RBI Grade B 2021 Success Stories: Meet RBI Grade B Officer Manoj (Neither an Engineer nor a UPSC dreamer)!


Neither an Engineer, nor a UPSC aspirant, but an RBI Grade B Officer!! Meet Manoj, who is one of those candidates who were able to grab the golden opportunity and made it through to become an RBI Grade B Officer. We will share his success story which might inspire and motivate you to work harder & achieve your goals this time. We will also share the strategy and approach that was taken by Manoj which helped him in achieving his goals.

RBI recently announced the final results of the RBI Grade B recruitment process on September 11, 2021. The results were much awaited by a number of aspiring candidates. Congratulations to those who were able to make it through and to those who couldn’t, this article is just for you. 

We at ixamBee are very happy and proud to announce that 126 selections in RBI Grade B this year are from ixamBee!! 

Something about Manoj

Manoj possesses an Undergraduate & Postgraduate degree in Economics from IIT-Kanpur. He then bagged a campus placement and started working. He possesses a work experience of 2 years. His willingness to serve in India’s Central Bank from his college days, drove him to give his best shot for RBI Grade B exam preparation. Therefore, while he was working, he decided to start preparing for the same. He appeared in the exam, but could only make it through Phase 1. That is when he realized that he needed a break from work so that he could focus completely on his goal.

He started his exam preparation in 2020 and that’s when the lockdown was on. He started preparing for SEBI & RBI together. It was an uncertain environment owing to the pandemic and his family too was not very supportive of his decision of leaving his job. Being at home, he realized he was not able to concentrate and prepare well without a distraction. Therefore, he decided to move to Jaipur where he rented a room & started with his preparations. Thus, his real preparation started with SEBI on October 1st, 2020. Later, the RBI official notification came and his prayers were answered. Thus he moved on with preparing for both SEBI & RBI.

Basic Learnings from Manoj’s RBI Grade B Preparation Journey

  • Prepare in advance – Manoj always had in his mind even while preparing for SEBI, that the notification for RBI is anticipated and would be out anytime. Thus, he prepared keeping both SEBI & RBI in mind.
  • Spot the similarities – He focused on the similar areas of SEBI Grade A & RBI Grade B exam patterns, thus strategizing & preparing accordingly. He chalked out a common preparation plan looking at the similar sections in both exams like General Awareness, Quants, English Language, Reasoning, Economics, Finance & Management. 
  • Never fear the new – As Manoj started his preparation with SEBI Grade A, there were many such topics & subjects that were new to him like Cost Accounting & Companies’ Act. He started with these new subjects in October-November & finished it in around 20 days. 
  • Don’t lose hope – The results for SEBI Grade A Phase 1 were released around Jan 28- Jan 29 and that was when the RBI Grade B notification also came out. Manoj’s anticipation finally ended. He was also able to clear SEBI Grade A!
  • Identify your real aim – With the RBI notification coming in along with the SEBI Grade A Phase 1 results, Manoj was left with another dilemma whether he should be preparing for SEBI Grade A Mains (Phase 2) or RBI Grade B. After many discussions with peers & receiving diverse opinions, Manoj finally decided that he will go for both!
  • Self-belief is most important – If you possess enough self-belief, you can achieve anything in life. Manoj believed in his abilities and moved on with his preparation. He divided his day by setting aside the first half for SEBI Grade A Mains & the second half for RBI Grade B.
  • How to Prepare vs How to Perform – Manoj was expecting that the RBI Grade B 2021 exam will be on similar lines with the 2019 exam. But, he was in for a shocker! The paper was totally different than what he had expected, especially the GA section. That’s where he shares that how you perform is very important as much as how you prepare. Picking the right questions to attempt in case of an unpredictable situation matters the most.
  • Practice mock tests – Manoj shares with us that he regularly practiced ixamBee’s RBI Grade B mock tests. He shares that ixamBee’s mock tests helped him a lot in GA preparation. There were lengthy questions available in the GA section which made Manoj practice with respect to reading, comprehending & attempting any question on the final day with good speed & accuracy. It really contributed to enhancing his reading speed. 
  • Read the complete paper – Going through all the questions is very important so that you know which questions can be answered well & which ones are not worth answering.
  • Do not wait for results – Manoj started his preparation for RBI Grade B Phase 2 even before the Phase 1 results were announced. He used to practice by typing short answers and not too lengthy ones. 
  • Evaluate your preparation & strategy continuously – You should keep analyzing your level of preparation and see if you have covered all that you aimed for within the specified time or not. If not, make the required changes in your strategy.
  • Make notes & revise – This is one of the most important aspects of exam preparation. Always make your personalized notes so that you can get back to them at any time.

These were some of the key learning points that all aspiring candidates can and should consider while forming their preparation strategy. To know about how Manoj’s RBI Grade B Interview went & many other useful tips for RBI Grade B preparation, check out the video below:

Manoj’s Motto: ‘I don’t know how will I win, I just know that I will not lose’.

For those who missed this chance by an inch and are feeling demotivated, spare a minute and watch this video by Ms. Arunima Sinha who has shared an inspiring story that will surely bring back your confidence & strength to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

RBI Grade B Online Course

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All the Best!

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