 marks (30+60+30=120) and general awareness alone is of 80 marks. The weightage of the QRE section is greater than the General Awareness section. Yes, most of the aspirants think in the same way and neglect one of the sections. Your first step in your preparation is to focus on all the sections equally. If you are weak in an area put a little extra effort towards it but not for the sake of other sections. Always remember the sectional cut-off.

No matter if you score 65 in GA and only 10 in reasoning and don’t qualify for the sectional cut-off for the same, you will be marked as not qualified.

Preparation for QRE

Your QRE preparation can be summarized in three steps only:

  1. Work on Basics: If you’ve ever listened to experts speak, you’ll notice that they always preach the basics, particularly in practice. There’s a popular belief that learning is difficult if the basics aren’t strong. Don’t skip on the basics, practice as much as you can, and have a command of all the conceptual knowledge related to the subject.
  2. Previous Years’ Papers: Practicing the question papers from previous years will aid in your understanding of the syllabus and topics discussed in the exam. This will also assist you in determining the complexity of the papers and how you should be preparing for the exam accordingly. You must focus on the papers from the year 2015 and also look for the prelims and mains papers of other exams like SBI, IBPS, etc. All these exams, including RBI Grade B too, are conducted by IBPS. You may find similarities in the questions asked in all such exams.
  3. Regular Practice: There is no substitute for hard work and regular practice. Practice makes a man perfect. 

Preparation for General Awareness

The General Awareness Section of the RBI Grade B Prelims has 80 questions and is worth 80 marks. As a result, this section is one of the most relevant and scoring areas, accounting for 40% of the total marks. It will take you less than 10 seconds to mark the answer if you already know the answer to the GA section question. As a result, despite the fact that this section covers a wide range of topics, you will benefit from it if it is well-prepared.

Since most aspirants perform almost similarly in the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Sections, this segment is a “make-it-or-break-it” section. As a result, General Awareness is the differentiator or segment that can give you an advantage. Of course, assuming you’re competent in the LR and QA sections.

 RBI Grade B General Awareness Questions are generally asked from specific topics. It is divided into two categories: current affairs and static GK questions.

Start this way

  • You should read newspapers to keep up with the current affairs. Begin studying eight to ten months before the exam. Also, develop a habit to read the newspapers every day. As a result, you won’t have to cram or use stench at the last minute.
  • When reading the newspaper, make your notes. Make a list of key points and continue to revise throughout the weekend. Follow two newspapers on a daily basis, one general (Hindu, Indian Express) and one Business Standard (Economic Times).
  • Your good GA preparation will benefit you in the ESI section in the phase 2 exam, also in the essay writing in the English paper, and lastly in your Interview. Thus, all sections are interlinked with this section.
  • Take practice tests in general awareness to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Mock tests will also help you to assess how much you need to progress to reach the sectional cut-off.

RBI Grade B: Winning Strategy for Phase 2 Preparation

To know the winning strategy for Phase 2 wait for my next article titled “RBI Grade B: Winning Strategy Part 3”. Till then keep on following all these points. 

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